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AG Fatshark Dominator Module Doors (LaForge and stock)

by AnthonyKwon Apr 17, 2016
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I too have a bit of a remix I'd like to post. It's for a smaller power switch so one can run a switch with the trinity head tracker module.

I have done a remix using one of the OEM doors for people wanting to do a power switch mod, can i upload it?

sounds awesome dude.. share it to the community

Thank you. Thingiverse doesn't allow me to make it a remix of yours due to the licensing you have chosen. My upload is http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2506921 and i gave you credits in the description.

Fatshark power switch mod door
by M4ckan

looks incredible, great job. And I appreciate the credit.

Do you have the CAD files for the stock panels? I really want to add some stuff but I can't easily work with STL meshes.

Hi. just a question.
I see from the Q&A below that you havve stoped making the doors, but I just whant to know wich version of the doors fit the very first batch of La forge diversity modules. The newer ones have a smaller diversity with the antenna over just above the tracker input hole, but mine has the antenna in the top right corner.
I have the Fatshark HD2.

Thanks a million.

From the feedback I got from users of the HD2, none of the diversity doors work perfectly with that goggle. At the time of development, that's the one goggle I didn't have access to - and wasn't aware the stock door (fit and hole locations) was much different from the other fatshark goggles.

Sorry, I've stopped working on these doors long ago. The Thing is finished.

Hi. I recently purchased a laforge module. The new ones have a OLED screen protector and so these models don't fit it. Do you have plans to design on that will fit with the OLED protector? Thanks

Hi the short answer is "I've stopped working on these doors". The longer answer was posted on the main info page as an update back in July.. (Scroll to the bottom)

Which files are best for the Laforge diversity on fatshark V2 goggles?

If you want to cut your goggles open and hide the modules inside, use door A, if you want to mount the modules normally with the wire outside use door b.

Any chance at a v3 door? Neither door fits with the new modules that shipping in the last few days. ;( awesome work though.

How far off are they? Which door is the closest fit?

its a fair way off, the metal cover for the screen juts out a long way.

These doors won't work with the latest release of Laforge. (Batch3). I originally bought batch1 and made these doors... Then when batch2 came out, there were changes to the module that required the doors to be redesigned. A friend gave me measurements to use from batch2. Now batch3 came out with more changes and I don't own a batch3, nor plan to keep buying every batch that gets released. Everytime the laforge goes on preorder and soldout, a new "batch" gets released with changes. It's good for their developement but too much time and money to keep making these free doors at that production speed. Especially when I'm not getting direct support by laforge with measurements or even test modules. I love my batch1 laforge, and I am proud of these doors - but I don't see myself continuing with this project. The reason I supplied the stock OEM printable doors is people cut and mod their stock doors to fit the laforge. Why not print the stock OEM doors and do the same. Happy flying and enjoy your laforge!

Hey I can understand that, it's a bit of an uphill effort without support. I've thrown together a remix of yours that just chops a fairly precise hole for the metal cover which works ok.

I won't be making a v3 (batch3) door for LaForge... sorry.

Any chance at getting the source file to modify? The stl has a ton of vertices. I can make a v3 version when I get some time off.

I have routed the wiring harness inside the goggles but don't want to cut up the goggles any farther than that. The stealth A door requires cutting up the inside of the diversity side right? And the other A door has a space for the wiring to be run outside the goggles I assume? Bummer. I guess I may as well just go the full distance and cut up the goggles for the stealth door.

yeah the stealth door is for people who want the full internal customization. (Proceed at your own risk to your goggle) the main stock b2 doorA has the bump and hole for external wiring. If you want a custom door made, buy the stl at Pinshape and email me anthonykwon@antigravityracing.com. I'll make you a door stl to suite your install needs

Awesome work. Just curious on a few things:
1- Supports?
2- Brim/rafts?
3- fill density?

and finally
if i print it in PLA, will it likely be too big because ABS has the shrink factor?

for the record, I'm fairly new to 3D printing and these arent even for me - they're a gift for a buddy who just got the mod :)
Thanks for your work and help.


Supports yes. If you are going to print the door(s) just like they load into your slicer you should aim for max support angle 45 degrees. Brim/Raft hard to say, all depends on bed adhesion with your printer. If you use ABS you may as well. Fill density, I have been doing 30% and 2 shells/outlines with a .5mm nozzle. 1 shell/outline will work too.

I cant comment on the differences between PLA/ABS for these doors. There is also a new way to orient the doors which can be found on the Facebook Laforge FPV page. Its hard to explain the orientation in text but you can message me and I can pass along photo's if it helps. I have found the same results as the fellow who posted the different orientation, support removal is better. I have also found it to give better surface quality.

Ahh the new doors are up for Batch2 of the modules. Once again outstanding work and 2 great design options are available. Well done Antigravity Racing.

I have batch 2 modules (received this week). I've only printed the main module door (door B). I had to do some filing on the antenna port (it seems like it's at a different angle than the 1st batch - it didn't want to seat before filing).

I'm not sure I'm going to route the diversity module's wiring internally. It would be sweet if there was a version of door B with a cutout for the wiring.

I've tried to remix the STL, but there are so many polygons I can't get it back to a solid easily. Did you do this in Blender? Would you consider sharing the file? I will absolutely follow your licensing wishes.


Sorry but I don't share any of my source design files. But I am more than willing to make any revisions and offer more door versions. email me photos of where you had to file on the sma hole. The cutout for the wiring is a great idea too.

email me at anthonykwon@antigravityracing.com

Do you know if these work on Dominators HD V2?

They have been so far tested on:

Dom V2
Dom HD
Dom HD V2

What material do you recommend for these?

ABS works well. My circle of test printer guys have all tested success with ABS.

I would agree. PETG which is similar and is what I print with has been working well :)

can you show how you manage to install the diversity module inside?

I'm interested in seeing a final picture of your door but not installed on the goggles.

there are a lot of photos from people who have already printed it on my post at the LaForge FB community