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Baby Sword Rattle

by Targ Mar 26, 2016
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Nice, just in time, imma going to my friends in japan and thats going to be perfect present to their son :D

I printed it on a CR10 after slicing in CURA and enlarged it to 200% I get a layer shift on the blade piece about 116mm into the print.
Any idea why?
Going to try to resume the final 84mm of print and glue together, but can't say this has even happened before. Any ideas?

Is the handle identical from the mace? I already have a Gcode of it that I really like, hoping to just print another of that

It is not. My handle was designed with some Alignment holes in each end to create more glueing surfaces and keep the blade nice and straight with the handle.

What infill % is used for the different parts ?

If i recall correctly, i think i used 20% on everything.

I saw your object, it's really beautiful.
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

It'd be nice if there was a version of the blade that let me put the rattly bits in after it printed then I could just epoxy it shut. My printer doesn't like resuming from a paused print...as I just discovered. It resumes several MM higher than it left off. RIP the last hour and a half of printing.

You shouldn't really have to pause your printer. I was able to drop the peas in, one at a time, while the nozzle was still moving around the edge.

I tried that. I got a delta so I always got arms in the way.

Sorry for you lost hours. I am reluctant to model a new part like that due to safety reasons.

Perhaps a way they can epoxy together like in the non-sealed mace head?

I'm trying to figure out how to put a pause in the Gcode, might work better that way.

I love this design! I printed one for my daughter but my wife gave it away. Now I'm printing another but I have one question. What's with the gap in the pin on the under side of the pommel? Any chance this file could be updated with the gap removed? I only ask because I either lack the software or the talent to do it myself.



I don't show a gap in my software, but I will look into it.

If you designed an Axe you could call it a Rattle Axe!

someone already did, though i don't think they named it as such ... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1498385

Battle Rattle Axe

who ever created this, deserves a cookie and a medal.

Comments deleted.

Yup. Since mine was a remix of the mace, I had to use the original commons license that allows for sale of the rattle. A few people have gotten my permission to sell which is nice. But there is not anything I can do about it. Thanks for the heads up.

I use an Astroprint Astrobox to control my printer and it has a pause print feature which works great for dropping in the peas. Awesome design.

Question. Is it possible to make the Handle hollow and add Treads to the bottom so you can fit in a battery and perhaps a button with a LED light into the blades connection to the handle?
Still very awesome Build:D

there should be enough room in the handle to fit a AA battery. So feasibly, you could do this.

This project inspired me to make a custom sword/rattle for my son, but I'm worried about him chewing/sucking on it (like babies do with, well, everything). PLA is pretty safe if I keep being told I should seal anything if I want it food safe, and I assume similar applies if a baby is going to be sticking it in their mouth. Did you coat or seal this? Any tips on what to use?

I did not use any sealant on the PLA. For my son, the use of the rattle was always done under supervision to prevent him from chewing on it. My main concern was not the PLA, but saliva (and food particles) for getting in the layers.

Yeah, thats my concern as well. I don't plan on leaving him unattended with it, but I don't want to have to hover over him so he doesnt shove it in his mouth, and/or toss it the first time he slobbers all over it.

Reddit recommended this resin http://www.michaels.com/10324152.html, which I am going to try

Excellent design, Thanks for sharing! I made three and gave to friends with triplets. Made two 170% scale for myself and my 4 year old.

This is amazing. I had some trouble printing it though. The fan shroud on my printer doesn't allow for much clearance to insert the peas. Could a small hole be added to the bottom of the blade to insert the peas post-print? It seems like if it is intended to be glued anyway, there's no reason to have the peas sealed inside the blade by the printer.

Try adding a pillar stl next to the blade on the print bed. When the extruder moves to print the pillar you'll have clearance to drop the peas in.

thats a really good idea. I had not thought of that. thanks.

I was concerned that if the blade had a hole and was covered by the handle when gluing it together that if the handle came off for some reason then the peas would be able to get out and pose a choking hazard.


thanks. I think he is pretty cute as well, but I might be biased.

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong but when I click the Order This Printed button the Handle and Peas files say they are too small to be printed. Any advice?

I have no experience with the "order this print" feature, so I really can't help you out. Maybe contact thingiverse and see what they have to say. there is a contact button on the bottom of the web page. Wish i could help you, but I don't even know where to start.

Your design is SOOOOOOO cool... I made one.
Did you put the peas manually in your Slicer? I felt a bit dumb when I got my peas in one hand and the closed blade in another

yes, you are supposed to put the peas in when the blade is about half way printed, print it again, and then you have 2 swords, which is always better than one sword :)

from the description in thing details ...
"Print the peas first (i find that using 2 groups of peas makes the best rattle), and when the blade is about half way printed, drop the peas in the open end; this ensures that the peas are forever contained in the rattle."

Thanks a lot for the reply... and excuse me for not reading the description... :-/

Just 8 more days to enter to win a totally awesome epic sword rattle for your little warrior. You can enter by sending an email to contest@targsworkshop.com, put "sword rattle" as the subject.

Due to some concerns about the jewel dislodging from the pommel and providing a choking hazard, I have added another pommel (pommel2) that does away with the jewel.

The totally awesome sword rattle has been picked up by a number of blogs and websites. The most notable being:

Make Magizine : http://makezine.com/2016/04/02/epic-3d-printed-baby-rattler-sword/
Gizmodo : http://toyland.gizmodo.com/prepare-your-child-for-pre-school-with-a-3d-printed-bab-1769339816
Adafruit : https://blog.adafruit.com/2016/03/31/baby-sword-rattle-3dthursday-3dprinting/

This is totally awesome.

I have an extra rattle that I will be raffling off at the end of April (2016): you can enter by sending an email to contest@targsworkshop.com, put "sword rattle" as the subject.

Looking forward to printing this out, it looks like the faces are flipped on Blade_2.stl
and Pommel.stl. I ran them through Netfabb Cloud which sorted them out, but I thought I'd let you know.

Hmmm, I guess Cura doesn't have a problem with flipped faces. I will try and get that sorted out this weekend. Thanks for the heads up.

Faces are flipped... I printed using Simplify3D with any update and great success

damn, i thought i had fixed that, i will try again :)

I really like the rattle and printed one. Seeing my nephew play with it really concerned me. The jewel on the back if it comes off is a serious choking hazard. The contact between the parts is loose enough that it is hard to glue it securely. I didn't on the first try. I would recommend that you build into the file a mechanical interlock such that you are not solely relying on the glue to hold it. OR reduce the number of parts such that they are bigger and do not create an issue. If you are willing to share the source files, I can build the mechanical interlock for you.

I have printed and assembled 10 of these rattles, and have not had the issues you have described. All the jewels fit tightly and adhered nicely. But I can see how different printers, different calibrations, etc could effect the fit of the various parts. I would be happy to give you the source files for your modifications. Send me an email at matthew@targsworkshop.com and I will send you igs files of the parts.

Yeah, that's the stuff!

thanks, I am glad you like it.