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rc katamaran sailboat

by PrinzTom Mar 20, 2016
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Nice work im printing the katamaran right now but only with a lenght of 400mm it looks really nice, but could you post some more pictures of the sail in the front (how you mounted it etc...) thanks for the great work ;)

The instructions for this build are almost non existent, what i've been able to figure out after a few failures. Part A. Print 4, 2 normal and 2 mirrored in the y Axis. then for B,C,D,E print 2 of each. but your 2nd one mirror it in the Y Axis.

I'm new to sailboats, just sailed few times on a big (full-scale) catamaran made by my friend this summer. So my question is how do you operate smaller sail that's in front of a catamaran? You have detailed shot of main sail connection, but not for a small sail. I can't even understand if it has it's own servo and connection style. Can you please explain? A closeup picture would be perfect.

I'm looking at printing this, but there seems to be some missing hull pieces. Shouldn't there be six pieces for each side (Kat-rumpf-a through f)
and the opposite side?

The hull is symetrical, except the mounting for the rods. You can simply mirror the front part (a) in your slicer.

Ahh... I've never done that before. Learn something new every day. Thank you.

Hello, thanks for sharing your katamaran, I want to print it. How did you connect boom with mast? I found only knurled nut but can't find such kind of T screw, where can I find it?

I used a M3 threaded bolt, 25mm long (a screw with cut off head) and drilled a 1.5mm hole through it. Instead of the knurled nut, you can shurely also use a normal nut and a washer.

what are the lengths for the carbon fiber tubes? and sail

Hi, you need

2x D10x250
1x D10x500
1x D6x720
1x D6x220

Which parts are needed for the foresail I have to check myself first, because I haven't drawn them in my cad-model.

thank you I'm also having some trouble with the holes not floating very well. I use pet with 6% infill but that down wind bow has a tendency to dig into the water and turtle the boat so any tip? there were also no holes in the Hull for screw to hold the back stays like you show in the picture. other than that it's really great model!

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm afraid, I cant't help you with these issues...

Could you show how you connect the genoa to the servo?

The cord is connected to the foresail at about a quarter of the length of the beam. It is redirected towards the diverter of the mean beam cord. Then it is redirected the same way as the mean beam cord and connected to the servo. The cord lengths have to be adjustable and the angle of the foresail have to be a bit more open as the main sail.

Thats a nice katamaran! Feel free to join my new group "Maritime". A group for model boat enthusiasts.

Magnificent, thanks!! I started to print it , it should be ready for next summer .
I 'm gonna have fun .

: )

Hi, PrinzThomas!

Could you tell me where can I get the fabric you used for the sail?

Thanks !

I use fabric from kite accessory. Here is a example for a shop:
I used this lightweight 27g spinnaker Skytex-27. This or comparable fabric should be available everywhere...

Thank you.

I have another question: how did you attach the horn of the servo to the screw that holds the carbon fiber pipes?

I didn´t found 1mm screws XD.

Thanks in advance

If you mean the steering servo, I used 2mm screws and 2mm ball links. I made one of the holes in the horn bigger, so I could mount the parts in the following order: screw, 1st ball link, horn, 2nd ball link, nut.The different ball links are connected to the pipes, where I glued a M2 thread inside and which are leading to the 2 different rudders.

Thank you very much for the files. I've sliced both hulls in 12 pieces to be able to print in a small 12x12cm printer. I'll start print tests in September. I'll let you know about my progress and tests.


Hallo Thomas

I'm interested in building this katamaran. Have you made any further progress recently?
The printer I'll use is smaller and I need to re-join the hull parts and cut them in smaller pieces. Would you share your design files with me to be able to rework them? I've realized not all files are uploaded yet, although I can build the missing pieces mirroring some of the available ones.
Another interesting test will be printing everything using ABS. Let's see how it floats.


Thanks for the response!
Sorry for the late answer, at the moment i am a little busy because of other projects at the job and private.
I have uploaded the complete assembly as a step file, so everyone can work on the cat as he wants.
Maybe it would be advantageous to make the boat hulls a bit bigger/with more volume. More weight will improve the ability to make turns into the wind. Also i have added a foresail, which isn't drawn in the model.

It would be nice, if you keep me up to date, if someone works on it, makes a copy or brings his cat to the water!

  • sry, it seems, step is not supported. I will try something else

This looks beautiful! Really looking forward to print this one day. Your color scheme is great too and the infill makes the black floaters look like carbon fiber.

i like the design because i have 2 big ponds on my 15 arces.
i have over 5 spare car remotes and my DX6.
what is the sail made of?
how long did it take to print and put together?

brilliant design!!!
cant wait to see more pics and video
i will definitely print it in the future
can you please show more pics of the sails and how you made them?

Comments deleted.

too bad you didn't made a place for the rc in the hulls.

I want to keep the hulls simple for low weight and water tightness. The receiver and battery can easyly be mountet on the center rod. Since i am still trying out for the right center of gravity, i haven't fixed the position for the rc yet.

Did you already printed it?

Yesterday it was on the water for the first time! :-)

I will add more photos and description soon!

i'm trying to do the same thing!!
but there are too many problems that i can't get it.
i really look forward to seeing more description and photo.

More description, photos and drawings will be added soon. What are the main problems?

It's about the weight of the battery.
Because i use arduino with Bluetooth to control the motor .
I think buoyancy which can't support the weight.
I'm trying to scale the model.
Maybe it can increase the space inside then increase the buoyancy.

At a total weight of 480-500g the boat will be about 20-25mm deep in the water.

thank you very much.
it will very helpful.