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DIY PrintRite MK7/MK8 Spring Loaded Drive Block

by 1sPiRe May 8, 2016
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Un grand merci pour toute ces belles réalisations.
J'en ai télécharger pas mal.
Concernant celle-ci, j'ai eu un petit souci. En effet, mes pièces ont fondu en moins d'une heure d'impression. Peut être une mauvaise qualité de PLA. Je vais essayer en ABS.
Pour info, on peut garder les vis d'origine pour le montage du ventilateur. Il suffit d'augmenter un peu la profondeur du lamage dans le ventilateur.

A big thank you for all these things.
I downloaded a lot.
Regarding this one, I had a small problem. Indeed, my pieces melted in less than an hour of printing. Can be a bad quality of PLA. I will try in ABS.
For information, we can keep the original screws for mounting the fan. Simply increase the depth of the hole in the fan.

C'est etrange que les pieces aient fondu, perso je l'ai utilisé des mois durant sans le moindre probleme.
A quel niveau/endroit ca a fondu? As-tu utilisé le petit capuchon en teflon?
Je me souviens que j'avais passé le ventilo de l'extruder sur une sortie 12v pour qu'il soit toujours en marche, (et j'avais rajouté un ventilo pour refroidir la sortie du filament).

Do you maybe have the original 3D files? I would like to modify the parts a little and .step or .ipt files would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Nice thing. Will i attach the cooling fan onto this in front like the original?

Yes you can still fix the extruder cooling fan, but you will need 4-5mm longer M3 screws than the original ones.

How long will PLA resist the heat?

I'm still using the same in PLA....

Flex material working well?

i never tried it....

Also the heatsink? Parts printed, have to buy the screws

what do you mean by "also the heatsink?"?
Sry I'm not sure to understand.
If you are talking about the steel grid that goes between the fan and the extruder, then yes it will fit...

Pas mal l'upgrade :)
Comment tu as fait pour avoir 2 couleurs différentes, tu as changé le filament en cours d'impression ?

oui! j'utilise les scripts dans repetier host pour les pauses ; soit pour changer de fil, soit pour integrer des pieces dans les models (comme un ecrou par ex ou un aimant). Et ca va nettement plus vite depuis que j'utilise cet extruder pour changer le fil.
J'aurai du commencé par cette optimisation, ca me change la vie niveau impression. Pour l'instant je n'ai eu aucun fail en cours d'impression, alors qu'avec l'original j'avais des problemes sur 2 impressions sur 3 (un layer qui plus epais/fin, le spool trop lourd, pas assez de pression pour le flow/la vitesse voulu etc...)

Wish my printer was printing right now, I'd print this to put it on while I have it torn apart to replace parts.

How much infill did you use on it?

I printed it at 0.2mm layer height (the support part is made for 0.2) with 3 perimeters and 30 or 35% infill (I don't exatly remember sorry). and without the thin wall detection (Slic3r).

I was getting mad with the original one, i never get the same result twice when doing some E-step calibration...
this one works much better, significantly more constant flow, it can pull on heavies spool without any troubles, and it's much easier to change filament. I'm really happy w/ it.

oh i forget to add that i'm printing between 30 and 50% faster O.O

Nice job :)

Why don't you include a little extension to the bottom of the guide tube, that way you could run NinjaFlex filament through the extruder?

Like this one.... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1429034

As you'll notice, it's only a tiny bit of an extension so the filament can't bunch up.

PrintRite DIY Printer Ninjaflex Drive Modification

Thank you mate!

Actually i design/remix it keeping in mind the little piece of teflon that is screw on the hot tube. Under the base part i extrude just what is needed to fit perfectly with it. So i can't be 100% affirmative cause i have no flex filament to test it but it should work with NinjaFlex.

I loaded a new picture to show you. As you can see even without the screws, the extruder stay "clip" on that piece of teflon/plastic or whatever it is...

Sounds good mate, well done! :) If I ever get any fancy filament to print I'll use this mod.
Kills 2 birds with one stone. As you say, the picture is worth 1000 words, looks like you won a watch :)

ABS or PLA mate? Probably ABS for its better heat property's, but it would be interesting to see how long PLA does in this area.

Pity nobody has done dual extruders on this printer, that would be really nice :)
I guess it would take a new motherboard like a Ramps 1.4 or similar.

I printed it in PLA and it is doing a much greater job than the original one.

Dual extruder? Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that you'll need to change to whole Main board for that.