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Star Trek USS Enterprise Ultimate Collection

by Solid_Alexei Mar 17, 2016
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Did anyone find any kind of stand for these modells?

Otherwise this models are truly amazing! Good work by the author.

Gracias por tu trabajo, tambien me gustaria saber la escala de estos modelos! ayudanos gracias!

So I would like to know the scale of these models, Please. I would like to scale them up,

having fun printing the collection...

Printing your awesome Enterprise J! I'll post it in makes when I finish!

Love these models, really interested in a detailed model of the IXS Enterprise but can't find one anywhere. Any updates on when it may be added?

Oooh the Kelvin A looks awesome!

I will be uploading a huge, more detailed version soon btw so if you wanted to print the Kelvin A in bigger size is air up for that one instead:)

She’s gonna be over 700mm long once printed and assembled with extreme details

I'll post my 584mm discovery enterprise when I get home from work.

What a stunning print!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Why no FDM love for the Disco Enterprise?

HAHA I will add it next. Got deviated working on Enty-A Kelvin instead

These are awesome models!! I've printed them all in order and am currently on J, the Enterprises are the coolest thing about ST, imo. If you could find the time, however, I was wondering if you could upload split versions of the Yorktown class and the Discovery variant. Also, I noticed the NX refit was, while fantastic, a bit different from the original. The nacelles have a painted plating on the outer sides, and the saucer deflector dish on the refit has more of a rectangular shape to it, as opposed to original NX with the more oval-shaped dish. Again though, awesome job!!

Edit: There's also one more ship between the NX Alpha/Beta, and the NX-01 Enterprise, though I understand it may be hard to find, if it's out there at all. It's the Warp Delta, also called the NX Delta.

Comments deleted.

Hi possible to update the kelvin enterprise from beginning of star trek beyond? the saucer sections is still the original 2009 design, impulse drive, phaser banks etc :) Thank You!

Comments deleted.

If you load the file into Slic3r, there's a button at the top to split multi-part models into their components, that should allow you to print the individual sections.

I have to ask, how are you managing to split the ship models up the way you have. Every time I try to edit them in meshmixer it breaks them into about 500 different meshes

Printed Enterprise D ... tried twice already (60% scale, prusa i3 mk2) ... EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET THE NACELLES ASSEMBLY OFF THE PRINT PLATE it just snaps in a million pieces ... the nacelles have a high surface area meaning it sticks firmly in place, but the curved pylons are way too thin to take the stress of it suddently being yanked off the build plate

update : on 3rd attempt at 70% scale it worked, but the saucer's impulse engines are replaced with saggy loops of PLA because of the overhang

You should add other ships, such as the Defiant, Voyager, or the Vengeance from Into Darkness.

What, no Bonaventure?! !

Perfect models! I've printed lots of them, but one question:
In what scale are they?

sweet love the set any chance of someone doing a "future enterprise" from TNG AKA the T6 Yamato class from STO

This is an awesome work. Brovo to you.

Hoping to find the new ST:D version of the USS Enterprise one day.

Thanks a lot! I do have the Discovery Enterprise actually. Just need to get a permission from the artist who created the model to upload it here.

So did you print one? And could you give us a tease of it?

Although so purists MAY consider this render inaccurate... I would love to print it. It’s a good work.

THAT would be a sweetness!

Without ANY insult to the artist you posted, Here’s what’s going around the inter tubes as “the” render:

At this point there are lots of renders going around with many different and minor differences. The one I post has things I see “wrong” but the one you post has a few as well. Nothing is official so far and I doubt we’ll have one for a while. This happened with the discovery phaser STLs that went up... lots of “revision” as time went on.

Here is the best shot we got so far at the official model. I dig the Excelsior vibes on the top saucer

That’s sweet. The longer landing pad aft gets me the voyager vibe. There’s elements of the NX-01 and excelsior. Sweet. Want.

Comments deleted.

there are only enterprises NX 01 NCC 1701 A B C D and E

F is from the Star Trek Online, an Odyssey class. J is from an episode in Star Trek: Enterprise, however very briefly. It's a Universe class, also in Star Trek Online. The Enterprises from the newer movies is supposedly another timeline known as the Kelvin timeline, triggered by Spock and Nero going through the wormhole, and back in time. NX-01 refit is also in STO, though I think it may have been in Enterprise (the series) as well. Star Trek is confusing :P

Comments deleted.

NX-01 FDM won't slice in Slic3r, lots of holes and missing geometry

Just had a second check on both Simplify3D and Slic3r Prusa Edition and all of the ship models show no errors and slice without problems. Have you updated your Slic3r recently?

That’s weird. Shouldn’t be as I have fixed and checked all models to be watertight. There shouldn’t be any errors. Although I’m not using Slic3r

I've tried a few of the others they all seem OK, maybe its just the NX-01 FDM

Are these hollow pieces or is every component solid?
I'm printing at the local library and they charge about 30¢ per gram.


Every model you download on the internet is “solid” aka watertight. You have to decide on how hollow you want to make it by choosing the percentage of your infill. The smaller the percentage the lighter the model, less material is used. Google FDM/FFF infill to read more about it.

Great Models. Printing them for my little brother who is really into star trek. lucky enough to have almost unlimited access to stratasys printers. gotta say i was shocked at the scaled size of the J model. ive got about a square foot and a half to print on and i was only able to fit a quarter of the model on the build plate.

Like i said great models. my bro really enjoys them

Anyone having an issue importing the D into Slic3r? The model has a ton of holes.

Equally my Slic3r Prusa Edition shows no error

Might be an inherited problem with the Slic3r. Is yours up to date? I am using Simplify3D myself and all models are thoroughly checked for errors before uploading.

Me too ! all the other files seem OK but the D is a holey mess ?

Equally my SLic3r Prusa Edition shows no errors whatsoever

Could be a problem with Slic3r? Simplify3D is showing a perfect, watertight mesh.

D-6 I did it with thing maker don't own a printer yet still learning but got a print from link with thingiverse so hopefully it will be good

the ships need support?

Are the FDM ships the same size as their one piece counterparts?

Attempting to determine how much to re-scale so that the F and maybe J are the same scale as my existing Enterprises

They are the same size as their whole piece brethren:)

Perfect! Thank you!

My pleasure. Looking forward to see your prints!

I'm totally going to use these to decorate my wedding

HAHA go for it! I was not allowed by wife to do just that HAHA:D

Thinking of making the 747 with your Enterprise shuttle. I will make a remix.

Go for it!

The Enterprise refit "Beyond" had a put back neck. I don't know how to say it.

I know. I tried to be as close to the screen as I could but all I was doing was cutting and merging together bits from my 2009 Constitution... a hack job but hey at least I got something there until we get some good official orthos of the Refit (if they ever release it)

Oh boy, that is a great collection!
Can't wait to make them all once my printer arrives :D
Any idea of when the display stand will be ready?

Thanks a lot! Sorry no ETA on the stand as I got so many other projects on the go. Wanted to focus on finishing all the starships and their quality as priority first.

Any update on the stands? And are the holes in the bottom of the models intended for the stand?

I'd love to help with the stands! I wasn't aware you were planning on making any, so I was thinking of doing it either way.

when you do make, can you please make them separate stands for each? i would like a stand, but i dont plan on making the whole set.. thanks mucho!!

Can't blame you for that.
Keep up the great work. Those Pokemon Go keyrings look mighty fine.

Haha thanks a lot! Really appreciate it!:-D

Haha thanks a lot! Really appreciate it!:-D

the 1701-j is my model so please put me with the -j ok?

What are you talking about?

oh i thought you had my enterprise j but it was a different one. btw it was the bbelt's big -j. can you send me all your star trek online models at trekkie148@gmail.com as a obj format? respond when you get this

Sorry no. I don't have time converting dozens of models plus my internet is not fast so it will take me ages to email them to you

at least do some odyssey class starships and some others you have, not all. respond?

I will look into converting the Odyssey models if I have them when I get time. I'm not even sure I have them tbh

ok but you don't have to post them, just send me the files to trekkie148@gmail.com

I will send the OBJs to you yeah. Would take a long time to convert them to good printable STL anyway. I might do them some time in the future but not anytime soon:(

and the andromeda class? obj

oh. btw can you make the yorktown odyssey class variant?

also make textures

I don't have any

any andromeda class or textures? if it is andromeda then you can do any ship from star trek online you have, it can be 1 ship as a obj or stl or both

No sorry I dont have time to make commision ships for people. Barely have time to work on ships for myself.

Printed the enterprise "e" very nice! thank you for your great model(s). I am looking forward to the whole collection!

Can you tell me what the scale is? I would like to print other Star Trek ships to same scale and have a matching fleet. Many, Many Thanks!

I did the math for you. Odyssey-class is 1072 meters, so this works out to about 1/3181 scale.

I wish they just defaulted to one of the traditional trek model scales like 1/2500.

I plan on printing one of the Kelvin-verse variants at 1/1000 (Well, scaling the saucer to match the Polar Lights Enterprise A)

Haha that is one weird scale right there!

To be honest I do not know. You could try to convert from measuring the STLs of the ships vs their 'real size' perhaps?

where did you get the enterprise-j

where do you get the Star Trek-online ships? respond when you get this please?

I had them saved on my PC from some forum I found awhile ago. The models need a lot of work to be converted to print-friendly state though.

Given the size of the NX-01, its scale seems to b 1:3750

6CM to 225 Meters.


You might be right! What other ST ships you were thinking of adding in this scale?

Also, did you find a good model for the enterprise J? it is the time ship shown in the Enterprise series.

Enterprise-J added!

Two questions, any update on a stand for the group?

I cant wait to see what you come up with in the way of a stand (or stands).

So what are the measurements for the Enterprise F? Just curious cause I'm thinking about getting one from you.

Love the star treks

Your NX-01 model does not load into pronterface or blender, and loading it into slic3r results in holes in the model (non-manifold, over 24k errors).

Just checked the STL and it comes up with zero error in my software. One fully watertight shell with no hidden geometry. Like I said I have built it with no problem before so maybe there is something wrong with your import settings? Also I can never open an STL file format in Blender. Never had any need to do it since I only use Blender to export to STL rather importing so I never looked into any plugins for that purpose. Vanilla Blender cannot import STL's based on my experience:(

That's very bizarre as I have built it no problem. I will take a look at the STL tomorrow to see if there is anything wrong on my end. Thanks for the heads up!

how big are the ships

NX-01 being the smallest is about 60mm in length

Beautiful work! Thank you so much for sharing!

I've been looking for a printable F for a while, where did you find it?

Same here! Tried to find a good model for years to no success. Eventually I managed to find the extracted game model. Unfortunately STO game models are very low poly and a nightmare to fix for printing. The details are minimal too since game models usually display details with normal maps.
This model here at the moment is the best you can do for now. I am planning to model my own version of the Odyssey with all details modeled in and the Aquarius craft included as well

the galaxy could use some rework or a better model. But thank you for sharing.

Galaxy class high-detail reworked model added

Galaxy class high-detail reworked model added

Yeah, it is the weakest of them all besides the 2009 Enterprise. Unfortunately these were the only models I could find.