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*UPDATED* semi-removable 2-in-1 fan duct

by theSTD Mar 29, 2016
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I have finally got around to fixing the models, the two parts should fit together better now. I have also added holes for M3 screws to be threaded into part B to hold the two pieces together.

Part B V2.0 has no tolerance between the pieces so may be a bit tight, V2.1 has a -0.3mm tolerance on it so should fit easily, depending on your printers accuracy.

Has anyone made a version for a Volcano hot end?

I don't get all these complaints. Here it printed great, fitted perfectly, works wonderfully and it proved to be very practical and compact. It was a brilliant idea and masterful implementation. Stop whining, people, or at least check your print settings if you printed it wrong.

Granted, I had one complaint myself. I thought the base of the ducts too thin, I thickened them a little in Blender. After I printed them I also vapor-smoothed them with acetone to make air passage tighter and better.

this doesn't fit together.

Try the new version, it should fit together better.

Thanks for providing the CAD file as well !!!!

Printed it in petg and the result is nice Ihad to remove .2 mm from the 3D model on the part that snap in the other

"From i've learned, you can't blow the first layer because..................So I think It should go 1 blower permanently on heatsink and another passed 1 layer"

100% correct

I'trying to make a constructive comment but only text is hard to see. From i've learned, you can't blow the first layer because it warps and badly sticks to the heatbed.so If you permanently use this blower on, the first layer would be ruined. Otherwise if you atach this to the PWM controller and wait until first layer is done, It won't cool the heatsink so if your parts are 3d printed it will be melted down and ruined too. So I think It should go 1 blower permanently on heatsink and another passed 1 layer. Sorry about my english

Interesting idea, badly executed. I'm not sure how the two parts are supposed to snap together - but even if I file things down so it may "fit" I doubt it would stay put during prints. But having a two fan solution is interesting indeed - I'll keep looking.

Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the files. The new version should be much more functional.

Hello, great piece!!! Could it be possible for you to make it also to fit a 40mm fan? meaning the fan to cool the E3D... Thanks.

Hi, I really like the idea of combining the two Fans. I like to make minor changes to it (using magnets or screws instead of glueing or molding). Could you upload the parts in step or iges format for easier editing?

I made one in PET.
After some sanding it fitted nicely. I glued them with some PET and use the FAN output to control the speed of the 40mm FAN.

Hi! I like your design, but the two parts doesn't fit together very well for me. Is it possible to combine this two parts? Would be great!

You need to screw one part on the 30mm fan first. If they are combined in one single piece, you can't reach these screws anymore...

Thanks! I plastic welded the pieces together with a soldering iron and it works perfectly

i just printed it and mounted it on my printer, the bottom of part A came out a bit weird due to an extruder issue which may have been a good thing in the end as i could trim a few bits away to make it fit better.
I ended up gluing the two pieces together and wiring the 40mm fan to a switch so I can turn it off and on when needed.
I wrapped the closest parts to the hot end in a few layers of kapton tape to try avoid melting the PLA however i would recomend printing it in ABS if possible.

Thank you for your design ! In therory, I love it ! :)

Printed in PLA, but not tested yet. It will need a bit of sanding to fit but not too much to keep enough friction.

My only question is : Will it not make too much sound with the two fans following ?

Thanks again, I'll keep you informed about my use of this Thing.

Kind regards from France.

ps : You should write in the description that it is to fit a 40mm fan.

Sanded it but it wasn't really nice fit.
I think you may try to print it and make some changes.

Maybe you can upload the source files because I think it may be a good thing to add some magnets.

I'm printing it now to see what I can do to improve it. I'll see what it looks like and make a few changes if necessary, then upload the source files.

Magnets could be a good idea, or just glue the parts together and run the 30mm fan directly off the 12v power supply, and the 40mm through the control board. That way you could still turn parts cooling off if necessary but you wouldnt be able to remove the cooling shroud.

Have you tried printing this? I printed with abs and both parts don't fit. I may have to sand the parts a bit.

Same thing here =(

I see the 40mm cooling fan is removable. What keeps the two parts from popping apart during use?


In theory friction, however I am yet to test it. I may add some tabs to the model if friction isn't enough to hold it.

friction works great, just use a good sharp knife to remove some excesses and you should be fine, also printed in PLA and it looks great waiting on the 40mm fan tomorrow and will set everything up.

good luck! :)