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Digger 2.0

by iClint Mar 19, 2016
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My first attempt at this so far, using Ultimaker-branded PLA, magenta and neon blue, resulted in parts that didn't fit together (the pegs are too large for holes, the feet are too large to fit in the bottom, etc.

I'm going to try a second run with more careful attention to scaling and material shrinkage, perhaps by printing just one or two parts and testing the fit before printing the rest.

The parts themselves printed just fine, though.

the parts were designed to be a tight press fit so no glue or non-printed fasteners would be required. However with the vast number of different printers and filament it is impossible to factor tolerances for all of them into the design. The pegs were one of the more difficult parts most people have trouble with there are some remixes that uses screws instead, otherwise my only advice would be print try different scaling.

I’m struggling with printing the pegs, any advice ?

Print more of them at the same time if it is an issue with them melting as they are printed as this will give them more time to cool. Alternatively if you look at the makes some people have substituted the pegs for screws.

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hmm... this would be Great in the middle of a candy bowl. i'm making one (⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀)

Love the design! As mentioned below...the pins need to be larger to prevent snapping the shoulder off. The ONLY thing I could find that could be tweaked is the pin that is inserted in step 5. The shoulder/head of that pin interferes with the full articulation of the bucket. Printing the pin into the part would eliminate the extra surface of the pin head from interfering with the bucket controls. By the way, the kiddo loves this in the sandbox! Thanks again!

What setting do i need to print the pivot i am using a makerbot replicator dual and on the overhang it sags down.
if you can please post full list of settings so i can match them with mine?
also what do you use to finish/polish your projects?

very nice, would like to modify it a bit. are the fusion 360 source files available ?

Try this, and let me know if it works http://a360.co/2loIVQx

Yes, I will export them

Looks great! Currently printing this for my son. I'm struggling a pit with the pivot as it has a 90 degree overhang. Should it have support?

With the correct slicer settings the Pivot should print without supports.

Thanks came out fine. He's very happy! If you redesign this again, maybe make the female / male pins twice the size, they are very difficult to print that small and easily snap trying to insert them into each other, other than that, excellent design!
I'll post a make once he's finished playing with it.

Glad he likes it.

i have been thinking about revamping the designand and making a assembled using machine screws

What printer are you using for this print

How are you printing the Bucket? I printed it bottom up and It's not going well.

The bucket is oriented ready for printing (bottom up) using supports. after the bucket is printed the supports should be easily snapped out using some needle-nose pliers.

how did you created the design

It was all done in Fusion 360 I simulated all the movement of parts to make sure it would work, and then exported for printing

The Pins are just too tiny and fragile...

will print the male and females with a new design i make so they are more robust

Great job on the rest though

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with printing the control parts/spheres.

Here are my prints from both the original and 2.0

They should print fine without supports but using supports may help. My settings are fairly standard.

Layers 0.1mm
Infill honeycomb 30%
Sliced using simplify3D (it is worth the price)
Printed on a PrintrBot simple metal

The STL files should all ready be orientated but to be certain the spheres should be printed with the control arm flat on the print bed and the sphere sticking up.

If you are using slicer perhaps try Cura. I used Cura and Slicer for a long time before purchasing Simplify3d and found that S3D does a much better Job at slicing most models it does it faster and the print results are better.

I tried your V1 of the Digger and everything except the "Sphere" control knobs printed fine. I tried a number of prints, all different positions, supports, etc.

The problem is that where the sphere connected with the beam - the sphere was melted in - I even tried a 100% infill.

I am aware that it must be a setting on my part (oh I tried a lower temp even); however, I am not locating it.

Hence, this one looks a touch more robust and possibly getting it bigger will allow for better printing.

Going to try again for my great nephews :)

perhaps you could try modeling a sphere and make some attempts at printing that to save on material.

I added this file http://www.thingiverse.com/download:2219602 to the model download that and have a god at printing the sphere without having to wait for the rest of the part to print.

sorry my reply is above i clicked new comment rather than reply

That is fine - I am actually using Simplify3D for the slicing work and the only reason I tried re-positioning the item on the bed was my attempt to determine if I could get the sphere to print.

Although - I am using Auto-Gen-Supports and did not think to turn those off and try - I will on printing this version.


What material are you using?

I'm printing in PLA 200c

I am using ABS - I have yet to venture into PLA - only because I am just now get a stable feeling with ABS. I have heard that PLA is actually better to use for more precise models; however, I simply have not done any research on it - yet :)

PLA is much easier to print in and much better for beginners.

If I had to guess I'd say your sphere's are failing due to the higher temps printing ABS and the short layer times meaning the printed model is getting to hot and melting.

If you don't want to switch to PLA, then perhaps doing something to make cool the print speeding up or slowing down layers crank the fan to max etc.

Thanks - I need to get a few more colors and will try them in PLA. Of course, I have a nearly full spool of black ABS but I am sure it will get used.

I also have noticed that I need to turned up the fan to make sure that the top layers of my models are smooth and not have an acne issues.

Thanks again- any and all help is welcomed.

Make sure you add your digger to the made section with a photo! would love to see others... funnily I am still printing mine between other projects.