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Roach Trap...Reusable trap to catch and kill cockroaches

by muzz64 Mar 27, 2016
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I have printed several of these and the cockroaches simply pass them by. I really like the design I had to print bigger, I think your trap should have holes so that the smell of the bait will attract more to the cockroaches.

The key is to find what attracts roaches in your area. Also, my understanding is that they can be quite habitual so commonly stick to their beaten track... get the trap with the right bait in it and left in their path and they should work fine.

I hope his helps.

One night I heard a strange noise I did not know what it was, I approached that noise and surprise was a cockroach trying to escape the trap! As it was very late I left it there, so in the morning I would take video of what I captured. But in the morning the cockroach was gone, so the cockroach escaped!

sounds unusual.... once they are inside there is no way out unless (1) they are so big they can climb out so can overcome the height back up to the internal tunnel, (b) they climbed on bait that had somehow got in a position it could be used as a step to get out, (c) the trap was tipped over or (d) they somehow managed to raise the door unknowingly. However it happened that is unusual. Printing it larger would probably overcome the likelihood of most of these occurring.

I have roach pets, they are 3-4 cm long and will grow up to being 7cm long. :D

I'd suggest popping the roach trap in the freezer over drowning or spraying them. Cheaper, and you won't need to wash anything afterwards.

I am having issues printing this. for some odd reason, when i attempt to print it, the printer is somehow printing the layers "more loose" thank it's supposed to. I.E., the layers aren't adhering to each other. The trap feels "spongy". i have attempted prints of other objects, and they print just fine using exactly the same settings i have in cura. Due to this, i have reasons to believe that it has to do with the STL itself. I am also scaling this up just a little bit.

I found this particularly interesting because recently here in Louisiana, we had a flood which drove the pesky critters into my house (which is clean btw) I have needed to take steps to protect all my food, and garbage can from these annoying beasts of burden even after i have had a professional spray for them. but, because of the above issue, I cannot print this out to try it.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with this. Lots of people have printed these fine, and I must and printed well over 50 by now (for other people... my roach problems not that bad!) so it has to come down to something your end.

Suggestions are:

Filament can make all the difference... and particularly thin walled things like this. PLA is hydroscopic so absorbs moisture. Than can affect layer adhesion along the lines of what you have described...

I doubt the issue is Cura although others have had issues with it when slicing other designs of mine. However, you could try uniformly scaling the design up by 10 - 20%. That will increase all dimensions so make each area thicker... that could help resolve the strength issue. Having said that it sounds more like a filament / under extrusion issue than anything else.

One more thing you could try is boosting your print temperature up. That could help with layer adhesion... make them stick together better.

I hope this helps.

Hey there this is an awesome design! I don't have roaches in my house but I used to work at a restaurant (it was a CLEAN restaurant :P ) where we would have roaches occasionally come up from the drains and I would find myself engaged in chemical warfare every day with these pests (they don't like bleach very well either!) roaches are the devil when they are involved in anything that has to do with the food industry, but chemicals aren't good either. ill make a few of these just to see what I can catch in my back yard.

But that's beside what I was wanting to message you about, I have modified your trap slightly by making it longer, about 3.8 inches long which increases the capacity of the enclosure. no other changes. however I cant publish it as a remix per the license. if you want to check it out or include it with your files let me know.

Thanks for your comment... pleased to hear you like the design to the extent you've modified it. However, as per my Thing details provided this can readily be uniformly scaled up to achieve the same result and 'hold' more... in fact (you'll laugh at this)... one guy is apparently using it successfully as a mouse trap!

I haven't tried that but I can understand how it would work fine.

Nice design. Here is an idea to also trap flies. Add a half-circle (4-5mm dia) to the thin wall by the entrance. Place the trap with the opening on top of the bait (door facing up). Flies fly upwards, hence it will enter the upper chamber and not be able to escape - until you open the door... :)

Thanks for your suggestion... good idea however I have to think a completely different / new design would serve the purpose better. I'll add it to my list.... but will need to find people to test it as we don't have a lot of flies where I live.

Great design!
I wonder if this could trap mice if it was scaled up enough...

Pleased you like the design and yes it should work for mice as well if scaled up enough.

Details of what has worked really well for me is included in the instructions.... just a few small bits of banana / banana skin. They seem to smell it a mile away However I assume small bits of any strong smelling food they will be attracted to should be fine. Just make sure it is clear of the entrance tube so they can't climb on the bait to escape

Found this intereresting article


If we don't have clear filament, Is there any way to tell if there is a roach inside this?

Can you make new updates for filaments that are not clear? e.g. Add some small holes on the top?

hola,si no tienes filamento transparente puedes probar a poner la puerta de metacrilato u otro material transparente,un saludo

Thanks for your comment... interesting article. That explains why they have been going for ripe banana as it has a distinctive odour. The ones in the garden area outside my place certainly liked it... I say "liked" because, having caught more than a dozen over several days in my letter box they've stopped coming. We haven't seen one since...

I could add holes into the design but at the size you would need to make the holes to be able to see a Roach inside they could potentially escape. Small ones could for sure...

The fact is they all move towards the end they came I but can't get up the spout again as that is in mid-ear. For this reason you can reasonably safely tip it on its end and slide the door open a fraction. That will give you a better view and roaches inside will usually be at the opposite end.

The alternative / safe way is to blast a small amount of insect spray down the spout... leave it a short while then open the gate and see what's inside. If there is any roaches inside they will be dead so you can turn it upside down and drop them out and into the trash.

I hope all this makes sense and is helpful...

Might seem a bit cruel (debatable, considering they're to be terminated, that and they can survive an incredible amount of punishment), just give the box a violent shake. You should hear something rattle inside. Though there is the potential for something to be shaken out.

If anything, only the door really needs to be transparent to take a peek inside. A small piece of plexi could be cut down to size and shape

Neat! And thorough printing instructions.
Seems marketable :)

You're right..... this could be mass produced although the design would need to be changed to some degree to injection mold them and that could compromise the effectiveness. However the makers of baits and sprays etc would try to block it for sure.

Wish I had something like this when I was in college.The extra large albinos creeped even me out.

They work... you just need the right bait.

lid cover is way too loose

...it is on the loos side but a roach on the inside will never lift it. I made it loose on purpose as some peoples machines don't print as accurately as others so designing in excess ensures they don't get something that doesn't work (i.e. it gets fused together). Even with the clearances I've used on other designs some slicing apps/machines still have issues. If you want the door to be secured in place just use some masking tape.

i guest. planting 2 units in the kitchen today. :)

Apparently they can also live for prolonged periods without food as well.... the bottom line is I got tired of wasting sprays and baits with no result but at least this way I know the result. How you deal with your trapped roaches is of course your decision.... this took a while to get right so it was reusable and does catch and hold Roaches. As the photos show t works. I'm sure kids could use them to catch bugs for science etc. as well.

A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes, and can even survive being submerged under water for half an hour.

lol did you checked it with the trap?

...a quick blast of insect spry up the funnel is easiest. That knocks them out then, once you've removed them, squash them to be sure. I'm not a cruel guy but I hate Roaches!

Instead of spray my chooks will be thankful.
Great design.

Great idea... I'm sure they will appreciate them.

Great! Now I have a tool to sacrifice lives! or just get them out of my house xD