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Sun and Planets to scale update 1.28.2018

by tc_fea Mar 20, 2016
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earth radius 3D printed = 2.25 mm
earth radius real = 6.371 billion mm
ratio = 6.371 billion mm : 2.25 or 2,831,555,555 : 1

this is about the same ratio as a 6 inch diameter ball is to the diameter of a hydrogen atom if i did my math correctly

The whole Pluto thing was mainly a distraction for people with short attention spans, thank you for adding it. Awesome model

those would be tiny most. except for our moon which is almost a double planet. :)

:) actually I intentionally omitted pluto because it was down graded from a "planet" to a "dwarf planet". Here is an explanation why it is no longer a planet: http://www.universetoday.com/13573/why-pluto-is-no-longer-a-planet/

Is Pluto a planet? Does it qualify? For an object to be a planet, it needs to meet these three requirements defined by the IAU:

It needs to be in orbit around the Sun – Yes, so maybe Pluto is a planet.
It needs to have enough gravity to pull itself into a spherical shape – Pluto…check
It needs to have “cleared the neighborhood” of its orbit – Uh oh. Here’s the rule breaker. According to this, Pluto is not a planet.


The choice to demote Pluto was political, and many professional astronomers do not support it. Please offer a version with Pluto as an option for those of us that still prefer to call it a Planet.

Thank you,

i will consider that! :)

schm31zit. thank you. did not see your response before I wrote my response. i like the nat geo article

Great idea and a cool educational piece. Thanks for sharing! :)

Why is Jupiter hollow, but not Saturn or the other gas planets?

I was limited by the software I was using and for uranus and neptune there was less benefit

This is a cool idea! I might try and make my own version of this... are you sure the sun is the right size though? It looks more like 5 times Jupiter's width as opposed to 10.

I posted a corrected version yesterday. thanks for the information

Good eye! It looks like I divided the diameter of the sun by two, but not the planets. Whoops! So the sun would look twice as big. wow!

Any chance you could export a higher resolution mesh? Sizing this up, and looking at where the slicer will go makes me think an enlargement won't be great at present.

I will look into. I have some software limitations

If you have trouble, I'll happily redesign it following your positioning. As a bonus, it could be a customizer with the facility to control resolution and also provide dual color prints.. What's the limitation you're running into?

by the way, made have 68% more triangles

I am using an old educational version of ANSYS Ed to create the geometry, mesh and convert to .stl. I have to play some games to refine the mesh further.
As far as turning it into a customer, please feel free to do so. I will post the diameters shortly

Great idea, love this design. Will be fun to see yours painted.

I've always wanted to print Uranus.