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Case for Pi 5in HDMI touch screen

by Phil_Maddox Apr 22, 2016
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Sorry to hear about your screen. Im just wondering what caused the issue. I'm pretty careful when publishing things and never publish things i haven't actually built myself to test.
OF course there are printer calibration dependent areas but that is unavoidable . There is also a chance ( baring in mind this design is nearly 3 years old) that the manufacturers have changed the screen electronics PCB size and that may be causing the issue?
Over 2500 downloads to date and nobody else has reported problems like yours.
If you could take some pics and measurements i can investigate what went wrong

Help, I need a way to internally power the Raspberry Pi within this case, and I need and off and on switch anywhere, and a usb charging port coming out anywhere. I got the display you used, which limits gpio usage for power, and I am using the Raspberry Pi 3. Keep that in mind. Any recommendations?

My Screen didn't quite fit, so I had to dremel it out to make the screen fit... If you have a Raspberry Pi 3 attached to the screen then one of the back side nubs is too long for the screen standoff (so simply cut that). Works great! Great Print, Thanks.!

and the power cable?

Just solder the 2 power wires of a cut USB cable to the 5v and GND of the GPIO pads on the back of the display.

Hi...i have print your case for my 5 inch HDMI LCD and raspberry pi3...overall is is preaty nice though it have a gap between the screen and the case...the gap is 1mm...can you put a part file so I can modify in order to eliminate the that gap...

just uploaded the stp files for front and back

thank you so much

i downloaded now but seems that front and back file is the same for back...no front stp...can u upload again pls

SHould work now . New Case front step file added

Having a hard time fitting my screen +pi 3 in the case. May have to reprint and enlarge by 1%. It's weird, I've got the same screen you modeled it after too. Seems too tight in the horizontal,from the USB ports to the other side of the case.

First thing to check would be the scaling/calibration of your printer I have not experienced any issues fitting either a raspi 2 or 3

What did you use for designing it? I wonder whether the end opposite in the USB can accomodate a step-down converter to convert 12V DC to 5v....

I use Autodesk Inventor for nearly all my cad work
I think the case might be a bit small for a buck converter. Do you have any particular one in mind ??

I was considering this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201847763020
The challenge is that it has no mounting holes - so it needs to be kept on place bu some "stags" and snap-locks. It would be nice, if it was possible to cut open a hole for the DC input connector...
The RPi could then be supplied internally by the USB output of the converter - of by cable (maybe with a micro-usb in the other end to connect to the RPi).

If the enclosure (or a remix/modified version) can be created with room for the converter - it would also be nice, if it could contain sort of a holder for the stylus, that often is delivered with the 5 inch display (let me know if you need dimensions or a sketch of my idea how to store/put the stylus).

The step down converter that I already have a couple of, are of this type: http://www.ebay.com/itm/162575830411 - but the solenoid makes the circuit too high to be mounted inside the enclosure...

It would be nice to have a cutout for the microUSB/power cord but otherwise this came out really nice. My particular LCD display was a very tight fit and I popped off a bit of the metal shielding around the USB ports to get it in but minor stuff really. So glad I went with the 5" panel instead of the 3.5".

note to self:
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Noticed after printing (my fault for not catching it) that there is NO access to the mini-USB, audio ports on the side of the case.
Kind of a PITA.
Break out the old, low-tech dremel tool.

Sorry Purposely left them out so you can position them where/ if needed as the HDMI plug means there's quite a void at the top.
Dremel is well up on the scale of necessities in life . Maybe not as high as oxygen & daylight but certainly in the gaffa tape,WD40 zone