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OpenSCAD Textmate Bundle

by tbuser Jan 1, 2012
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Wonderful! This makes ST2 very happy. I was using gedit for openscad editing, but became annoyed at the lack of syntax highlighting. Thanks a... bundle. rimshot

This is all sorts of awesome.. I just got a decent chunk of my life back :)


Im having problems getting this to work in sublime under debian linux, the folders within the sublime directory are 'Pristine Packages' and 'lib'

I tried cloneing into 'Pristine Packages' but it isnt reconsised as a syntax, any pointers?

The only docs i can find about using textmate bundles in sublime just say pout a single 'openscad.tmbundle'.


Finally found it.

For anyone else having this problem, you have to copy thre 'OpenSCAD.tmbundle' into ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/

Thanks for this bundle :)

+1, thanks for posting the results of your research.

okay...this is so fantastic. as Tony hints in the description -- how DID I OpenSCAD without this? Gone is my rather muddled openscad Eclipse attempt. ;-)

To install it in Sublime Text copy it to the following folder.

/Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages

I renamed the folder to: openscad.tmbundle

Nice work, it looks great! Unfortunately, I was unable to install it. It seems like the /Bundles/ folder in the TexMate one doesn't exist. I tried to install it in the /Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/SharedSupport/Bundles/ folder instead but even if I'v installed the Github app with the command lines features, the "git" command is not found.

So, I have two questions :
Is the /Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/SharedSupport/Bundles/ folder the correct one? (it contains *.tmbundle files)
and is there an other way to install the script after having downloaded it? (I tried to run the .py directly in TextMate, but it won't work as it does
n't find the directory...)

Thank you for your help.

Oh, try:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/

If the Bundles dir doesn't exist there, try making it. Then reloading textmate.

It'll probably work if you put it under /Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/SharedSupport/Bundles too.

I put together a script that dumps all the shortcuts for a bundle. I use the output as a cheat sheet until I've internalized the new shortcuts.


This even works on a MacBook Pro by alt-tabbing between TextMate and OpenSCAD. :)

Maybe I'll try spaces next...

Holy crap, this is the best thing ever! So excited to never use the OpenSCAD editor ever again.

This looks great

It took a while for me to work out how to make it all work in Windows 7 so for those with Windows 7 you need to install Sublime from http://www.sublimetext.com/blog/articles/sublime-text-2-betahttp://www.sublimetext.com/blo...

Extract the folder OpenScad.tmbundle from the file below into

C:\Users\Owen\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages\


Owen :-D

I'll have to check and see if this bundle also works with e-texteditor on Windows: http://www.e-texteditor.com/http://www.e-texteditor.com/ e-texteditor works well with the other TextMate bundles IME.

Must be the season for OpenSCAD external editor tweaks!

Awesome, does it include the snippets and shortcuts?

It appears that both snippets and shortcuts work fine.