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Low Bypass Turbofan Jet Engine

by gahwar Sep 14, 2013
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Is this is a working model or just a model

Are there any videos teaching you how to ride? left over two pieces that. I must have ridden

do you think this would print at 50 per cent and work???
..cheers greg

Could you provide links to the bearings used? That way I will be sure to get the exact ones needed.

So since this is smaller working replica, could we technically scale it to make a larger one?

i could really use directions and any other info you could give great modle hope to hear from you

Hi! I would like to print it and put in front of my opened windows, so it could rotate. Is that possible? Does it rotate easily? Thank you!

is this thing made of plastic or is it real and can be place on RC plane ???

Please tell or show me how to mount the compressor stage bearing on the Brg1holder.
I don't understand how the compressor is held in place on its bearing.
many thanks.

are you going to make a model of the EDF ducted fan? BTW this is awesome

Have big problems to print the fanblades :(
Yeahh @all...
I need help :(
I tested to print the big fan without good results :(
My settings:
Perimeters: 40 mm
small perimeters: 25%
External perimeters: 60%
Infill: 40mm
Solid fill: 50mm
Bridges: 50mm
Travel speed: 75mm
Where is my mistake??

Also I know how big of a project it is. I have had a gas one before that I had to fix and work on it all the time but it only had 23kg of thrust. I am hoping to scale it up a bit and am attempting to get over 100kg of thrust using 50% nitro fuel mix and if all goes well ill use it as part of the hexacopter if ii ever get around to building that.

I'm thinking about making this on my 3D printer and then casting it out of metal. Is there anyway you can post links to where you bought all the parts that aren't printed. Also I may modify it a little as I will be adding a fuel injector, spark plug, and starting motor thus allowing me to start my next project of building six of these for an RC Hexacopter. Please respond quickly. Thanks, Kyle

I'm going to start printing this. It will make a great desk model. I'm sure i'll have questions as i get things printed..

Hello !

This is awesome I have been willing to do something like this but I am having some issues and concerns...
Did you run it ? If so how did you figure out the temperature and pressure in the combustion chamber and from that how do you go about picking the thickness of the combustion chamber ?
How did you handle the oil problem as in being able to flow oil to every part of the engine that has friction ?
And also do you have any reference (books, paper, website...) on jet engine design ?

Thank you and keep it up :)

I'm still far away from a working engine.

In my experience gas turbines are the most complicated machines ever designed. there are so many engineering disciplines involved: general mechanics, vibration dynamics, dynamic of rotating disks, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, metallurgy, combustion dynamics, etc. Moreover, in order to do not kill the overall efficiency of the machine, extremely tight clearance for the rotating parts it is required. Required clearances have to be set at the operating speed, when the turbine components are "deformed" by the centrifugal effects and thermal growing.... harmonics of our rotors have to be investigated as well. if by chance the operating speed fall too close to one natural frequency it is a problem.

Typical approach is to start from the Brayton cycle simulator and identify the overall desired parameters

Second step: work on the four major components: compressor, combustion chamber, turbine and nozzle

the most complicated item is the combustion chamber. the biggest challenge is to achieve a stable flame through the entire working range of the machine.

For compressor and turbine design there are several software available (AxStram for example). manual design is also possible sacrificing overall efficiency of course.

hay i think im eather blind or stupid i cant seem to find the front fan and duct inlet or any of the dark blue parts?

blue items are:

  • LP fan: I used an EDF ducted fan,I boughts it from http://Hobbyking.comHobbyking.com. The one that you see in the assembly is a dummy that's you do not find it.
  • LP shaft: I used a piece of M8 threaded rod. also this is a dummy item. you can see these two items in the fifth and seventh picture.
  • downstream to the LP fan there is the item "brg1holder.slt". It is included in the file "compressor_case.zip"

ahh ok i was just interested in printing this out as a model, just thought the front fan would make a good print

How many pieces in the project? Bill

Hi Bill,
there are 13 rotoric items to be printed and15 items between cases, spacers and statoric blade sectors if you decide to realize a cutaway model.

I printed everything, and my parts look good, but then I realized that it will cost me over $50 in bearings and hardware to put it together, and not sure I am up for that. It would be great if you could include printable models of the bearings and shafts for people who don't care if it rotates.

That is an awesome project! Keep it up!