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Master Sword (Full Size) - Legend of Zelda

by ChaosCoreTech Mar 28, 2016
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any chance on getting the handle with no 3d modeled wrap? id like to wrap it with my own.

hi, it's possible to publish the guard and handle stl in 1 stl for print on de large printer, please. i don't combine with fusion i have a lots of error. thx nicolas

Very good job of this twilight princess's version of the master sword ! have you do the hylian shield ? or a version of breath of the wild mastersword ?

Does this master sword fit the sheath you made

Comments deleted.

I had to print it with supports. 0.2 layer height made it print mid air and make loops.

Comments deleted.

How big of a print bed is needed for this to be full size?

Any chance you can upload the full size uncut one? Or the F360 file? I'd love to print this with long rods running all the way through it.

Can anyone report on the balance? I want to make it well balanced cause it'll be easier to 'wield' (read: pose and swing around for fun) if its actually properly balanced. should be fairly easy to mess around with infill to move the balance up or down as needed, but if someone's already done it that would save me the effort

There's a problem with the file "pomel_edit_no_wrap", there's a missing chunk on the file :/

i cant make the guard to work on my printer and i have a flash forge creater pro can some one help and i use thinkercad and astroprint can sonone help me please

I designed a pedestal for your sword: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2916315

Master Sword Triforce Pedestal Stand (Breath of The Wild) (Light-Up)

what is the Correct assembly Pommel, Handle and Guard and than?
Why you rename the Files in Part 1-10?
and what ist Forte and Foible?

Thanks for Helping me.

Correct order of the parts:


Alles vom Griff bis zur Mitte ist Forte, der stärkere, defensive Teil.
Foible ist alles von der Mitte bis zur Spitze, der schwächere, dafür schnellere und schärfere Teil.

Kurz gesagt: Begrifflichkeiten. Hat nichts mit dem Modell an sich zu tun ...

Ah okay Thanks.

Danke dir. ^_^
Nun kann ich endlich weiter drucken.

Would it be possible for you to edit foible 2 to have a rounded instead of pointed tip? The model is fantastic, however I'd like to use the sword at Cons, and the tip may disqualify it. I'm just not skilled enough in any editing tools to make this change. Thanks!

Many cons will allow it so long as it is sheathed. This designer was gracious enough to design us an awesome sheath as well. :)

what about the shell thickness?

How many pins total do I need to print?

Sensational model btw. Making a childhood dream come true for this 36 year old. Man, if only 3D printers existed when I was a kid...

I am trying to print this but part Forte_1 is not a whole piece. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so how did they fix it. Thanks

you could run it through make printable if you dont have 3D builder

a number of these files have errors in them. If you have windows 10 open them in 3d builder and allow it to fix them.

i am trying to print the file, but 2 parts of the blade are thicker then the other two. i just checked it in tinkercad: the files dont match together! please make sure all files match, BEFORE printing!

i was stupid to make a bad comment before printing all the parts. model works fine. i had to try the guard 4 times. now its painted and looks great.

Hello, Could you split number 5 in half because it is to big to print on my printer and I've tried splitting it but it doesn't seem to work for me. Thank You.

you can download a program called meshmixer and split any model any way you'd like

I am also wondering like maxodactyl if we could get the SLT of the entire sword assembled. Thanks!!!! This looks great.

This is really awesome model for the master sword. I really love this sword so much.
Thank you for making and sharing this wonderful model.
I gonna make one soon.

P.s. I know you from Youtube and your channel so awesome. Can't wait to see your work.

Awesome job! Looks really great printed out.

Could you post the entire STL assembled?

REMIX - Fully assembled master sword (nearly 1100mm tall!)

I know the blade is hollow. Has anybody tried or thought of filling it with something to give it more weight / make it more solid?

im planning on editing it so i cand have metal rods holding it togeather

the forte_1 is not mainfold
i am using repetier and the file is not slicing (the slice fail)

i do not test the others, nut it is fair do make sure the others is working

What was used to slice these? Slicer has all kinds of difficulties with it. Two failed prints on Handle and Forte_1 using Slicer.

try sliceing Guard with Prusa3D Slic3r MK2 and got a hole in it can you fix it plz

I got the same thing....loaded it in CURA and sliced fine. I have ran into this before and not sure why this happens.

I'm curious, is it possible to do some remodel work? I noticed that the wings on the guard protrude through the arms of the quillons.

Was also wondering if ya could make a Skyward Sword variant? As in: without the detailed curves between the jewel and over the blade? I'm kind of an OCD freak when it comes to accuracy and being that this model is based off of Twilight Princess iteration.

I only ask these requests since I'm unable to remove/fix these problems myself since I'm inexperienced with the whole STL models.

This is very high quality. I absolutely love it! I do have one question though... is the sword in pieces rather then one whole object?

What are the dimensions of the sword?

Could you help me with the handle colour please? :)

its purple

HTML code: #403F8C
RGB code: R: 64 G: 63 B: 140
HSV: 240.78° 55% 54.9%

I would like to know which speed you have configured on your R1, which minimum and maximum?
Thank you


is it posible to upload the sword as one piece?


the handle isn't water tight

In what order from top to bottom does it go together

anybody got a rough guess on how much filament is need to print this?

Very late to this party: @thebeastgoeson I've printed 5 of the 8 pieces at .2 res on my Prusa i3 Mk2 and I'm maybe 1/4 of a way through my 1kg roll?

How long is the blade?
Awesome sword!!

Great work Chaos, ill post mine one complete! all printed great, assembling and finish work now.

Can't wait to see it! :)

Sorry about that, I must've missed that file when adding these. I've added it now. My apologies.

Awesome, can't wait to make this!

Best sword I've seen to date! You gotta do the shield next! lol

Thank you very much! I just added the sheath to it as well. :)

And I'll definitely add the shield to my list!

Seriously... Please do the shield next... 0_o


make the shield from pink rigid foam! its easy as pie, some sanding paper and the proper contact cement
coat it in resin or fiberglass and use chrome auto motive paint
this guys blog is awesome