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28mm Bar Back and Accessories

by Curufin Apr 9, 2016
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Hi there! These are amazing and I'm having a blast printing them out of wood PLA. I did run into a problem though, the Barrel__Small_holder.stl seems to be broken. My slicer is telling me it's going to take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours to print just this holder. I can't figure out what is going on. I've tried re-downloading and extracting again, but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.


Im not sure what is doing on there. I just loaded it into my slicer and it is saying 15 minutes.

Thanks, I think it was my slicer. I reinstalled it and everything is happy again!

Hello! I wanted to consult you for the Barman, you will know of one to print. I can not find :( Excellent your work! Thank you!

very very nice, was looking for something like this.
how did you paint the wood?
did you use a sponge or did you stipple with a brush?

Thank you for making these,

For the wood, I dry brush everything using craft paints. I started with the pieces assembled and spray painted matte black ( the $1 cans of black spray paint from Home Depot). I first dry bushed on some Burnt Umber (Americana), then dry brushed on some Cocca (Americana), and then dry brushed on some Fawn (Americana).

Have you got any tips for printing the Bottles or Tankards? Mine are turning out... less than perfect. I'm printing at 0.1mm layers and going at 20mm/s with no infill, I tried with 15% infill and it was worse.
I've got the bars printing beautifully though so thank you very much!

When I print bottles and tankards, I print no less than about 20 at a time. I bunch them close enough together to get one big skirt around them. I think the most important thing it making sure that each layer has enough time to cool. I don't use a heated build plate when I print them. My default speed is set between 80-90mm/sec and my infill is 13% (though these are so small I doubt it actually adds infill. I rarely change my settings, so if it it looks like the parts are not getting enough time to cool, I just keep adding parts until they come out. For me, the magic number is about 20+ bottles or tankards at a time. Hope that helps.

Ahh that makes sense now, once I'm done printing the corner of this bar I'll make sure the patrons have something to drink!

I was looking for exactly these items and this was the holy grail. Thank you.

Do you have the bartender and the bar itself?

Thanks! If you look at my other designs, you will find the bar. The bartender is a miniature from Reaper.

Awesome, thank again for making these

Printing this stuff all out now :) Any tips on painting bottles and tankards? I imagine there is a base coat then another color for highlights? And I am assuming there is a special technique when highlighting tankards and wine bottles to make them look really shiny? They look so wonderful in your photos :) Got most everything printed out now.. just need to print the bottles and tankards.

I base coat everything I print in cheap matte black spray paint. The Tankards are just one coat of Metallic grey or silver. The bottles are a coat of green and then a coat of gloss varnish after it is dry.

Wow, so simple thank you! What kind of gloss varnish do you use? I have some wood varnish here.

Really any kind of Gloss clear varnish will do. I like Polycrylic because it is water soluble, but I think I used something called Game Color, because it was in front of me at the time. It is all just degrees of the same thing.

How do you simplify the painting of the bottles and tankards? I am holding the bottles with my finger tips and having to paint half, then let dry and do other half.. Same for the gloss coat.

Do you print on a raft and do all the painting and pluck them off after?

No rafts. Take some masking tape, the wider the better. If you dont have 2" or 4" wide masking tape overlap some thinner strips to make a wider piece. Stick down all of you tankards on one piece and all the bottles on a separate piece of tape.

Spray paint all the pieces on the tape. When dry paint normally. When everything is done, peel the pieces off the tape.

Very clever McGyver :) I figured you had to use spray paint by the way :) By any chance, could you share which sprays you use for silver and green? Thank you :) Also I imagine you sprayed on the clear gloss as well ?

No, only the base coat (matte black) was spray painted. Everything else was painted with craft paints and bushes, including the gloss coat. The silver was just a metallic grey (maybe pewter?). The green was just a darkish green (maybe forest green?) It's hard to say, I mix almost all of my colors to get what I want. Browns are the only paint I have a variety of.

These pieces look fantastic. I'll start printing them out tonight! Thank you!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments and feedback! I really appreciate it.

Nice job Curufin. I am printing some wine bottles as I type this! Already printed a few of your tables. Excellent work!

Dang Man.. looks like a painting. Awesome!

realy realy cool.
i will print it soon and show you some pictures.

so nice work. i love it. thx 4 sharing :)

Awesome work, it looks magic.

Sweet! Awesome design!

Your timing is excellent for me as I was just thinking about something like this for my Hobbit hole!

nice collection; perfect for what I'll need to build out Brewhouse Bash in 3D!