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Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mount

by TinkeringT Apr 3, 2016
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this look cool, anyone has made one for the V3 echo dot?

FYI for anyone printing this for a V1: I printed this on a Prusa i3 MK3 w/ nGEN (Amphora 3300) and it's a loose fit with the Echo Dot v1. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably shrink it by 1%, but I'll probably just install some internal padding to make it snug.

This seems like a really cool design. I have a version 1 Echo dot, is this exclusively for the version 2? Thanks!

There is both version 1 and 2. If you want version 1 Echo, which is slightly larger in diameter, I would pick the oldest file.

Nice! Can someone make an in wall flush mount for the echo?

I can make the retainer wall extend further up the Echo then add a face/flanges if you want? You know like you add an electrical outlet box. Is that what you mean? I supposed I could make it fit inside a 4-gang box profile.

Something like this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WketcqtQse8

Not sure how you remove the echo dot after inserting into his mount though...

I like how clean it is...

Hi, very nice, simple design.
Could you possibly create a V2 version that has the screw holes rotated 90 degrees? This would allow you to align the holes vertically (and still have the cord protrude out the bottom) and catch a wall stud with both screws, eliminating the need for drywall inserts.

Yea, I can a mod to the design. No problem! I am bit confused on what you are asking though. Can you draw it out some how? A very crude drawing works. Or try explaining it again

Sure, here is a pic. The mounting holes are rotated so that they line up with the cord hole.

Does v3 work for you? ;)

That looks perfect, thanks! I'm kicking off a print right now, I'll post a pic when it's done.

My understanding was that the Echo Dot uses beamforming on the plane of the ring to determine where you're speaking from for ambient noise reduction. This usually works well when the Dot is on a horizontal surface because rooms tend to be wider than they are tall, so noise sources are spread out horizontally. Because your thing mounts the Dot vertically on a wall, I'd guess that this makes it harder for Alexa to understand you in noisy environments.

Have you compared how easily Alexa understands you between having the Dot on a flat surface and having it mounted vertically?

I haven't had any noticeable performance issues with the wall mount, but you are probably correct. I have a small house and when I talk to my large Alexa in the living room, my wall mounted master bedroom Echo dot will still pick me up sometimes. This is a room down the hall... again I also have tile floors.

My wall mounted one in the garage seems to have no issues either. I believe the mic is on the top surface, not being covered in anyways.

long story short, I haven't noticed any issues.

anyone able to print without support? i need to print 5 and the first one is crazy hard to clear of all the support material....

I printed it on my Replicator 2 without supports or raft. I only had one single strand out of place while printing over the large plug and headphone hole. All the smaller openings along the bottom edge turned out fine.

Thanks! I just tried your basev2echofillet.stl and it works great with my white echo v2!

Hey halcyon, I've been printing a few of these and someone has asked about countersinking the mounting screw holes. Are you OK with me remixing the STL for the V2 to add in some countersink fillets to the holes. Also want to add in a support structure to the main cable opening as my printer is struggling to bridge the curve without making a straight line?

Thought i'd ask first rather than take your design!


Sure go ahead a remix it, if you post it link to my thing. Thanks for asking permission.

I just whipped up a design with a .1" counter sink for a common #8 drywall screw. If you do choose to anchor with a screw be sure you sand your compression ring down enough to get your Dot back out to gain access to the screws. If use nails you can pull it out from the wall and press the Dot out with your fingers.

Thanks halcyon, nice to get permission first and not go off and claim it all for my own!!



Thanks for posting the V2 so quickly! Printed and works great! Tipped you $3. Thanks again.

Did you have to do any cleanup on yours? I found the V2 was too tight to get the Dot in more than a few mils and I had to ream it out with a dremel.

I use a low grit sandpaper to make a tolerance. Some people like it supertight so they can hang it inverted on the ceiling.

Yeah, I figured. It's just a lot more snug on the Gen 2 Dot than your first one was on the Gen 1 dot. As long as you're aware of it, I'm happy with the design. Thanks for your good work and incredibly fast response time.

You're welcome. I would imagine you could also scaled the design up by 1% that would give you some more tolerance too.

Thanks for the tip!

Awesome! I was hoping someone could verify this print for me. Enjoy!

Anyone else try this with V2? I would donate a couple dollars for a V2 version.

A new file has been uploaded for the V2 echo, Thanks!

I'm not sure if the V2 Dots are a bit smaller or what, but the one I got today is about 1/8" smaller than the opening on the mount I printed last night...

I made the inner ring tighter by 1/8" let me know how it works out! I'm getting my echo v2 Monday.

Great! I'll give it a try this evening.

Can confirm, it's a little too big to compression fit the new Echo Dot. Until someone with more time and talent than me creates a new version for the Gen 2 Dot, though, you could very easily make the current design work with some foam tape around the inside of the wall mount - maybe something like this: https://www.amazon.com/DiversiTech-6-9718-Foam-Insulation-Black/dp/B00SYQ3VNA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1477156429&sr=8-4&keywords=foam+tape

Comments deleted.

Great design, thank you!

Has anyone tried ceiling mounting this?

It works fine for ceiling mount. The size makes for a very very tight fit. I did not print mine originally, I bought it from ebay. The fit is so tight that the item came with sandpaper to file the inside down to assure a good fit. Mine has been ceiling mounted and working great for over a month now.

it would fall right out :-/ I was thinking about the same thing but adhesive won't do well at the bottom since the Dot has a silicone/rubber base. There needs to be a mod for this that includes clips if it were to be ceiling mounted.

What material would you recommend printing this in? Would probably want to print it in black to match the Echo as best as possible and since it would be in a high visibility spot in my house, which material has the best looking finish?