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E3D's BigBox 3D Printer

by Bigbox3DP Apr 27, 2016
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why is the IEC cover not included as step?

Because I never exported it as a step? If you use fusion 360 import the .123dx files and it will read them. You can then export the ICE cover as a .STEP

i tried all the .123dx and could not find it in the cloud of parts, i would expect it to be down near the spool holder parts but its not there

since i'm only half way doing a virtual assembly i'm in no rush and can just skip the IEC cover, but for completeness sake i would like to add it later on

will give that a go

i thought that build the complete model of the printer with every nut and bolt would not take long but i got more wise

when complete would it have any value to put on github or here on thingiverse?

before i forget, are the pt100 amp boards also open source? i tried to look for a cad model but could not find one, but i know kicad can create them

If you want to add it to gitlab and or thingiverse I will link to it from the main page here.

I'm not sure about the pt100 boards.

i guess i would do both when done

so far i'm aiming for the dual titan version, was that with one extruder on the x carriage and one on the back side?

reason i ask is that the build guide is kind of confusing (at least to me), but it can be that i get an aha moment later on and figure it

that is one benefit from doing the assembly "virtual", you get to learn the machine and you see that no small amount of thought has gone in to it

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i need help .. am building this printer almost done . i need to make a single direct titan Extruder but cant find the x-carriage or the extruder holder .. can anybody help plz

Use the Hybrid X-Carriage.

am really sorry but can u point me to the correct files ? and do i only need the carriage and the titan holder ?

sorry found it .. i have the old bigbox file thats .. thankx alot man

how much does it cost to make?

Hey fellas, I am late to the party and all, but why doesn't anyone ever dovetail the wood in the 3d printer space, that would make the strongest boxes and would reduce the need for so much hardware maybe only connecting at each corner with a brace. I am not a designer, I am a printer, but does anyone have the skill to dovetail this bad cat? Maybe it is already dovetailed on the exterior, but minimally so, more for alignment?

What is the total price to diy

Depends, do you want a Rumba/Duet, wooden frame, acrylic frame, metal frame. There's a lot of variables which impact the cost quite a bit

Did I hear metal frame?

i would ask the same but exclude steppers and electronics as i have plenty of that

dont have the bed and extruder thou

EDIT: and are there versions of the sheets that are either 3 or 6 mm? my thought was to use dibond and expoxy glue to sheets of 3mm together. but just a thought

How loud is this when printing?

Not loud at all if the steppers are tuned correctly and you fit a dampener to the Y axis

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I love E3d for doing this.

can I just order the frame rod kit the board and LCD power supply and the bed ? ok, almost everything,
but not the hot end and the printed parts. ?

All but the frame can be bought.
Laser cut your own frame
And... if you make the math, you'll soon discover you need way more than what you thought.
Add to that that the price is very sharp, so... buy a complete kit and be sure everything works as expected before altering it.

Those are only my 2 cent

what was the total build cost anyway?

Can you give me what the laser cutter colours mean? Some of the settings you use would be great!

Black | Raster Engrave
Green | Vector Engrave
Blue | Cut First
Red | Cut Last

There appears to be a problem with the hybrid hotend STL file. Have tried to repair to no avail.

I had an issue with 3 attempts of the hybrid hotend STL file until I found out about this one from Alex9779:

E3D BigBox - Hybrid Extruder Body Plus

What's the problem? Have you looked at the STEP file?

no but I will do, the STL has lots of artefacts when slicing, all appears externally fine. I did re-download but will look at step and export from there.

5mm acrylic is extremely difficult to get in the US, it can be obtained in 4.5mm and 6mm however. How close are the tolerances for construction?

You'll get away with 4.5, but it will very a very loose fit and 6mm will be too big.

Anything i should watch out for if i made the frame out of 7 gauge (4.7625mm) sheet steel ?

The sheet being too thin, but you should be ok.