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Filament Duck - filament spool stand

by bold Aug 31, 2013
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Seems like a lot of comments are coming from new users. The dimenions in the .STL file are for some type of mini-spool. You need to scale in the Z to 150mm, then scale independently in the Y to 130mm. Do not scale uniformly.
With these dimensions, it will hold a typical 1kg spool.

150 in the Z works, but FYI for some spools I would recommend making the Y even smaller, like perhaps 110 or 100. The space between the two 'duck bills' needs to be narrow enough to prevent a spool from falling off either of them, if it happens to drift to the sides as it rotates. e.g. my Anycubic and Sunlu spools are only 66mm thick, my AMZ3D spools only 60mm. For me, 130 in the Y was too much space for them and they after a few rotations they'd drop off one side or the other.

Im a new user and it seems like a no brainer to scale it like you said. Not sure why a lot of the people on here even own a printer... lol

I read your comment, started my print, went to bed, woke up, and realized I never made your changes. Can confirm this design won't hold a Hatchbox brand spool as is. I'll try again with your recommendations. Do I need to adjust the X as well or just Z and Y?

You need to scale in the Z to 150mm, then scale independently in the Y to 130mm. Do not scale uniformly.

To small for standard Prusa filament rolls :-( The hole in the middle is to big for this. Great design and wraps around the spool perfectly, but sadly it didnt do the trick. Hope you could make a new one, that is higher for larger spool holes.

To small for ordynary spoll maybe Eu have different size lol.

This doesn't work for a single spool I own. Taulman, NinjaFlex, Qidi, Yoyi, No Names,SainSmart not a single one of them. This is to small and if you just increased the size of it it will be to wide to fit any proper spool

I cant print something so big in my printer, I'm trying to cut the base with a zig zag shape to print it in two parts. Having it already done would be fantastic, and even more, maybe is a good way to extend and decrease the file depending on the spool size.

Works perfectly with 1kg spools from, printed at 105% scale. Great job!

This is a great spool holder, I have been using it with Octave filaments for over a year and it is great.!

The Gizmo Dorks 1kg spool sizes are 200 mm x 76 mm with a 56 mm hole diameter.

Any chance you can whip up a stand to hold that size spool?

Can it hold a 1Kg spool?

No it's a useless thingie

I just finished printing it... It will NOT hold a 1kg Hatchbox spool

Thank you for saving me time and plastic. You have no idea how much this comment meant to me.

It can, just depends on settings. also ABS smoothed helps.

I'm not sure how printing in ABS and how smooth the print is an issue... The Filament Duck is too wide for Hatchbox spools... If I hang the spool on one side of the Duck, I have about 1" to the other side of the hanger.

You need to just rescale the model. Scale Z and Y independently to make it taller, and thinner. It will hold a typical 1kg spool just fine.

Design looks really good, hope this doesn't break after repeated use.

Any chance you could post specifications? I'd like to know if this would fit my filament spool without having to waste 86 grammes of filament :P

Finally one who designs with blender beside me :-D however, nice and easy printable design. Nice one.

Works on my MB spools just fine.

What's the problem?

just printed, and does NOT work for makerbot spools

Makerbot spools are very skinny.

Thx. I uploaded a prototype design with this mockup. not sure if it will work.Its not tested at all.

See my picture i posted to your thing.

I am not sure this would work for a Makerbot spool. On one side of the spool it has a large reces in it.

Overall outside Diam = 204.35mm
Inside spool diam = 51.80mm
oddly big side is resessed by 16.86mm
oddly big side diamater = 89.87

I will see if i can mock one up for you in skecth up.

What sizes do you need?
I tried to make a easily customizable blender file but I'm currently facing serveral problems whith it.
Just post your spool dimesions (outer radius, inner hole radius, width) and I will publish the models for the most common ones.

Would be great if can upload a taller design for a bigger spool

For what size is this designed?

almost a phylosophical issue.. :D No problem.

Is it ironic that I got a filament knot half way through printing this! Didn't want to abandon the print so paused it and have manually adjusted the axis (I didnt notice for about 3 minutes that it had stopped extruding). Sadly there is a noticable 'step' on the design now, however it's still printing. Hopefully it isnt missing too many laters and will still work :)

Thanks for sharing this awesome design!

I did too! My spool fell off of it's current mount(which sucks) and got all kinked and twisted... Oops

That would be great, anything that would help to make it work for more filament spools would be fantastic because this really is the nicest spool holder I've seen on Thingiverse

I have absolutley no clue how to make Customizer models. It is going to get difficult anyways since the model uses a Subdivision Surface modifier which - as far as I know - is not a part of this script language.
I could provide a simplified Blender file and some instrucions to create the Filament stand exactly for your needs.

This is a very nice design, and I love making things Customizable. Mind if I make an approximation of this design that'll work with Customizer? OpenSCAD doesn't do smooth surfaces terribly well, but it should be functional.

Would it be too much to ask for this to be made compatible with the Customizer? It would be great to be able to set the values for the height and width of the spool

Thanks for your feedback.

Here's a "action" pic with the spool which was included in the raplicator packaging.
The spools I use are a bit wider and lower than the original ones.

The stand is designed to carry spools from 84mm (RepRap Spools) to 75mm.

But with little blender skills or even raw, physical heat you'll be able to bend the stand according to yor needs.

Makerbot spool support is planned.

What roll widths are supported with this holder?

Really slick! Would like to see an "action" pic of it next to your printer. Is it compatable with Makerbot's filament? It looks like your spool is a bit wider, no?

function meets design , Great!!

I think that's the most attractive spool holder I've ever seen!