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MagSavior - Save your Apple MagSafe power adapter

by MILKA Sep 22, 2013
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When i try to put the saver on my mac cable the clip breaks because the walls are so thin. How do i fix this problem?

Where is the file for the grey one that goes on the connector that connects to the laptop? That one is super cool and my roommate would love one.

Thanks for all the hard work!

I want to print the Backs with flexible TPU filament and the Side Clips with PLA - anyone already tried it? Did it work?

Hi MILKA, thanks a lot for your MagSavior!

I wanted to know where can I find the savior for the cable we can see in the 7th picture ? thanks ! :)

Nice design! Is there any file for the older version? I'm still using my old MacSafe Power Adapter....

I remixed this to fit the older magsafe cables. The cable is a bit longer at the base. I'd like to post it as a remix but thingiverse won't seem to let me.

hey! if you have a magsafe 2 45 watt charger it is not compatible with this design, the thick part is a little bit longer but it is enough for it to slip out of the cable. this is compatible with the magsafe 2 60 watt

I demonstrated the latest design of this Thing in action on my newest video! it works great! see for yourself! https://youtu.be/4qzQXkf65DQ

It doesn't look that good though, I tried it, it keeps on slipping, and the top of it just bends like before.

The solution to this cable design problem is to not use the winding feature on the brick. The little "ears" on the brick are the single worst designed feature of any apple product. They actively accelerate the destruction of your cable.

If you really care about keeping your cables safe, use the over/under cable rolling method. Simply winding a cable up will cause the strands to wrap around each other over time and cause breaks. Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yPcJD7RVuY

Sorry you haven't had the same luck. My machine prints it just fine, and i've printed many of these and gave them to people.

To print such a fine object. You have to adjust the shell to 1. And make sure your extrusion rate is right. If you doddle out the filament too much, you'll have thick extrusion and wall will be overprint. Cheers.

Comments deleted.

Hi All,

I have uploaded one of my discontinue version of MagSavior. Hope you guys can use it to test out your 3d printer accuracy. And most of all use it.

Thanks and hope for your spread of words and support my new products in www.magsavior.com .... Cheers.

MagSavior - Save your Apple MagSafe power adapter

no puedo creer que solo tenga un Made este thing , con lo util que es , justamente hoy me habia propuesto diseñar uno , precisamente por lo mismo , estoy seguro que todos los que tiene un mac , tarde o temprano , por desgracia , sabran lo que es esto.
mañana imprimire los mios para mis 3 portatiles. ya posteare los resultados.

Gracias por compratir un diseño tan fresco


I can not believe I only have a Made this thing, so useful it is, just today I had proposed design one, precisely for that reason, I am sure that everyone who has a mac, sooner or later, unfortunately, will know what is this.
tomorrow will print mine for my 3 laptops. and will post the results.

Thanks for such a cool design compratir

Dear MagSafe lover ... I have created a portal to sell my MagSavior. Do visit and have your support! http://www.magsavior.comwww.magsavior.com Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback thiagokunz. Which version are you referring to? The stl file at this download page? If yes. I would say this is a draw back. That is part of my consideration at first. I would love to made a generic stress relief joint at the ending point. But that will just shift again the rigid and soft point up. However, if you visit my facebook page for the production version https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=566643960051956&set=a.566643956718623.1073741831.555211487861870&type=1&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/photo... . You will note that I have reduced the cable diameter to prevent the cable from pulling out. This is one of the more important factor. There is a small tips from the web that can help to prevent your cable from fraying http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/save-your-magsafe-charger-a-better-winduphttp://www.macobserver.com/tmo... .
Thank you for your valuable feedback. You can PM me if you would like to further develop it.

Anthony L

Well, I think the cable will brake in other point now. When you bend the cable, you stress the material. Tighter the bending, higher the stress. If you can make it bend without stressing too much the cable, it would work better.

I was thinking the same. Does someone has any experience?

I've had good luck adding a little bit of heat shrink tubing to my power cable right above the brick and right below the neck of the connector. I secure both pieces with some masking tape.

Another possibility might be to print one of these things in a flexible filament.

Thank you Kourou, I will post more updates in Thingiverse. Please help to spread the words and hope I could raise enough fund to making it happen. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/magsavior-save-your-magsafe-power-adapter/x/4711080?mobile=0http://www.indiegogo.com/proje...

bonjour milka,

pas pressé, je suis Anti -facebook mais je vais suivre les travaux ,bon courage ;)

dommage ,no customisable, merci pour nos câbles ;)