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Dragon Door Knocker

by Shira Apr 6, 2016
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This is AMAZING! What a fantastic work of art you have created!!!

went to revisit this model as it failed in the passed and thinking i was a noob id try again. the dragon with supports still fails miserably and my ender 3 is fully calibrated and ive successfully printed hundreds of other even more complicated models. not sure why yours fails but the supports for the horns are off by a layer or two when i check layer view in s3d or cura. i guess i could try your nonsupported version and add my own supports in s3d. otherwise this is a major pass for me.

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Incredible! Just Incredible! Love this.

Un lavoro magnifico, uno dei migliori che ho visto qui su Thinverse. Complimenti !!!
Cosa hai usato per realizzare l'occhio? Grazie

A magnificent work, one of the best I've seen on Thinverse. Congratulations !!!
What did you use to make the eye? Thank you

superbe!!!!une déco de porte ultra détaillée
bravo pour les vidéos qui complete la réalisation,merci

Hello, thanks for all. Son is happy !

Please what does the "tamiz" for?


Comments deleted.

Magnifico diseño, y el detalle de hacernos los soportes me ahorro tiempo de impresión, trabajo de post-impresión y mejor resultado final, solo añadir que hay que utilizar PLA de calidad, si no los soportes se caen, yo lo realice al 85% con respecto al tamaño original, gracias por este placer para la vista, ahora toca darle color.

Gracias Maestra por tus diseños. Este dragón ha hecho subir el valor de mi modesta Anycubic Kossell Pulley. Incluso callendose el soporte de los cuernos, la impresión ha quedado exquisita. Repito, Gracias Maestra.

Very nice, i made one

how big a bed is needed to print this full size?

Omg how are people making models like this

Comments deleted.

The support for the horns is up by 1 layer so it will fail. Can someone fix this? On my cr-10s the horn supports start at .4mm not .2mm where it should.

I fixed it by setting the first layer heigt to .3mm.

I'll have to try this! Thank you.

I noticed this as well when I sliced it in S3D. I'm using a CR-10 and it shows it as "bridging" 1 layer above the bottom one.

This is amazing, I think im going to make it and use an Arduino Nano to motorize the eyes to look around and at the person who knocks on the door!

Model w/ supports has issues. On the left hand side there is a vertical beam that continually falls over because at its base it doesnt connect to the little squiggly lines like it does on the right hand side. Ive had this print fail on my 3x in a row 10 hours in smh.

hello love this design.. but the ring is too small for it to work as a functional door knocker and update with a bigger ring or may be with out the ring and a bigger ring separate that can be printed first then either dropped into the main print after most of the mouth is printed or maybe print in two pieces then glue together when installing would be great


Tried printing this at about 73% on my maker select. I sliced it with Cura. After about 11 hours, it became apparent that Cura didn't slice it right (at least not for me). You can see here what it didn't do: http://imgur.com/Tm80TAD

I selected the layer view in Cura and moved up the layers and noticed that when it got to the part where it should be making more of the support on the knocker part, it was only filling in the middle. It did this with both the support files (I was printing the one with support, eyes separate). It was sad having to hit cancel after about 12 1/2 hours.

Wonderful, what kind of PLA?

Comments deleted.

Beautiful design! Thank you!

Absolutely incredible!! Thank you for sharing!!

awesome!!!! I am so doing this and adding some electronics so when some one comes by it moves the eyes :-)

Amazing. I just wish there was a copy of the design without the supports so my slicer could generate easily removable supports.

you should put a hole in the back and fill it with plaster of paris, let that set up. Gives it a more solid feel

When i spliced the support for the horns disappeared...has this happened with any one else...

Looks amazing..

How long would this take to print?

Also what tools did u use it post production?

How to attach on the door? Anyone, please tell me.

You can hang with double-sided tape, with hot silicone, or you can make a small hole inside. as in this video, I do it with a soldering iron (min 6:34) : https://youtu.be/FT5sFznu85E

This thing is so awesome. The knocker part got a little messed up with the file with included supports, but I also didn't add any extra support. Still looks amazing. And, I could always try and make the knocker look more rusted in the area that didn't come out as smooth.

Here's a time-lapse of the print on the Taz 6:


¡¡Es realmente impresionante!! Eres una diseñadora increible, muchas gracias por compartirlo, tanto el modelo como los videos explicativos.

Muchas gracias Bibiana : )

A suggestion. Could you do this without the horns. leave a socket or flat surface and then the horns as seperate objects. THIS will fit on a maker select wanhao i3 8x8x7 bed if not for the horns (just barely without having to scale it down)

if the horns were seperate.....

also maybe one without the knocker at all. maybe get a metal knocker and "insert" it mid print. an idea.....

drill a hole where the knocker hits and insert a hunk of metal file it down and you will have a nice sounding AND nice looking knocker!

Just need those horns seperate. I am going to try and do it myself but I have only limited skills for such things.

How long did it take you to create this? The design, not the printing time. Thanks.

P.S. It looks amazing :)

About 13 hours

It is difficult to calculate, maybe 40h-50h.

It is difficult to calculate, maybe 40h-50h.

hands down 1 of the coolest things i found here, nice job

ok can some one tell me settings for the makerfarm I3v 12 using sli3r. I keep trying and it reads for over an hour and still dosn't complete. I want this dragon, Or tell me a slicer that will work with it and that settings for that slicer

Try Cura really good free slicer

I'm printing mine now at 75% size. ETA 23 hours to complete. Hope it comes out :)

Beautiful model and great finishing work! What grit sandpaper did you use? I'm worried I'll be too aggressive and remove the resin...

The weathering technique looks amazing! After you are done with that it really looks like old iron. Really inspiring!

Enhorabuena por tu trabajo, me parece que te lo estás currando mucho y en el mundo de la impresión 3D artística estás realizando un gran trabajo.
un saludo y un abrazo muy fuerte.

Muchas gracias David ^^ . Saludos

That XTC shell looks absolutely stunning on red or blue Tglase.

Nice! I would love to cast this in aluminum or brass.

look up "lost PLA" casting, their are companies out there that can do it :)

Companies? You can do it yourself in aluminum in the back yard for 30 bucks in parts. Step up to the plate, you're a maker.

That's rich coming from someone who has only uploaded 1 make in a year.

I'm in the process of building a back yard furnace. Can't wait to see how it comes out!

Absolute great work. Really cool. Or let me say in my language: "Wirklich grossartige Arbeit!"

can someone make a file smaller than 50 mb thats as big as my printer will go

Cool ! It 3d file is use ZBrush to design?

I used Blender and sculptris.

Congratz, awesome job!

What speed setting did you use to print it on the WB2, Shira?

The outer layer 40 mm/s and the inner layers 60 mm/s

Eres una verdadera artista!!
You are an amazing artist!!
Congrats on being featured!

Muchas gracias!!

What are the 1 final files in the photos? They don't look like the dragon at all

As always, an amazing job, congrats.

Thank you very much everyone, I'm really happy that you like : D

Really long time waiting for such featured cool thing. Well done!

This is awesome! I think I'm going to print one to put onto the door of my workshop. My one question is how well does it actually work as a knocker? Is it very loud?

Not loud, but you can add some striker brass under the clapper and the handle and it helps it sound like a chunk of metal.

The sound is crashing plastic. It does not sound like it should sound .... maybe using metal filament.

Yeah, I didn't expect it to sound like a true metal door knocker. My question is more of how loud is it from the other side of the door? Is it audible?

Yes, it works, but you have to print in large size. The sound leaves much to be desired... But still, everyone will want to knock on your door : )

Maybe put a metal ring on the knocker ring and another piece of metal where the knocker hits. Might enhance the sound some.

Yes, that's a good idea!

Whats that tool used at the start? Kind of looks like a soldering iron.

I do believe that is what it was. I use one to smooth out bumps made in some prints as well.

Nice you did an amazing job. Love it


Muy buen trabajo!! Espectacular el diseño del dragón e impresionante el acabado!

Wow. Just wow. I have a gothic style door that this would look amazing on. :) Tempted... :)

Stunningly gorgeous!

Don't know as I'd want one on my front door all the time (though it might cut down on the number of Bible-thumpers knocking). However, methinks it might be good for Halloween... toying with embedding some electronics to provide a less mundane sounding knock... :-)

That would be great!!! : D

Hmm... (thinking out loud) Maybe for "everyday", have a hidden proximity sensor triggering the Dragon's voice to say something like "If thou art a peddler of religion, be gone from here! Otherwise, knock, and thou might receiveth attention." On Halloween, kill the preceding phrase, and have the sensor in the knocker trigger a booming, lights flashing, etc. (plus something inside to make sure I know I have trick-or-treaters).

Nice to think about, but I likely won't get around to doing it...

Hi Shira. This is aawesome job!!! PURE ART!!! Thanks for shareing!!!
I have a question: you printed it at a 0.2 layer resolution. You use the resin for hideing the layers beside of course to make the iron powder sticks? Because the dragon at the begining of the video looks so smooth, are before aplying the resing you sand it?
Again, AWESOME work!!!!

At the begining the dragon look so smooth because it is a large piece, I have not used anything to smooth. Then when the resin is applied with the iron powder print layers disappear.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it

I was thinking that perhaps you could use the 3D printer to make a copy in beeswax, then use the lost wax process to turn it into bronze.

yes, I have in mind to do that soon, but with a smaller model.

This is a fantastic model! I can't wait to print one up.

Thanks for including that fantastic finishing tutorial. And the model is fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to giving this a try.

I will print one on our Stacker3d

I just printed it in miniature and will post photos when I have finished cleaning it up and painting it. I LOVE this (thank you so much for contributing it to thingiverse!) and I will check to see if it will fit on my little M3D printer so I can print full size.

Great! I`ll love to see the picture

fantastic model! I will be printing this as soon as I have enough time freed up to do a large print! ^_^ I was curious, for the post production why is it that you chose to paint on the oxidizer as opposed to spraying it on?

Thanks you
This product is highly oxidizing. If I use a spray and I would have to sand the surface to remove excess oxide.

Are you using a Soldering station to smooth the Print?

Yes, it is very handy and easy to use.

I just got a Multi-use soldering tool that has many different tips and a temperature adjustment. On sale at Amazon and my first trial with it was excellent. I had problems with soldering iron getting too hot so this is great. Has a hot knife tool that will be wonderful for my tiny miniature prints that are often too delicate for regular blade.

Fantastic! it is very good that it can control the temperature, and have different tips

Nice! Never thought of that! :D

Hello Shira, do you think it's possible for you to add a separate eyes version with your supports ?

yes, I'll prepare it and I'll upload as soon as possible

Thanks a lot Shira.

Already it is uploaded : )

Whoooooooo, Really, really amazing ! I will print this one as sone as I can !

Have you seen electroplated 3d prints? This would be a great candidate.
Love your designs


Thanks for letting me know, I'll look

I added another file with separate eyes. And other files I've joined the eyes to avoid problems

Thanks, I am glad you like

This is a really impressive model. Great finishing video as well very helpful.

I notice while inspecting the model that the eyes seem to not be connected to the model. This is fine, I intended on cutting the eyes loose and printing them separately for lighted eyes, but did you have any problem with the eyes printed as-is? Looks like they would be loose or tend to break free easily. I expect they are held in by retraction stringing and the fact that the two perimeters are printed very close together.

Yes, the eyes are not connected. I have not had problems with them, but I can to approximate more if you need.

That is a great idea and a beautiful sculpt. I love the inclusion of a post production procedure video.

Amazing work! Awesome!

That is amazingly brilliant !! And such a well executed finish!! Great work!!