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Ethernet Cable Runners - Screw Mount Type

by muzz64 Apr 8, 2016
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Thoughts on making ones with thicker screw tabs? or a 2nd one? I'm using the 16 one and already broke it once and had to reprint on the tab.

Just a ponderance, but how about a 2 screw hole version to fit a 19” rack 1U rack mount.

If you could do a 1, 2, and 3 rack unit version, it could be really handy to mount up the side of equipment in place of screw washers, or at the back of the rack for rear cables.

Thanks for your message

Yes creating a variation like this should be easy enough to do but I would need to see a rack to better understand how and where it mounts. When I have a physical thing to work with things like this are usually quick and easy... but unfortunately I don't. I'll ask the IT guys at my work if they have these and if they do I'm happy to do this but if not it will be a bit of a challenge.

I scaled up to 125% which is a perfect fit for CAT7 cables. Works great.

how much do I need to increase the size for cat 8 cables? Running them in the house to future proof the wiring

Thanks for your message. The standard Ethernet Cable Runner has a 5.75mm for each cable. Measure the diameter of the cable you want to use then divide the value into 5.75. That will tell you the amount to uniformly scale up by. For example... 7.5mm / 5.75mm = 130%. That should work out about right... but print one to check before doing lots.

I hope this helps

Thank you for the organized, labelled photo of the different parts. Thingiverse has always had a real problem with identifying which stl is which image. I complained years ago, and I never heard back. Making a diagram like this will (and I'm sure already has) save a ton of time for your users.

Does anyone know how much to scale these to fit cat 6 cables?

The hole through the standard size Ethernet cable runner is 5.75mm. The opening is 4mm. You can use the hole size to scale yours to suit. The problem is there are several varieties with slightly different diameters but, for example, you use 6.25mm the scaling is 6.25 / 5.75 x 1.087 (8.7%). Scaling uniformly is recommended. I hope this helps...

I found I needed to scale up 25% in the two dimensions that affect the hole size... no reason to scale up the thickness. Now I need to figure out how to eliminate the "elephant foot" effect, because a thin and sharp flange turns these into insulation strippers.

The instructions provided explain scaling up and that is required for some cables... as not all cables are the same. It sounds like you have CAT6, not the thinner standard Ethernet cables. If you scale up uniformly the edge shouldn't be as sharp as you describe... I haven't had any other reports of them doing this and thousands have been downloaded. I hope this helps....

I did not mean to imply that the elephant foot had anything to do with these designs or scaling them. It's a result of settings on my printer that I needed to learn to deal with. The elephant foot has been annoying on several things I've printed, because it makes the bottom edge sharp and uncomfortable to handle. For these clips, it's sharp enough to actually slice the cable insulation as I slide cables in and out. After fixing that, the holes are more open and I only needed to scale up 8 to 12 percent to fit CAT6 cables.

Comments deleted.

Great design, I am in the process of building a new wiring closet and these will be used profusely. I have a couple of thoughts...

1) Any plans to publish a parametric version? I have one run of 17 cables (of course) and it would be useful to generate custom configurations as needed.

2) If not, any chance you could put up a 20 cable version?

3) Any thoughts of adding a countersink to accommodate drywall screws which always seem to be in abundance? Perhaps adding some thickness to the mounting tab to compensate for the possible loss of strength?

Awesome work!

Thanks for you message and I'm pleased you like my designs.

Firstly I've just uploaded a 20 cable Screw Type file... ready fro you now. I increased the mount thickness a bit to help increase the strength because 20 cables is a lot... make sure you print them with 3 shells and very high infill so they last.

I recall thinking about countersunk when I first created these but was concerned about the head pulling through, particularly if people don't follow the recommended instructions and print them too weak/thin.... so yes it was a strength issue. However, I still wanted to keep the print time and filament consumption down as people value that. The result is always a compromise but hopefully will suit almost everyone.

I thought about parametric for future this and other similar designs but decided against it at the time because I didn't think the range would grow as it has (due to requests).I was also concerned that people would start making them too big and the mount would fail... I decided 16 was still a lot and the limit from a strength point of view. However, with a thicker mount on the 20 hopefully it's okay if printed with high infill (as above).

All the best

My pleasure... pleased my designs are being put to good use

Thanks for your message... pleased this was of use.

just looking something like this yesterday, had like 50 cables at the office that need something better than tape, sir you just made my day, thanks a lot