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RS-01 Version C OpenRC F1 Fully Adjustable Racing Suspension Chassis

by wildcardfox Mar 16, 2016
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What software did you use to modify the original parts? I'm assuming Inventor. There are some issues with fitments that I'm surprised are not mentioned in the comments, unless they're the ones that are deleted. Where are the source files of the modifications to the original files? You've got some really good ideas, but the execution in the modifications of the original files need some reworking. Please release the source files of the modifications (preferably in .zip) in either the original file format, or at least in a STEP file format so that the corrections for fitment can be made. If this isn't possible, you should consider removing OpenRC F1 from your description, because without those source files this isn't an open project.

Okay, first off you’re using a lot of vinegar instead of honey. This is open, it’s not a job; be nice and I will try my best to help you out. Your response has a lot of assumptions—and not good ones: If it’s not working for you then it doesn’t work for anyone; the deleted comments might have been negative and I may have deleted them; and this is not an open project unless I release source files etc.. Let me break those down before I go forward: (1) I test print and test build everything that I post; printing tolerances can be effected by the printer. I built and tested the car with these files, I would ask what issues you were having instead of just assuming it is an issue with the file itself; (2) deleted comments were not negative comments that I deleted; if there are any comments that were deleted on this or any of my builds, they were duplicates and I am only in charge of my comments that I compose, so the assumption is an erroneous and attempts to paint my character as something untoward. Many times comments reply’s trigger an error from Thingiverse as that is a known issue, any edits equal an immediate error. (3) Releasing source files is not a requirement for any project to be made public or to be considered open source, I would love for you to provide the sourcing for that requirement as it is something that you subscribe to that cannot be imposed on others, it is your opinion. Now focusing to this project. This particular project was the first build that I ever made. It’s very very old, and is a modification of another builders work. It was made in Blender (hard to believe), no files still exist from this. I recommend that you either build Daniel’s or make your own version. There is a newer RS-01 chassis, but that was built in the early Senna MP4/8 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1517150 that is also an old car and was replaced with a newer Senna MP4/6 a year ago https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3029812 . I no longer work on projects that are borrowed from other designers; however, on most of the new builds all of those CAD files are released for people to build, vehicles like the Mazda 787B https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3029802, Suzuki GSX-RR https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2436330 and some others can all be found around the internet on Fusion 360’s gallery for downloads and at GrabCad, and I have given those files to individuals that have requested it. Again, me giving the CAD file was not a requirement for it to be open source, it was a thing that I did to help people out and for people to modify the builds like the bikes for instance for their own needs. Development of vehicles takes a lot of time, money, and work. I don’t gain it back by downloads. It’s all given to the community for people to build in their spare time, and for them to change them and adapt them and hopefully to have a good time, so no offense, but I believe you requirement that “without those source files this isn’t an open project” is flawed. It is an open project regardless because the files are given, given freely, and there is no cost for you to run the files on your printer, or to adapt what the base files were, nor is there a cost for the development (some of my projects have costs almost 1 grand to build, and without sponsors it would be almost impossible to work on building RC cars for the community or for making crazy projects like the 4 wheel drive Audi R18, or the year long motorcycle project that resulted in 4 different motorcycles https://www.motorcycle.com/mini-features/build-your-own-3d-printed-rc-motorcycles.html and one final version that could be adapted for racing. Lastly, you mentioned “you’ve got some really good ideas, but the execution in the modifications in the original files needs some reworking”, look at my other builds, look the at the sophistication, look at the execution. I implore you to design on your own time, go through the research and development, spend your own resources building a project that you will give out for free, release your own unique chassis and car, and share it to the world and I would applaud you. I am working on my final vehicle for the 3d world, and after I will not be contributing any more to the community as have to move on, and the community will need new people to make magazine covers and to inspire new designers. To answer the final question and to recap: this build was my first build, was a modification of someone else’ss work, I’d suggest that you build one of the my newer designs, this particular chassis the RS-01 OpenRC chassis was made in blender, and making .step files, etc. available is not a condition for something to be considered open source.



RS-01 Ayrton Senna’s 1993 McLaren MP4/8 Formula 1 RC Car
Aryton Senna's Mclaren MP4/6 3d Printed RC F1 Car
1991 Mazda 787B 3d Printed RC Car
2016 Suzuki GSX-RR 1:8 Racing RC MotoGP Version 2


I truly meant no offense. As I read back what I originally asked, after thoroughly digesting the response those comments generated, I can see how you could misconstrue the meaning. I don't like to bother creators unless I absolutely have to, which is why I read through all the comments looking for inquiries similar to my own, before posting any short inquiries. I thought perhaps that the deleted comments were mentions of the fitment issues, which you then thought you corrected and deleted the comments because they were no longer applicable. I'm also sorry for wasting your time asking about the software when you already posted on the main page that you used Blender; it was merely my hope that you also used a software I'm familiar with so that the needed modifications would be easily implemented.

One of the major problems associated with open-source is the vast ambiguity around a clear and concise definition of what open-source actually means. I say potato, you say patato and we're both talking about the same thing. Hopefully, one day maybe, we can all agree on what open-source means and end the strife and turmoil caused by differing viewpoints, but until then I have to go with what the dictionary says.

      adjective COMPUTING
      denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

Now, typically, as I'm used to seeing it, open-source is applied to software, but it is an adjective to which many people have also freely applied to a variety of intellectual property and has expanded beyond just software. I will not argue that https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1420189 meets 2 of the 3 criteria within the definition of open-source: it is freely available (again, thank you) and it is redistributed (9417 downloads, congratulations). However, the third component, in my opinion being the most crucial one, of being able to be modified is not present, which it was from the original creator. Hence, my suggestion that if source files were unavailable, the association to the original OpenRC should be reconsidered because this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1420189 does not meet all the criteria of open-source that this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1193309 does.

It will be a tremendous lost to the community, but may your future endeavors bring you the happiness that you need, and I look forward to your final contribution. Perhaps one day we will be able to have a good laugh about all the misnomers and misunderstandings surrounding the foggy-waters of open-source, but that day is not today, probably not tomorrow, perhaps it will come when people understand that the releasing of the SOURCE of their thing is not misconstrued with the THING itself, which seems to be the most common dilemma.

Thank you for taking the time to reply, albeit in a rather apparent disgruntled manner, and again my apologies for any misunderstanding. I truly meant no offense. Perhaps, in the future, I will choose my words more carefully, as you and all of us should.



RS-01 Version C OpenRC F1 Fully Adjustable Racing Suspension Chassis
OpenRC F1 car - 1:10 RC Car
by barspin

does the open rc wheels and tires work with this? If not is there a way to get them to work?

Nah sorry, they don't work with this out of the box. If you wanted to use the openrc F1 wheels you will have to modify the wheels, but those wheels are really small so you may have issues. From all of my experience, you are much better off with rubber wheels versus TPU printed version, unless you really love drifting.

Comments deleted.

Amazing work, please tell us what is the total length and width of the car / chassis?

It's a 1:10 rc car.

Will this type of suspension also work for touring cars or even buggys? Or is that scenario too rugged?

Might work on a touring car. The rear suspension which is a panhard style is used on lots of rc cars as well as real cars. Don't know if it will do great on an off-road car because a macpherson type setup or any style where you have a shock attached to the control arm is probably a better solution.

What's included in bolt kit?

I don't offer a bolt kit.

will this chasis work with the open rc f1 original rear axle, gears, motor mount?

or is the Tamiya motor mount, rear differential set a must?

Yes you can use the original motor mounts and Axle. Tamiya versions are just way more durable.

under required tools list. also in manual pdf

Hi Brett,

Thank you for this awesome remix! I've been searching for m3x1.0mm tap but haven't found one. Only m3x0.5mm. Can you suggest a link?

Yah I made a typo... it is m3x0.5mm tap

under required tools list. also in manual pdf

Hello there is a smaller version? 1/16 or 1/18 th?

Thank you

you'd have the scale the files down. It's 1:10th right now.

Hi, were can i get that rims and tyres?


and 3d versions which can be found in my design page.


and 3d versions which can be found in my design page.


and 3d versions which can be found in my design page.

Is eventhing there or do we need to print parts from the open rc one as well?
Good job on the design

Thanks! This is just the chassis for the car. There are some parts that are included that were modified from the original OpenRC kit, but it only includes (body wise) those modified parts. The other parts are available in the original OpenRC F1 make files.

What parts am i going to need to print from the original version
Keep up the good work!

Is there any chance of getting a custom front wing?

Unfortunately, I'm really swamped with work so I don't think I could at the moment. Sorry.

Unfortunately, I'm really swamped with work so I don't think I could at the moment. Sorry.

I want to say heart felt Thank You to all who have downloaded this project and who have supported it. You guys pushed it to 180 downloads in 2 days, and over 200 in a three. I spend a week redesigning the front suspension to make it better, more reliable, and I fixed all of the problems with the chassis. I did all of that for you. My hard work was worth it. I hope you enjoy the RS-01 Version B.

Thank you,

-Brett Turnage

nice work ! im assemlbing v1 and will do this susp chassis next!

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your version~!

Really like this, I had just started printing the non-suspended version when i saw it, now I changed gears to this setup. One thing though, is there any way you could split the front chassis into 2 parts? The only way to get the front of the chassis to fit on a 200x200 print bed is on it's thin side, and diagonally across the bed, which is less than ideal.

Okay the split chassis has been uploaded. It's not 3 parts. Chassis A, Chassis B, and Rear. Chassis A will be changing tomorrow when post the new front suspension, so if you are going to print one right now, focus on the last 2 B and Rear.

awesome, and thank you! I tried printing the 1st chassis on edge a few times with various settings, it's just too tall with next to no bed surface area to pull off that way.

All files have been updated, and manual added. You're good to go!

Comments deleted.