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Cali Cat - The Calibration Cat

by Dezign May 7, 2016
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Can you please tell me what's the problem? z- axis..

Not sure how much help it'll be, since you asked a month ago, but that looks like a cooling issue. If you're still having those problems, try lowering the hotend temperature by 5-10C (depends on the blend, but most PLA will print fine down to 190-200). It's possible there could also be an issue with the part cooling fan (produces similar issues), but I'd try dialing back the temperature first. On the bright side, I'd say the rest of the printer/settings are pretty much perfect, going by how consistent those layers are.

small layer shift at the height of the eyes then goes back to normal any ideas i have adjusted pulleys and grub screws

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Thanks for this wonderful model. These are adorable.
I am having some issues with overhanging on those 45-degree edges (tail and one edge of the face)
See photos.
Any suggestion for solving this problem? Very much appreciated!

what type of printer is needed? A stl or obj?

Hello I need help. I will attach pictures of my less than perfect print. There is spacing issues for the layers, the bottom
is not solid, and the tail is connected to the head.

Did you have automatic supports enabled when you sliced it? Because that's sort of what it looks like is going on between the tail and the head to me. I don't know what might have caused those other issues though.

Hello, wondering if anyone can help me with my cali cat testing. Having issues printing cali cat! lower body comes out perfect until I get to the 45 degree tail, the top of the tail is great but the bottom is not. I cannot figure out why? I have not been printing crazy 3d stuff but simple boxes, chains and enders mods so not sure when it started. I did install some TL smothers and I thought that was the problem but it's not, I have the same issue with them on or off. I printed a cali cat a month ago with out a problem! My bed is leveled and the filament is not being squished and I cleaned the nozzle. I am printing on hatchbox pla 205/65 I also switched filament and same problem.

Mine has a very similar issue. Did you figure it out?

most of the successful cali cat have a gap at their feet edge transitioning to their legs can someone help with this?

2 walls and Cura? - slicer in layer view clearly shows a gap - make it 3 walls and it goes away (according to the slicer anyway!) - just sliced with Slic3r and the gap is not shown in the layer view (unsurprising as the default is 3 walls on mine) - so print with more than 2 walls if you don't want to foot/leg interface gap (basing this on a .4 nozzle and .2 layer height)

Double it in size - and the top of each foot then gets treated as a proper roof with layers and everything - so my version of Cura does /seem/ to be not taking the top of the foot seriously as a roof when it is sliced/printed at the default scale and with Cura's default settings, but does take it seriously when scaled up - a quirk of Cura rather than the stl or design I would say- I can't find a setting that makes it take all roofs seriously regardless of them only being thin (unlike thin wall enabling)

Dezign, just to show you that I had great success when I tightened my x-axis belt. The photo shows the two cats and the difference in the one on the right after the belt was tightened. Even the facial features showed up whereas the first time there was too much looseness in the belt for the face to develop. Actually I think the ''fuzzy'' one is kind of cute, too. However, I am glad that the printer is running more smoothly. Somehow the Thingiverse profile didn't let me change my name as I said below that I wanted.

Thanks for your response, Dezign, Yes, I have been watching ways to tighten my belts on youtube and will soon attack this task. I will try further reducing the infill even more next time.
I've changed my profile name to Odyssey2420 cause the other made me sound like a man. It was just that my late husband was a fan of the Odyssey. I'm actually a granny!! I also added a profile photo of my other art endeavours.

Hello Dezign, such a cute tester piece. I just made my first one. Main problem is there is a lot of ridging as the layers add on. I think it must be the side to side x axis and am not sure how to fix this yet. Could there be vibrations in the belts as it moves left to right and back again?The face is poor, too. Just the whiskers show. I had to increase the bed heat to 50c and add a brim because when I first started to print this after a few layers everything lifted off the bed. The brim and extra heat did the trick. I may try without the brim and just the extra heat for sticking. I also used glue stick but shouldn't have had to because the Toaster Tongs stuck just fine with the painted on hair spray. Oh yes, I reduced the infill to 75% to lessen the time it took (to 2hrs 20min) , of course an added Brim added more time to mine in the first place, if you get my ''drift''. I show a picture of my 'fuzzy'cat. I added the eyes with marker.

You may want to tighten your belts. That seems like an awful amount of shifting between the layers. Watch your belts as you print and see if they're slipping. Also you should be able to get away printing with 15-20% infill and will drop your printing time dramatically.

mine came out like crap.
my printer was doing good for a while and all sudden stuff comes out like crap.

Could be issue with the filament? I've never seen a print come out like that. PLA? And it hasn't been exposed to too much moisture? That can start to fault your results.

Cali cat is being sold on Etsy by someone else: check out the listing here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/645960295/
I thought the license for this is non-commercial

Thanks for heads up. The shop owner gracefully obliged in taking down the listing. We're all good.

Yeah, I just saw that today too. Hopefully it gets taken down.

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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uuuhm i need help? ok, i use a ctc bizer dual and the calicat prints perfect at 215c until it reaches the top of the head, at that moment it just slush into the infill spaces...and help would be appreciated (pla 1.75 215c)

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My second ever 3D Print - and it came out perfect! Plus I really love cats haha. Thank you!

Nice print! May I ask what settings did you use? My prints have issues at the 45 degrees angles.

Everything went we'll for the first 1/3 of the print then all of a sudden, it globbed up and then the print head randomly moved up on the z-axis and started extruding in midair...got spaghetti and had to cancel the print...happened two more times and gave up.

200 C nozzle temp
60 C bed temp
Printed at 100% speed, then 85% speed, still same weird problem at the 13min mark (about 1/3 of the way through)

Cura Settings:

Infill: 10%
layer height: 0.15

first layer sticking fine.

Mine did the same until I turned off Optimize Wall Printing Order in Cura, I am using an Alfawise U20.

Any thoughts on why it happened?

Awesome calibration test. However it also shares the same name with a lingerie fighter (of course that's a thing) and my company IT was not amused...

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So I just got my printer today, and after printing a test elephant straight from the SD card, I decided to try the cali cat through Cura using the default settings. The measurements appear good, but the top of the head has a gap between the infill and the top layer, as does the tail's underside. Not enough infill? Not enough top layers? Any advice would be welcome. Printer is a Maker Select Plus.

Add another more top layers. 3 is usually good.

Too cute. I've printed on my work printer and now am trying out the Lulzbot we just bought. The Monoprice MK11 did great. I am watching the TAZ6 and so far so good. I'll post my picture when I can.

Hello, Unfortunately I'm not so happy with the print result. The normal layers look pretty good.

But when it comes to the overhangs, the result is not that great anymore. Does anyone have any idea what I can do? Temperature? Speed?

I use 1.75 PLA at 210 degrees and bed temperature of 60 degrees

Thanks for your help

Greetings Nixbligger

P.S. my english is not that good. Therefore, translated with Google :-(

Could be a combination of both. Maybe try lowering temperature 10 degrees. With overhangs and in PLA, it is many times it is because there is not adequate cooling. You want a good blower fan to cool the layer before the next layer goes on top. So try turning up the fan power and/or create an improved fan shroud to help cool your layers. Compare your print with the two guides below. They contain a lot of illustrations of printing problems and provide good advice on how to solve each.


Came out purfect on the Monoprice Select Plus with heavier base plate, a glass bed and thermal tape, PLA, didn't use any glue, tape or hairspray. Smooth and only a few hundredths of a mm small on all dimensions (shrinkage?).

Hello Dezign, I was wondering if I could print these and sell them, not online, in real life.
Fellow Maker/Entrepreneur 3D Maker Kid

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Just to clarify, the CC Non-Commercial doesn't forbid selling them period, it requires you to ask (and get) permission from the creator to do so, and the creator can always commercialize their own creations.

CC's NonCommercial (NC) licenses allow rights holders to maximize distribution while maintaining control of the commercialization of their works. If you want to reserve the right to commercialize your work, you may do this by choosing a license with the NC condition. If someone else wants to use your work commercially and you have applied an NC license to your work, they must first get your permission. As the rights holder, you may still sell your own work commercially.


Correct. I have no intentions of ever commercializing the model for profit and will not be granting anyone from doing so.

Was a great calibration test. After two prints I identified the problem, and I got back to high-quality prints. (Even without calibration troubles, these cats are very fun to print.)


I'm just gonna print this for enjoying, not calibrating.

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This is so cute! My friend made this.

at what scale do you need to print for a smaller one to fit in the head of the bigger one like in the picture? Like one scaled over 100% and one scaled under 100% is what i'm looking for

Can you read?

The note stating the cat fits at 1x and 2x was not there when I made that last comment. Thanks for wasting your time to be a Dick even after my comment was answered

The note was always there. However I am always happy to clarify if you have any questions. Let’s keep it peaceful. =)

Example would be 25% stacks on top of 50% on top of 100% on top of 200%.

Is there a dog version of this? I'm allergic to cats.

Yup, can be used, but it's not from the same person.

I thought Benchy was the standard test print. :)

Benchy is a great torture test for curves and overhangs but this cat has easy to measure dimensions.

This is awesome!
Decided to have this one as my very first print ever only Tevo Tarantula. How satisfying to see a cat grow on your freshly self-assembled printer!
Very good testing object too. My spider has difficulties with 45 degree overhangs, apparently. Those tails look rediculous

Congrats on the 3d printer. Getting nice overhangs has a lot to do with a mixture of speed and having good cooling. You want the previous layer to be cool enough so it maintains its position so the next layer has a rigid structure to lay on top. You'll have an wonderful time once everything is dialed in.

I know, the Tarantula does not come with part cooling out-of-the box. So I ordered a fan already, and will print a duct for part cooling soon.
This will take some time to arrive, though. But really happy with the results so far. Nice, smooth straight walls, and the dimensions are within 0.05mm now, after two iterations of X-, and Y-steps corrections. So, once the fan is installed, I'll start playing with temps and speeds, and eventually with different materials.
I just love this tinkering! (As long as it leads to results in the end)

But, what I wanted to say, but was somehow cut off of my original post: Thanks for the design! Far nicer than the boring cube, and better suited to test the functionality of the printer, and T and V settings :)

hmmm Riddle me this....

Every facet of the cat comes out perfect - except for the back right hand corner at the top of the head. Small hole there (insufficient infill?) but the rest of the head is absolutely perfect.

Seems to be on the penultimate diagonal infill, but buggered if I know what's causing it. It's not bed placement, literally printed two cats side-by-side and they had identical holes. Not filament - seeing it universally across fil types. grrr...

can you upload pictures

literally just printed off another one - stepped the speed down a bit to see if I was having issues on that front, exact same symptoms.

Black cat is using 3dFillies PLA+ running at 200% (I usually print these off so my husband has some desk toys). White is Filaform at 100% for the base, down to 80% speed for the face and top of head. Temp 210, 100% flow 0.6 thickness and 10 fill density. Using a Cocoon Create mini (wanhao mini) with a stock nozzle. (yes these are currently uncalibrated for print perfection, but they show the problem quite nicely)

How many top layers are you using? You can try rotating it 90° on the Z axis and see what happens.

Very nice model! Thanks for sharing!

I've sliced it in S3D and printed it twice with different filament. Both prints have the same look - uneven edges, visible layers and distorsions - all the same on both cats. So I guess it's more a problem of the gcode than a problem of the printer. Right?

G-code is just giving your printer directions and commands. It's more likely you need to adjust your printer settings (within the slicer) or minor mechanical things such as tightening belts. Also, it's not odd that different filaments brands and even just different color would need different adjustments. S3D also has a nice visual guide on what you may try to tweak depending on the results of your prints: https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/

ok i got my dimensions down to 0.1 mm or lower(my digital caliper and my hand is the problem to actually verify)
but the tail of this cat is off cause of warping and a little bit of blopping what should i do to reduce this? print slower?

Hard to say. Sounds like a cooling issue. Might even give it a go by dropping the hotend a couple degrees cooler.

Could you make this into a keychain.

Might be cool to put a tiny chain around its neck like a collar and connect your chain to that.

I think any jewelry section at any crafting store, Jo-ann, Michaels, etc would be able to help you out.

Cali Cat KeyChain Printer Calibration Gift

Looks like someone remixed it with the just its head. You are absolutely free to make any remix of it as well.

Is this the answer to the 3d Benchy?

More of an alternative to a calibration cube. Much more simple and to see the very basic aberations on your prints before moving onto something a little more complex. And for cat reasons.

What...no calibration dog?

Cali Dog - The Calibration Dog
by xkiki

Maybe a dog in the near future

Love this little critter! Any suggestions on what setting I need to tweak if the angled section of the tail never prints quite right? Everything else prints wonderfully.

For PLA, a lot of times it's the need for proper active cooling of the layer properly sets so the next layer lays down properly and level.

Hard to say without seeing the print. Maybe post a picture of the print. 45 degree overhang is a doable standard which usually means the printer needs a little bit of calibration. Without seeing the print I'd probably guess the most common problem is the layers hasn't cooled enough so the proceeding layer doesn't lay on top properly. Combination of things to try turn up the fan speed to cool the part, slow down the print speed, and/or adjust the temperature of the hot end.

Link to my first 4 prints, one on the left being the most recent: https://goo.gl/photos/zSfTHXRU54LmRnsL6
I have a MP Select Plus (Wanhao i3 clone) and I use Cura to slice. Printing in ABS, here's the settings: https://goo.gl/photos/XVC6GP3GTE66LNws6
Thanks for the help!

I don't personally have experience with the MP Select Plus. Perhaps there's an official/unofficial forum for your printer. ABS in general takes a bit more finessing than PLA. The one on the far left is definitely better. Note the changes every time you start a new calibration print and see if you're headed in the right direction and adjust accordingly. With ABS you can give it a try by printing with cooling fan totally off and see what happens. ABS also seems to print better with an enclosed printer. So maybe also try a makeshift tub over the entire printer or cardboard box surrounding it. I've also seen that many Monoprice printer owners make improvement parts on their printers, such as improved fan ducts that cool the part better than doesn't blow at the hot end as much. Again hopefully there's a forum for your specific printer and continue to play with different variables.

You must call it "Cat Libration"...

". . . grow an army of cats . . ."


My daughter loved this, Good calibration test.

Printed ABS
230 Degrees C Nozzle
0 Degrees C Printbed

Comments deleted.

Made one today as my first print on Kossel XL. PLA with no warm bed. It worked well, the cat I made is 20.4 mm large. Unfortunately, my son stole it. This cat is definitly too cute!


Cat puns :)

Picking up errors with the model here:

[14:56:13] This should never happen, there is a hole in the triangle mesh, each edge should have two faces.
[14:56:13] 2561 [1608] [63, 867]
[14:56:13] Something will still be printed, but there is no guarantee that it will be the correct shape.
[14:56:13] Once the gcode is saved, you should check over the layer with a z of:
[14:56:13] 20.7749954584
[14:56:13] This should never happen, there is a hole in the triangle mesh, each edge should have two faces.
[14:56:13] 67 [33] [34, 35]

Had a couple naked edges and fixed the model. Thanks for spotting it. Let me know if you come into any more errors.

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Going to pick up my filament then this will be my first print!