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The Division - Shoulder Beacon v3

by guido666 Mar 12, 2016
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The Lens and lens center aren't opening at the correct size. I have tried opening them in cura, slicer and fusion 360. can you provide the proper outer diameter for each? Thanks

Never mind. increasing by 2540% seems to be correct.

Hello! I've been working on making one of these for a cosplay now that Division 2 is on the horizon. Its been coming along great (thank you so much for sharing these files) but I'm new to arduino and this is my first project. I figured out how to change colors, but I was wondering how I would go about possibly making the alternate animations happen a little more frequently. What part of the code do I edit to make that happen? thanks!

Look for these lines, and lower the number 50 to something else (start with small changes). Here's what these lines do. There are 4 modes, numbered 0 through 3. Every several seconds, these lines run, and they choose a random number 0-50. If the number is 0-3, it just activates that mode. But if the number is 4-50, it activates mode 2 (throb). So if you change the 50 to 4, it will change modes every round (every several seconds). The higher you make the 50 number above 4, the more "tickets in the lottery" for running mode 2 (throb), so at 50 it's about 15x more likely to run mode 2 (throb) than the others. My intention with the setting of 50 was that it mostly stays in mode 2 (throb), but you get another mode by surprise about once every 2 minutes.

mode = random(0, 50); // (Min, Max), excludes the upper bound number
if (mode > 3) mode = 2; // Makes modes other than throb unlikely

Thank you so much for such a fast reply! I had a hunch that those lines controlled the timing, I just wanted to make sure since I'm not the best at code.

Do you take orders, cause when i try to get one made here i get an error

Sorry, I do not. It's weird, because people had issues before, so I uploaded smaller-sized files and then they were able get some made. I don't have anything to do with the ordering system, so I don't know what's wrong now.

Perhaps try downloading the files and uploading them to a printing company (e.g. 3D Hubs, Shapeways, etc.) yourself.

One final note, you will need two of the small hexagonal antenna standoff parts. There is only one file for it, but just get it printed twice. Some people have had this issue before.

I just received my v3 kit and it did not come with all of the parts. I am missing the antenna and the lense.

I also only received one of the PTW-00-2-PT-0253_The_Division_Shoulder_Beacon_Antenna_Plug parts.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely nothing to do with ordered parts. I merely designed the files, and uploaded them to this site, free of charge. The service you paid for is offered solely by Thingiverse.

However, I can tell you that I only uploaded the antenna as a SolidWorks part, because I did not intend it to be printed by anyone. Take a 3/8" wide tape measure, and cut a part of it out. I then dipped it in PlastiDip to rubberize it, but it sounds like some people have had good results from encasing it in heat-shrink tubing.

The lens file is here, so I'm guessing you should have gotten it, though I wouldn't be surprised if they sent it to you printed in black plastic. Again, I have nothing to do with that service, and since I have a printer myself, I've never had to order from it and don't know how it works.

Yep, you probably only got one antenna plug too, because I only included the file once, intending that a person would print it twice. It's not really a special part, and you could just as easily use a real coupling nut, painted black and cut down to an appropriate length. Or have a second one printed.

Hopefully other people will read this, as I've received several of these similar messages, from various people. If it gives you the option, print 2 of the antenna plugs, and have the lens printed in a translucent plastic.

I uploaded smaller file size .STLs for the top and bottom parts. The originals were 85MB and 26MB, and I think that was causing people some problems with poor slicing performance and not being able to "Order This Printed". The new files are 6MB and 2MB respectively.

I just tried ordering this to be printed, and I received a refund for my order saying this design is not 3D printable. I did notice that two parts had a cost of $0.00 and a warning that they may be too small to print (PTW-00-3-PT-0268_The_Division_Shoulder_Beacon_Lens.STL and PTW-00-3-PT-0269_The_Division_Shoulder_Beacon_Lens_Center.STL). I am not sure though if that was the cause of my order being refunded.

EDIT: After importing the Lens Center and Lens in Blender, I noticed that the size of the model is dramatically smaller than the other files (such as Top and Bottom). What are the intended dimensions for the the Lens Center and Lens?

Hello, where can i find the LEDS who's inside like in your video ? Sorry for my english but i'm french...
Thank you :)

They are NeoPixel Rings, from Adafruit. If you look up the NeoPixel Goggle Kit, it has all the parts you need, besides that you only need one ring, and a 2000mAh battery. Adafruit has a tutorial for wiring it all up, and then you use my code (posted in the files) instead.

Did a 16 LED NeoPixel ring fit or did you have to get the 12 LED ring?

It's use the 16-LED ring. If you scale it down to something like 83%, it will fit the 12-LED ring.

For some reason the order this printer option does not work for the 3.0 but does for the 2.0

Is there something I am missing or what?

Could you share the dimensions for the model

Rough dimensions of the main body are about 5"x2.5". If you want specifics, please just open them in CAD and measure. If you do, please share back what you find.

Hey , Thanks for the share really great design.

My trinket dont seems to lithe the .ino file thought...

Adafruit_NeoPixel.h: No such file or directory

and it is on the right folder

Did you follow Adafruit's tutorial, including on how to install the libraries?

I love your work!

I think this is little different from in the game, especially the botom is shoter and there is no bulge of the side.
Could you improve here?

Please check this - Shoulder Beacon in the game

I have no [current] plans to modify this any further. I did most of the designing before the game was even out (even in beta), using as many reference pictures as I could get (I posted the collage with the files). I'm happy with it, and the only person that would tell it apart from the in-game model would be anal costumers like ourselves, who have slaved over finding even newer reference photos (so essentially, nobody). I've already made my physical beacons, so unless I decide to make more, I won't be updating this model... besides, I need to save time for making models for the watch, ear piece, pulse backpack gizmo, etc.

Thanks for the reference photo, though. I saved a copy with my others. All that said, I did also post the original SolidWorks models here, so you're welcome to take them and remix your own.

About what length should the measuring tape be cut to fit?

I forget exactly. I think I made the "raw" tapes 24" long, then I just bent them around and cut at a length that looked right. It was probably around 16-18". However, that was on the shorter previous beacon, and I haven't completed any of these longer ones yet. So it may need more.

How long do the cap screws need to be for the top?

Pretty much any length, because they are decorative only. They don't actually bolt into anything... you just epoxy them in place. So as long as they are long enough to glue, and short enough to not run into stuff sticking out the bottom, you're good. If you look at the files of the ones I used, the length is written right in the file name, and the part number is from McMaster-Carr (so you can look them up and order them).

Freaking amazing! How do I get your custom code?

Oops, sorry. Just grab it from the v2 beacon (.INO or .TXT files). http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1154596

The Division - Shoulder Beacon v2

Hey, love your work!

Cura opens the files at very odd scales... What are the dimensions of each item SUPPOSED to be, so I can adjust each item to print? For example, the beacon top file when opened in Cura says it's only 1mm in Size Z!

Thanks in advance!

Solidworks, by default, exports STL files in cm instead mm. If you scale it up by a factor of 10, then everything should be right.

Not necessarily. SolidWorks outputs in whatever units are selected (e.g. Inch Pounds Seconds - IPS, Millimeter Gram Seconds - MMGS, Centimeter Gram Seconds - CGS, etc.), or what you override them to. There is really no "default" as its a per file, and per user, setting.

Weird, they opened and printed fine for me. I'll have to get the exact size, but it should be about 5" long. Are you sure it didn't open in millimeters, but the file is in inches (e.g. scale it 25.4x bigger to get it to inches)? That's the most common problem.

v2 vs v3 - http://imgur.com/8P4Zd7I

Scaling by 25.4 fixes it. The only files that need this in v3 are the ones I think you recently updated. The old v2 files are scaled properly.

Thanks for the update, by the way!

So they aren't "scaled wrong", you just aren't loading them in the scale they are drawn in (e.g. inches vs. mm). Ideally, you should not open them then scale... instead just tell it that they are in inches/mm when you open them.