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Knurling bolt and nut

by akira3dp0 Apr 2, 2016
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I love the knurl, going to borrow that. Thanks for the YouTube video!

I am looking forward to your wonderful work.

My nut doesn't turn nicely on the bolt? Any suggestions?

Printed at 40% density

Speed 20 mm/s

Ender 3

I used .2mm layer thickness, 20mm/s and 40%, and yes I used a fan.

Thank you for your comment.
What is the thickness of the layer?
If the thickness is large, the edge of the screw will sag and the nut will become too tight.
Please try printing with a small layer thickness.
Or did you use a fan?

First attempt to print threads, had no idea what to expect. Gotta say these really came out great, threads on smooth and easily, PLA @ .2 layers and 30% cubic infill. Thanks for the awesome model and tutorials!!

I’m glad to hear that. Thanks!

Did you use any supports on the threads ?

I did not use supports. If you can not print nicely with no support, try your slicer setting the layer smaller.

Great design!
I would love to see a slimmer nut and a 140mm bolt!!
Greetings from Vienna!

There are original data files of Autodesk Fusion 360 (.f3d).
So you can change these as you want.

Thank you, I didnt notice!

I printed a couple of bolts & nuts. Nuts turned with a little resistance but seemed fine. But, after fiddling with them the threaded shaft broke off at the base of the knurling with very little pressure. Is there something to change in the slicer to make it stronger?

There is no curved surface between head and threaded shaft (sorry I do not know the name.) So I think that is a weak part.
How about your printing more fill density or less speed for strengthen the adhesion of each layers.
You can also add some curved surface the model of the nut on Fusion 360 that I uploaded.

I printed your 3D model and if fitting very well. Is it possible for you to send me your 3D model on.step? I am currently working on a product with thread, and I want to re use profile. Thanks you.

I uploaded .f3d and .step files in the Things files.

What is the tolerance between the nut and bolt? Like, how much distance is between them when they are screwed together? Thanks for the tutorial video by the way.

The tolerance is about 0.2mm. Please look at an attached image or last thumbnail image of this Things. Only measured on 3d cad. Thanks.

What are the tolerances?

Sorry, I can't understand your question. Do you want to know a toleranse class?

This is a great model... I've been using these in my classroom as a as a reward item. My students love them. Printed at 100, 150, and 200%. I'm going to try 600% soon. Thank you for making this...

I am so happy that they love this. Thank you!

Thanks so much for making this model, this is seriously one of the best models on Thingiverse and really showcases how awesome 3D printing is. It prints off beautifully on my Monoprice Select Mini v2. Everyone I show this print to can't believe I printed and swear it was mass produced by a company. The most impressive part of this model is the detail on knurling and thread pitch. Everyone needs to print this model.

Thank you very much. I'm glad to hear that!

Can you make some other sizes, like M10 ?

It is easy for you to make this. Because I was able to do it.
Please watch my Youtube video "how to making a knurling on Fusion 360 Modeling a knurling on Autodesk Fusion 360"
Or some modeling video about knurling.

Hello, I am new on this, please help.
When I tried to convert the mesh into a solid object (123D Design) an error appeared saying that the operation was not possible because the mesh was opened. Can someone provide the 20mm bolt version and nut as a solid object please?

Try using Meshmixer to convert the mesh to solid.
See here: https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/thread/converting-123d-design-stl-mesh-solid
I was able to do it.

Hi would it be possible to make a bolt and nut the same base size but with thread that would fit a 8mm hole please ?

Thank you! Thank you! Was able to scale to perfectly match a bolt that I would never had been able to replace.

I'm glad to hear that.

great thing, prints easy and superb fit - thanks!

I'm so glad to hear that. Thanks!

myCR 10 came with a Gcode for this. but the .stl was corrupted. thanks, ill put these files to good use!!!!!

This is wonderful! Thank you so much for the effort! Truly inspired me today!

Thank you so much, Steevie77!!

Just in case anyone reads my comment below re: wood filaments - stay away from the Robo 3D filament. It is trash. As in I literally just threw almost an entire kilogram in the trash can. It consistently snaps during printing. So unless you have a filament sensor or are prepared to watch the entire print like a hawk, it's worthless. Was kept in a sealed vacuum bag with desiccant packets.

It doesn't snap because of a snagged reel or anything, you can even gently unspool it from the reel and it will periodically just break off. Useless.

Oh,it's a pity.

It is, but I have to say the MG Chemicals (also available on Amazon) is pretty good, I just ordered a second spool. I'd like to try the ColorFabb and Hatchbox but they are a good bit more expensive. One day!

It's great to see how many folks are printing and enjoying your great model!

Thank you for more information of filament.
I am interested in the ColorFabb filament too, and Fillamentum.
Thank you for your compliment. I'm so glad to hear that.

I just printed it at regular scale and it fit perfectly! And I only have a $200 printer works well!

Thanks, ZoruxTV!
Please upload the photo of your bolt and nut.

Hiii printed in same scale but nut is not fitting on bolt. looks like my nut is printed small.

Hi varsil.
I made these models according to ISO. But these may be slight tight for 3d printing.
Plese adjast the scale of nut, or change the flowrate of your 3dprinter.

thanks, used it to make a usb drive keychain


Wow! It is amazing and so cute.

Very cool!! Looks like professional screw and nut.

Thank you so much!

Would it print ok scaled down to 0.7

Yes of course. Please try printing with various scales. Have a fun!!

What scale did you change either the nut or bolt to fit into each other nicely?

I didn't change the scale. It is perfect for the original size.

I love these so much!!!!! thank you so much!

Thank you for making many bolts and nuts.

Thank you. I'm new to 3d printing. I have a MP Select v2 and printing with PLA. Does a design like this need a raft? Thank you.

Also, do you have temperature recommendations? The software is using 195/50 by default.


Thanks for your comment.
I didn't use a raft for this model and other models. But many people prefer using a raft.
I like lower temperature around 175 degrees, because I think that the overhang was printed beautiful. But The optimum temperature depends on the filament you use.
Please try to print with the various conditions.

Thank you. I ended up printing this with a raft at 195/50 and it came out great. The threads are a little tight, but other than that it looks great. I may try again without a raft and making the nut just slightly larger.

I love this thing! I'm (very) late to the 3D printing game, mostly printing things from here while I get used to setup and slicer settings. Printed a couple in plain old PLA, first one was no good (totally my fault - bad slicer settings). The second was nice, and when I realized how much fun the 20mm version was as a fidget toy I printed one out in wood PLA with 100% infill for weight, and it was great. The wood filament I bought was disappointing (just like beige plastic really), so I bought another brand which is on the printer now and looks (and smells) much better. I like it much better than ball bearing fidget toys. I'll post some pics later.

Anyway, thanks for the model, and also for the how-to video. I'm learning Fusion after knowing 3DS Max years ago, and it was really helpful.

Thank you so much for your comment. I am looking forward to your making things. Can you tell me which wood filament you use and show me it.
The functions of Fusion 360 continue to improve greatly. I think there is better way, please try looking it.

Hi, sorry for slow reply! I tried Robo 3D first (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0142PHGPK) and then MG Chemicals (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B018MG4SFQ). To be honest, after the prints were all done there's not much difference, the MG smelled a little more woodlike while printing, but they both came out more plasticky than wood-like. Not too surprising, I guess. I imagine sanding and staining would help. They are both nicely heavy when printed at 100% infill. I'll add a couple of pics in "I Made It". Think I'm off to buy a Wanhao today - want that bigger build plate that the Monprice Mini I have now.

Fusion learning is coming along, it's an amazing piece of software!



Thank you for your comment and impression of wood filament.
I will try printing with wood filament!

Nice job. I scaled the nut to 30.5mm both x and y axis and it fits the bolt better.

Between the bolt and nut printed original size with my printer is smooth.
I would appreciate it if you could change some setting and print again.

I actually used your video to do some knurled components before ever finding this post!

What would be really cool would to be able to get different M sizes for the bolts and nuts.

I am glad that my Youtube video was useful for you.
The difference of M sizes between bolt and nut was calculated automatically by Autodesk Fusion 360.
So the size of the base cylinder for bolt and hole for nut are same.

I understand the difference in the nut/bolt size. What I meant is that the bolt/nut are M15 size, it would be nice to be able to make them in different sizes. So let's say I need M6 size, it would be great to be able to specify and do it.

Anyway these are really good.

Oops, I am sorry for making some mistake. English is difficult for me.
OK, I will make the bolt and nut you want.

Thanks, my pleasure!

Work really well, thank you!

Thanks, JorgTheElder !

Mr. Akira,

If it is not too difficult, would appreciate if you can make 40mm, 50mm and 60mm models.

Thanks and regards,

OK, I did. Here you go!

Oh Great! Thank you very very very much Akira-san.


A little tight in ABS but printed nice none the less.
.2mm layers on a Makerfarm i3 8"

Print out, they are beautiful and clean looking, well done

Thanks wwwayne! Your avatar icon is so nice.

Is petg filament high hardness?

I dont know if it is hard against diamond or chalk, but I can tell that it has a high resistance to flex :D

This is really nice and the how-to video is super-interesting! I have been wondering how to make these simple repeating patters (like the grip outside of the nut) and threads.

Thank you so much, timppajee! I had same wonder like you. I saw the how-to video about making a knurling bolt on anoter 3Dcad Solid Works, on YouTube. But it is some difficutlty on Fusion 360. So I had thought making it on Fusion 360 by trial and error. But making Threads on Fusion 360 is easy.

Printed it in PLA and everything looks fine, though the bolt is slightly too large to fit into the nut.

Any idea what could be causing this?

.2 layer height at 2400mm/min

Umm, I have no idea.
Now I add the bolt that screw length is same as the nut.
Thanks Electrichammer!

Figured out why it wasn't working (along with many other prints that had to fit together!).

Turns our for some reason Simplify3D was adding about a 1mm thickness to all my prints. Still don't know why, though works well through any other slicer.


Oops, I misunderstood your comment.
I think the extrusion rates of filament on your 3dprinter is little big. So the extruded filament from a nozzle is more fat than the nozzle diameter. As a result, the bolt is slightly too large and the hole of nut is slightly too small.
Please check and calibrate about your 3dprinter, one is a feedrate of steppermotor for extruder on your firmware, another is a extrution multiplier of your slicer.

Wow, what printer have you used? :D!

Prusa Mendel i2 I built ;-)

Awesome quality! I love it, I built a prusa i3, but the quality is poor, is too far away from yours prints quality, can you tell me about your printer settings? nozzle diameter, layer height, speed, thanks!

Thanks your comment.
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm, layer height: 0.1mm, print speed: 50mm/s (outer shell speed:40mm/s).
I think lower nozzle temparature is better. I set 200-210˚c for ABS filament.
And turn cooling fan on.
There are so many small overhangs, so thinner layer make printing more beautiful.
Good printing, ea00d009!!

Cooling fan on using ABS? but how avoid the warping problems or splitting layers? I'm sorry about my basic english... thanks!

Sorry, we may not to cooling for ABS filaments. But I always turn fan on.
There is no warping and splitting, because I have calibrated my printer, especially about a distance from nozzle to bed, filament extrude rate. Oh I use glue stick for a glass on the heated bed. And if I print the model shape that will wrap, I use brim.