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1911 Grips

by atooltoscream Apr 22, 2016
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I don't know if you could help but I added a logo to the blank grips in Blender and everything looks fine in Cura but then when I look the layer view it says it will print random flat planes in the screw holes and inside the logo. Any ideas?

Sorry, I'm not familiar with Blender. There is probably a Blender group on Thingiverse. Maybe you could upload the file and someone familiar with Blender could investigate.

Wish I could be more help. Good luck figuring it out

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I sent a message in a Blender group hopefully they'll help with my problems.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I sent a message in a Blender group hopefully they'll help with my problems.

If you can do this, I'd appreciate it. If not, well I tried! I'd like this on one grip (basic jump wings) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2784836/files and this on the other https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:765381. Embossed. I'm having a devil of a time with the curved surface of the grip and I only know tinkercad so you can guess how limited I am.

Jump Wings
101st ABN Patch

I could do it but it would probably be awhile before I can get to it

Cura says...….print set up disabled .G-code can not be modified. I'm a new to this. help please

I've never heard of that. Might want to ask on the Cura forums. I don't think that would be a problem with the 3d model.

Sorry I couldn't help

My Rock Island grips have a divot in them to ease your thumb into the mag release. If I uploaded some pictures of these would you be able to incorporate it into any of these grips? I love the feature and it makes for a smooth reload.

Would you be able to make the dont mess with texas with the punisher skull?

So, do you want one grip panel that says don't mess with texas and another as a punisher skull? or do you want the don't mess with texas incorporated into a punisher design?

These are great, but I have been looking everywhere for grips for my Star BM 9mm. Any idea where I can find a simple checkered grip for this?

Thanks. Not a clue on the grips you are looking for sorry

what software did you use to make the cutout for the plunger?
i´m on Fusion360 and try to add the plunger cutout to the original file from grabcad, but i have no idea how to make a cutout like you did (tried for several days now.

the reason i for this is that the cutout you have on your version is a little bit to small for my plunger (STI Spartan 1911), and i am trying to learn how to make my own grips from scratch :)

I used Autodesk Inventor. However, the plunger cut can also be done in Fusion 360.

What you'd do is:

1) Create an axis on the top hole of the grip and then create a plane at a 21 degree angle from the vertical plane. Note: If the angle is off for your 1911 specifically, you could adjust the angle. I used 21 degrees because that was the angle used on the original prints for the 1911

2) Start a sketch on the new plane. This is where you'd adjust the size and shape of the plunger cutout to fit your 1911.

3) Perform a symmetric cut extrude to cut the material out.

I've attached a picture of the way my grip is setup in Fusion. I have the origin set on the bottom hole. I will also attach a picture of a drawing view from the 1911 prints.

Source for the prints: https://brlcad.org/design/drafting/M1911-A1_REDUX.pdf

Thanks for the reply and advice☺ learning something new every day

Happy new year, and will post a "made one" after I print one

Can you make a full size grip version of the Spartan with Molon Labe?

They're in there already. If you want to use the Find function while on the Files tab, the filenames are:


What software are you using that allows you to have a even insert around the curved surface. I'm trying to design a set of grips for a friend and have the inner 75% with checkering.

Autodesk Inventor. I draw the design on the very top flat plane of the grip. There is a feature in the Emboss menu that allows you to wrap an embossment to a face. It cannot be a complex surface however. It has to be a cylindrical, flat, or spherical face.

I think Fusion 360 has a similar feature, however I've never tried making any grip designs in Fusion.

cool thanks, I use Catia a lot but haven't found the feature here, have you tried a knurl surface? I've seen some do it but not sure how. It has a ton of different angles. I did find a video using solidworks, I'll have to see if I still have it loaded on my home machine. I have access to fusion, so I'll check that software later.

I had someone ask me to model and print a butt-stock plate for an old Remington 22 this weekend. I wanted to have the word "Remington" engraved on the end of the plate, which had a slight contour to hug the shoulder. I found out that Fusion does not have an Emboss feature. I found a work around however, linked below.


I have only used this method once so far, so I'm not sure if this method distorts whatever you are trying to emboss.

I have never tried knurling anything. I'm afraid my computer would self destruct.

How can I make this model work on my cnc router?

I can upload STEP files. You wanting the Punisher grips?

yes please. I think that will work with vectric v-carve pro software.

Added the STEP files. They should be at the bottom of the Thing Files list

These are it sorry it took me longer than i had hope.

Hey do you know of a way to get the whole punisher skull to be on each handle instead of half on each

Yeah I can upload a file with the full skull. Give me some time, but I should be able to do it sometime today

Thank you so much!

Just uploaded them. They should be at the bottom of the file list. Files are named as follows:


When you print them please post a pic if you can. I'm curious to see how they turn out. I might want to print a set for myself when I get a chance

I sure will I am printing my son a boat when that's done I will do them. I should have the pics up tomorrow

compact deadpool please

Deadpool compact added

Is there a way to get the files in AutoCAD format? Not sure if it will open the STEP files.


What format would you need it in? I've never done any 3d modeling in AutoCAD

DWG or DXF, its a little old school i guess, but AutoCAD is what i learned to model on years ago.

Yeah I use AutoCAD on a daily basis. Just never learned to use it for 3d stuff. We use Inventor for 3d modeling where I work. DWG uploaded

Perfect!!!! Thanks so much!

Any chance you could do one with the Halo UNSC logo?

I could try. Might be a minute before I can get to it

Any updates or are you yet to try?

1911_UNSC_right and 1911_UNSC_left.

I made the decision to take some of the details out. The logo has a banner around the globe that I figured wouldn't print well. There were also some smaller stars and details that I left out.

Hope you like them

How can I print these?

Dude they look awesome anyways without those details. Thanks so much!!

You're welcome.

Be sure to post a picture whenever you get time to print them

I usually work on these after work or on my lunch break at work. I've been swamped with other things lately though. My computer at home is way to slow to do stuff like this. My student version of Inventor also expired recently on my home computer.

So if I can find the time to stay after work for an hour or so I can get them done. I'm hoping I can get to them soon.

I LOVE these grips especially in the wood. Would you recommend sealing them first or just putting them on my 1911 as is? Also could you possibly do a design with the Mandalorian (Bounty Hunter) logo from Star Wars? Thanks!

Also, Mandalorian grips have been on my to-do list for awhile now. Now that you asked I finally got them uploaded. Enjoy

How can I find these also?

You could probably leave them as is. The only reason I stain mine is because the wood filament I use is too light of a shade of tan for my tastes. I just used aerosol clear coat to seal mine. They would probably have been fine without it though.

I also dont seal mine I tried it but it looses some of the detail and gets a little rough....I have tried clear coat, polyurethane and some kind of art glaze (which had the best look but if you touch it you finger prints will remain for a couple minutes but disappear.) I kinda like the old school or western look of these printed with wood just light sanding and stain.

Any chance on a U.S Army Desert Shield/Storm Vet on one side and a CIB Badge on the other?

I need to print me a set of these I need to figure out how to add font to it

Do you the c1911 blank files in stl format?

Any chance you could put one together with U.S. Army 1st Sgt. chevrons on it ?

Done. "1911_1stSarge_Left" and "1911_1stSarge_Right"

Wow! Really nice of you! Thanks a bunch!!! - let me know if I can help you out with any of my designs!

would you mind making the punisher grips for a compact 1911 please.

They are already there. Scroll down and towards the bottom of the "Files" tab.

They are called:

C1911C_Punisher_Left and C1911C_Punisher_Right

Any compact grips are denoted by a C1911C rather than just being called 1911_xxxxx

Yes I noticed that after I commented. Thanks a lot.

great work! is it possible for you to convert the file? :)

Convert which file?

the ace L&R and the atomic L&R :)

in step or iges? that would be perfect! :D

Done. Denoted by the "C1911C" just like the stl files. I also uploaded step files of the compact grips without holes, denoted by "NH".

That's great! Thank you for making them. I will print them tonight and post a photo once they are in place. I really appreciate you taking the time make these, I think they are going come out very nice.

I love your work. I have a 1911 compact officer edition also. Any luck on making those?

Somebody sent me a 3d model of the compact grips awhile back so I could put the diamond treadplate pattern on them. I just sent him an email asking for permission to use his models.

If I get the go ahead to use them, is there a particular design you are looking for?

Not really. Diamond plate is good. I have some Neon Green Filament I would like to try for the grips, but my I am not yet proficient at design. I would appreciate any model you could offer. Thanks!

I got permission to use the compact grip files that I was given. Look for the files that start with C1911C. I've uploaded the diamond plate and punisher versions.

I'm new to this ap and 3D printing but experienced in CAD design. How do I download the STEP file to make my own adjustments?

Go to the "Thing Files" tab and download the .stp files

Thanks. I was on the mobile app. I see what's going on better now that I'm logged into the site from my PC.

Would it be possible to get the grips with designs on them without the holes?

It's possible, but it will take some time. Were there any particular designs you had in mind that you'd like without holes? If you have a specific one in mind I can work on it.

Yeah the empire ones. Thanks in advance.

Uploaded the new empire grips.

1911_grips_empire_left_NH and 1911_grips_empire_right_NH

My friend collects 1911's so I printed him a set and he loved them. I have a Citadel (basically Rock Island) 1911 Officer edition, but they won't fit it. Do you know how I could make them work?

My brother has an Officer edition of a 1911 I think. I'll see if I can't get it from him and see what I can do to get grips to fit.

Thanks that would be awesome!

I got permission to use the compact grip files that I was given. Look for the files that start with C1911C. I've uploaded the diamond plate and punisher versions.

Comments deleted.

these grips are so awsome. i got my first 3d printer today an these were the very first printout i have ever done.

Thank you for the kind comments. If you get a chance, upload pictures of your make. I'd like to see how they turned out.

I plan on trying to update this page with more grips. I just gotta think of new designs now

printed these today and they were absolutely perfect. I own a sig sauer stx 1911 so the grips are just a smidge different but with a tiny bit of sanding on one edge they went on perfectly.

Awesome. If you get a chance, upload a pic. I'd like to see how they turned out

I just got a Ruger 22/45 LITE. I've read that 1911 grips are supposed to fit on the 22/45, but then I've also read that most 1911 grips will not fit on a 22/45 :(

I guess I'll just have to print another set of these out to test fit and see for myself.

Any chance to to put the STL file for The Punisher grip here ?
tk's in advance

Punisher grips uploaded

Tk's !!!! :D

I will print one of these for my gun and put here