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Threaded Filament Dust Filter - Universal

by ppyromann Sep 20, 2013
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Is the interior of this object large enough to hold a small Dremel buffing wheel? I use these as my filament filters.

Works great!
I've stopped finding dust stuck in my finished prints or hanging out of the extruder. :-D
Makes my printer easy to lubericate.
P.S. Sorry if autocorrect messed up this comment

Thank for sharing the stp files.

Love these! Kind of gross to see the hair and dust stuck in my filter material. I used bulk filter floss for aquariums because I had it around already.
I printed a pair of these (PLA with 30% infill, 3 outer shells I think) and used them for about 2 months. One just cracked off where the male end sticks into the top of the extruder body. I just reprinted them with 100% infill and will see if the stress at that point is handled better by solid printing. Still printed quickly and uses little filament.

i Like =D but i need modify the tube connector for my tube. isnt the same.
But i cant open in 123D :( can you send me other format ?

Step Files Uploaded!

You did it cool, Thanks you a lot :)

No Problem. I didn't have a chance to look at the design yesterday, but I took a quick look today to see if a 10.5 mm hole would fit this morning. The walls got really thin with that size hole so I modified hole size and also increased the outside diameter. I uploaded the modified version in STL and Step. The Hole is modeled at 10.5mm, I doubt it needs to be smaller to hold a 10.5mm tube firmly but the Step file is there if you need to tweak it. Let me know if it works out for you!

Yeah =D Pretty cool
Let me show what you make.
I expect delivery of my black plastic that will be nice for this.
The STEP looks good, I think the tube is well maintained, coming back to you for the finished result =) thank you again

Tomorrow I can export them as Step, Iges or Parasolid if that helps. Or if you can get me an accurate diameter I can make an alternate file, should be a quick change. What tube is it for?

Another option would be to scale the whole thing until the diameter matches what you need as long as you can scale the other side too without causing issues with the other side.

Let me know...

Thank you for the quick response ^^.
The STEP format should be agreed. I use 123D Design, I am beginner.
As I saw that your invention has been remixed several times I wanted to try but not a solid, can not play with the Mesh. STEP does contain a solid?

For the diameter of the tube is 10.5, for not he slips it should be a little tighter by how much?
The best being the STEP file, I could then try and make SEVERAL adjustment =).
A big thank you in advance for this

I bought some filament from MicroCenter ($14.99/1kg) and one of the rolls had a bunch of tiny black shavings. I used this with a cotton ball instead. It cleaned the filament perfectly. The cotton ball was dirty as heck with only about 1/4 spool used. No clogs, perfect prints. I have now printed one of these for every spool I have and instead of putting on the extruder side of the tube, I put it between the spool and the tube (i have a MB 5th gen). When I change spools, I just leave it on the spool ready for the next print and it keeps the tube from getting dirty in process. It also is nice in that my filament doesn't get tangled between filament swaps. Thank you for the design.

I've never used a filament cleaner like this before. Does it really do anything useful? Are the differences noticeable?

Might want to note in the description that the small end is for 1.75mm. I didn't realize it until after I printed it. I did a thick wall and heavy fill (wanted strength). It paid off as I had to drill it out for 3mm :)

Any recommendations on source for sponge? Any foam do? There is a block of gray foam in the taz box I could leverage :)

Printed on a brand new Taz 5 (just got it today!)
Filament Factory ABS @ 230c Bed 110c
Layer: 0.16mm
Shell: 1.25mm
Top/Bottom Thickness: 0.75mm
Fill: 50%
No support or platform.

Any soft foam or sponge should work fine.

BTW, I Just made a major design update that includes a 3mm filament option.

So did I! I had created a derivative here:

I really like the new grip ring on your remake. Good job!

Threaded Filament Dust Filter Part Deux
by Wolfie

I am having serious trouble getting this one to print (ABS, recommended settings from instructions). First it would warp for the first 3-5mm's or the larger part wouldn't stick to the bed and would screw the print up.
I did some minor temperature tweaks but now the external threads are warping all over (internals don't look great either).
I finally went into the Gcode and altered the bed temp. I started at 110C bed temp then about 3-4 layers in (at Z0.38) I added a M109 code line to reduce the temp to 100C. That helped to keep the base stuck but also reduce the warping but not eliminate it. I have also reduced the extruder temp 5 degrees. Better but not like I want it.

Anyone else having this issue with an easier fix/more promising


It could be alot of things. What is your build surface (kapton, painters tape, glass, etc)? What are your fans set for? What temperature is your extruder set for? Is your printer enclosed? Is the bed leveled well? Is it set at the correct distance from the nozzle? Did you try using a raft?
Your profile lists a Replicator 2, I thought that did not have a heated bed. Are you successfully printing other parts in ABS? If you have better luck with PLA, why not just print it in PLA? There is no reason it needs to be ABS.
You may be better off asking this question in a forum dedicated to the printer you are using...

I have the replicator clone FF pro. So if the rep 2 doesn't then I guess I'll take that off my profile.
To answer those questions:
I am using ABS because that is what I have. I have printed fantastic prints with it so I know it's fine but this one I don't have some settings correct.
Kapton tape
Haven't even thought to check fan settings
Extruders at 230 (tried 225 too)
As leveled as I thought was perfect.
The distance seems right, creates a decent base
I have tried rafts, the issue isn't at the base but further up the build. Also at any point that builds outward (the threads, etc)


I was wondering if you'd consider doing a version with looser tolerances? Some of the cheaper filaments may come with variation of up to 0.05mm, and I see that you've only catered for a 0.03mm clearance in the model.

I had a couple of jams with this initially, but resolved it by widening the opening to 2mm with a drill press. It's worked perfectly ever since, and so have my prints.

Wonderful model by the way. I see the sponge inside mine has turned all black within less than a month.

Where is there 0.03 clearance? The hole in the small side is 2.25mm

Ah yes. I misread your reply to pureluck below.

Printed it in PLA. Threads are binding up and Hole on narrow end it too tight. Outside diameter of completed piece is 20.44mm. Outside diameter of narrow end is 6.4mm. Length of female side is 23.55, male 26.8mm

I'm printing another.

Sounds like your printer is not calibrated well, The OD of the female threaded side is 20mm. You are almost 1/2mm oversized. The hole in the narrow end is 2.25mm. The hole can be fixed by simply drilling it large enough for your filament (this is designed for 1.75 fyi)

The thread is a standard 5/8"-11 UNC. There is around .3 mm of clearance, on the diameter, built into the thread. If your printer cannot accurately reproduce this you have a few options:
Calibrate your printer,
Chase the threads after printing with a 5/8"-11 tap/die, or
Scale up the female threaded side by a few percent (in X/Y). 3% should get you around another .5mm clearance in the thread.

Thanks for sharing.
I've just print one to see if it solves my problem with humidity and dust.
I'm using it on a M2 printer.

I solved all the problems I had with Z18 and replicator 2
It really, really makes difference.
I was going to send the Z18 back for problems I had with filament Jam, that solution gave new life to Replicator2 and saved Z18
for lubrification I'm using "Svitol", that I apply in filament guide too
Impressive results :D

Printed this in ABS to add oil for PLA. PLA now prints like a dream, better than ABS does! Makerbot should be shipping these with their units. Im so impressed with how a little vegetable oil fixes all the problems I was having with PLA.

What kind of problems did you have?

PLA not printing well.
I got the idea from this guys blog. I was having similar experience. http://thoughtsofaplebeian.blogspot.com/2013/10/printing-with-pla-on-makerbot-2x.html

Printed great with your setting using ABS and a small drill. Using this now on our 2X for PLA prints with a little oil on the sponge. Seems to have fixed the issue we were having with the filament getting stuck.

Could you please provide the source files or maybe a .step version so that it s easier to modify.

Works fine for printerbot LC.

I cannot get your threading to fit together even with your settings.

The thread is a standard 5/8"-11 UNC. You can either calibrate your printer, chase the thread after printing with a 5/8"-11 tap, or scale up the female threaded side by a few percent.

any one test this on 5th gen?

For the 5th gen you can try my modification.

Modified Threaded Filament Dust Filter - Replicator 5th Gen

I made one for 5th gen, but I had to sharpen thinnner side.

Nice! How long sponge was replaced with a new one?

Depends on how much you use it and the environment, just replace/clean it with water if you see it dirty, make sure it is dry before putting it back.

I cut it from a piece of new Spontex (UK kitchen sponge-wipe).
I put a few drops of canola oil (rapeseed oil) on it too.
Two experiments in one - what my physics teacher always emphasised as a no-no! We'll see...

Where does one get that spongy thing?

Cut it from a random household sponge

Is it just me or is this made for 1.75mm filament??? I just printed it and the hole is way too small for the 3mm!

Yes, it was designed for makerbots with 1.75 Filament. I can open up the hole and add a variant for other printers using 3mm filament.

Your print quality coming out of the rep 2X is looking great. Any chance you could share your slicing profiles? I've got a 2 printing great but tuning the 2x has been a bit of a pain.

I am just using the stock 'High quality' ABS Makerware profile (Version For this build all that I changed was: Layer Height .15, Infill linear, infill @ .5, Extruder temp 230, Platform temp 110, and Filament diameter to match the actual measurement.

This will look a whole lot better than a bunched up paper towel zip tied to the filament xD