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Small Desktop Vise

by KDan May 1, 2016
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I used Meshmixer to cut part of the screw off so that it could be printed sideways to make it stronger. Per your license I'm not posting a remix, but if you want the file I've got it!

Hey this looks really good mate but can I make a suggestion, unless you have reason otherwise, to put the same grooves that are in the moving wall on the solid wall, just for a better grip of PCBs

Hello, The screw will not fit into the thread. It broke in the hole and Im wondering what I should do to make it fit. Ill print another screw and screw block. I did 50% infil on screw to make it stronger. It will not fit hope someone can help. Thanks

Mine works fine. If the fit is to tight then your printer is likely improperly calibrated. Are you over extruding?

Possible but my benchy was 0.2 mm off which is within my nozzle of 0.4. Also all the other parts fit fine. I saw someone had to sand the screw for a while. I'll just do that or prints at -2 to 4% Idk but I printed a few and non work

Why? Because of crap like this:

The dovetails and holes were horrendously mangled by the buggy Thingiverse Hacking/Slashing app. Anyone who downloads that hacked model will likely assume that that it was a piss poor original design. The person posting the "remix" never bothered to check the integrity of the hacked version of my model. It reflects back on ME, and I find that unacceptable.

I wish people would take ideas from other people and put some serious effort into creating an original work of their own. The losers that roam Thingiverse to directly copy some else's work - and hack it with some brainless hacking utility - and then repost it as an improvement of the original work really sicken me.

There is a rampant disregard for licenses and intellectual property in general on Thingiverse. That is why I rarely post models here anymore. In the past I've only posted perhaps 1 in 20 things I've created. Even then, it is usually simple or weird things that have zero commercial value.

I'm not attacking you in any way. Please don't take this personally. I just wanted to make it clear why I sometimes put restrictive licenses on things. It's a matter of principle for me.

(3D Slash) 10_May_16

I understand completely...
I did do a remix of your threaded rod, more or less took it and made a hole in the handle, then took the rod and cut little flats on it so it could be laid on it's side to be printed making it much stronger, then glued together for a VERY strong screw.
I do understand though that people claiming it as theirs is horse hockey...that is why on all mine...I call it a "remix" not an original anything...I am in no way good enough to make something as elaborate or intricate as most modellers...I can however tweak here and there to suit my needs.
I respect your view and won't ask again.

Can you model the screw and handle in two separate pieces (make the screw longer so it can be screwed and glued into the handle)

If you see my remix also, it might help to lay it horizontally and put flats on the screw as well to help the screw get MUCH more strength.
Like the dovetail idea as well as it should retain it's rigidity better because the base is solid and not a cutout

I would like to use the metallic screw...

Very nice! Printing one now. Will post pics when completed. Thinking of remixing it and adding mounting holes for securing it to a work bench :)