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by nevaneva Apr 25, 2016
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scale 1500% and result is here. hard to glue it together, but i love it. thanks

Has anyone else had problems with attaching the left wing to the left body? There's a notch on the wing join that I can't get lined up with the body. The right pieces line up fine.

Two months and the left wing is still messed up? Guess the op gave up.. Idk how everyone else is putting this together.. Looks like I'll have to cut part of it off..

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Las alas se imprimen mucho mejor paradas, los escale en 20

Plan on spending more time removing supports than you did printing, and even then, you can't get it all off. Going to try hitting the wings with a heat gun to see if that makes them look better. And why on earth would you separate the head? The head should have been left on the body. As it is, save yourself a lot of frustration and glue on your hands by gluing the head halves to the body halves before gluing the halves together.

Removing supports was a nightmare.. I didn't think to print it vertically. So the top sides of the wings are just shredded. I'm thinking about spraying the model down with clear acrylic which should remove the lighter trashed areas after a light sanding. I printed this in silky pla.. Here's a pic of the good side.

Am I supposed to scale this 900x to what I want or am I missing something?

great print. I printed it few days ago. scale turned out to be too small but actually i like it)) thanks

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Do you have it as one piece? I have an SLA and do not want to do it in parts. Thanks!

Wanted to make this for my girlfriend.
Not sure who much i should scale it to...
Can you tell me what distance is between the legs at download scale?

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muy buen diceño fue todo un reto imprimir las alas.
muchas gracias

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Head is a lot bigger than body for some reason? What slicer did you use? Why do you have head/body separated?

I found the wings printed best if they're in a vertical orientation (thin tower) with supports.
Everything needs supports except the head. I'm not even sure why the head is separate from the body.
Otherwise I scaled everything up to 1500%. Printed just fine on my Prusa i3 Mk2.
I found the joins weren't perfect so I sanded them down a bit and glued them together.

this is my 4th print with my first 3d printer which is a prusa i3 mk2s so far i have printed out the head, 2 parts of the body and the tail.

I had the issue with the tail that the thick part almost broke loose because of small contact surface. i have fixed it with a smaller wrench and it printed almost perfect.

for the wings thats why i have modified the layout a bit. It seems like the second wing should be rotatet a bit -10° on y axis

Loaded D:\3d object modeling\Dragon-Alpha\files\d_thing-wing2.gcode, 205783 lines
10987.8454594 mm of filament used in this print
The print goes:

  • from 60.00 mm to 181.95 mm in X and is 121.95 mm wide
  • from -3.00 mm to 209.22 mm in Y and is 212.22 mm deep
  • from 0.00 mm to 14.60 mm in Z and is 14.60 mm high
    Estimated duration: 4:01:45
    Loaded D:\3d object modeling\Dragon-Alpha\files\d_thing-wing2- min supports .gcode, 223545 lines
    9897.31053106 mm of filament used in this print
    The print goes:
  • from 60.00 mm to 180.64 mm in X and is 120.64 mm wide
  • from -3.00 mm to 209.22 mm in Y and is 212.22 mm deep
  • from 0.00 mm to 21.80 mm in Z and is 21.80 mm high
    Estimated duration: 4:00:14

the first one i have rotated the same way so the pointy top od the figurine (as on first picture) 10° on y axis.

Loaded D:\3d object modeling\Dragon-Alpha\files\d_thing-wing1.gcode, 232151 lines
13137.2497855 mm of filament used in this print
The print goes:

  • from 60.00 mm to 176.84 mm in X and is 116.84 mm wide
  • from -3.00 mm to 210.57 mm in Y and is 213.57 mm deep
  • from 0.00 mm to 22.25 mm in Z and is 22.25 mm high
    Estimated duration: 4:38:21
    Loaded D:\3d object modeling\Dragon-Alpha\files\d_thing-wing1- min supports.gcode, 232282 lines
    9903.31523142 mm of filament used in this print
    The print goes:
  • from 60.00 mm to 175.32 mm in X and is 115.32 mm wide
  • from -3.00 mm to 210.58 mm in Y and is 213.58 mm deep
  • from 0.00 mm to 20.75 mm in Z and is 20.75 mm high
    Estimated duration: 4:02:00

For the tail i have played around with it an the y should be rotated by 2,8° and the X with -35° results:

Loaded D:\3d object modeling\Dragon-Alpha\files\d_thing-tail.gcode, 126873 lines
3958.85940766 mm of filament used in this print
The print goes:

  • from 60.00 mm to 188.98 mm in X and is 128.98 mm wide
  • from -3.00 mm to 151.41 mm in Y and is 154.41 mm deep
  • from 0.00 mm to 30.50 mm in Z and is 30.50 mm high
    Estimated duration: 2:10:39
    Loaded D:\3d object modeling\Dragon-Alpha\files\d_thing-tail - min support y 2,8 x -35.gcode, 114244 lines
    3283.4110277 mm of filament used in this print
    The print goes:
  • from 60.00 mm to 186.72 mm in X and is 126.72 mm wide
  • from -3.00 mm to 147.80 mm in Y and is 150.80 mm deep
  • from 0.00 mm to 31.70 mm in Z and is 31.70 mm high
    Estimated duration: 1:34:08

The plotter that i use is basicaly in the standard software package of the printer. Enough of statistics results:

  • 1 hour of total print time on the wings + tail print time in total
  • 4,7 meters of filament used


I have the Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer which has 120x120x120 bed, so I'm wondering what scale can so the parts will fit together?

I'm working on 1150% scale, thats as big as i can get the wings on the same printer

Where can I buy deco like this? I'd like to buy one made of metal but not quite sure what or where to search for.

Try Headlines boutique. Bummer, website is down for upgrade. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeadlinesConway/
Lots of interesting stuff and some one of a kind there.

Thanks! They have some pretty interesting stuff
What I was looking for was something to place on my monitor that looks natural. Like the dragon in this thing page

I'm printing this model now.

For those trying to make it: the designer scaled it up 1500% for the model in the picture, for my Da Vinci Jr (150mmx150mmx150mm) scaling up to 1400% allowed the wings to fit on the bed (with some rotation) and he can still grip a screen. I printed the body the first time without really looking at the model and now need to print it again because it DOES need supports for the arms and legs.

Designer: I notice in your picture that the seams aren't very visible, have you used a filler or primer or something to hide them? Thanks for the design, coolest thing I have printed so far :)

How big is it supposed to be my slicer converting cm to mm and wings a giant (my bed 220 x 270) just making sure it's correct

I was wondering if you could combine Dragon-Alpha and Dragon-Beta? Such as Dragon-Alpha's body (body, legs, spikes, and tail) and Dragon-Beta's wings and head?

One of the wing doesn't match the body and can't be glued properly. Maybe you can rework this.

What's the distance between the legs?

I'm a total noob on 3d printing as I just got a printer and my kids loved this model. Any suggestions on minimizing the supports on the wings? Seems like the supports printed with them really make a mess of the underside of the wings.

You've probably moved on from this, but for others who might read this. I printed the wings vertically. They had to be rotated so that the top edge of the wing is facing the print bed and the rest of the wing is pointed directly upwards (thin tower basically).
Still needed supports and I used a raft for good measure. This gave me a far better print of the wings compared to printing them flat to the bed.

So when you say you printed the wings vertically, Do you mean you just rotated them so the top edge faces the bed like a long skinny wall....Or truly vertically so it is very tall and skinny?

Actually, I'd love to give this a try again. My printer burned out and I got a new one that is in the process of being mod'd to prevent it from happening again as well as other mods to try and improve my prints. I'd like to circle back to this and give it a go again. Thanks for letting me know how I should attempt it

How do the parts fit together? Do you have a model of the full thing?

Everything needed support except the heads.

For my 16mm wide monitor, I printed at 1350% scale. It can barely slide on and I don't think it can hang on very well, I ended up using some silly putty for the front legs to hang on to. Looks like it's hanging on to a boulder so not bad.

Will have some pictures later.

Also the left wing, the one that would in the back in these pictures, seem weird. The joint doesn't meet very nicely. Can I have a picture of how that wing is supposed to be attached?

hello. what scale u used? for photo on monitor. )

Hi! I scaled everything to ~1500% of original size.

Why is the need for scaling not mentioned on the main page? Seems that would be kind of important for people to know up front.

thanx). and thanx for nice model.

really.. amazing model..

Is there any way you can post the body in two separate parts/files? I need to be able to print each side separately. Thanks

I cannot get the sizing right, if I use it as is, it's as big as a coin. If I convert from inches, it's huuuuge. None of those look like the ones on picture, anyone got a reasonable scaling?

ya, OK, how big is this thing supposed to be? Im getting a ridiculously small size it seems ..? don't even thing the tail would print that tiny.. what is it's actually size/scale?

How can i print this ? I don't understand how put all together

I'm according with gnostic, every piece is extremely small.

for each stl file (except the wings) simplify3d warns "Part appears to be extremely small and may be in inches format. Would you like to automatically scale to millimeter format?", and if i do, scaled parts are either so small or too big.

for the wings, simplify3d does no warn but it's way out of proportion. (it was so small on screen that, first time i thought it was not loaded)

It looks to me like the legs on the body will need support. Or is there some secret you have for printing those pieces without support?

You're right. I made this model a while ago and I probably forgot about this.