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Wanhao Duplicator i3 GoPro or 6mm camera mount

by Coder-Tronics Mar 8, 2016
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anything on the 1/4 thread bolt?

Hi, no i made a few tests but none where strong enough. I use a GoPro camera flash mount, it's less than $2 and provides a good secure mount.


it didn't work for me, it didn't fit in the corner with enough clearance for the spring. Also, the bolt would only go about half way in.

Sounds like your aluminium plate under the heatbed is different in size, as there was plenty of clearance on mine and also the photos of the make by Oaken.

If you get a chance to measure your plates corner dimensions I can maybe tweak the model to accommodate.

How stable is this mount? Do you experience any wobbling during tight infill areas?

This ( http://www.thingiverse.com/make:233408 + http://www.thingiverse.com/make:233409 ) wobbles a bit during printing.

This ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/gskeuad6i3a6qpv/pikachu_1gen_flowalistik_20160716193400.mpg?dl=0 ) is what the timelapses looks like.

Raspberry Pi camera additional parts
by Oaken
Wanhao i3 Camera Bed Mount
by Oaken


I only did one movie and not sure where it is, I didn't have any noticeable issue just poor lighting. However, I did slow all the head speed settings right down, this was also to reduce any ringing due to the extra weight from the GoPro on the Y axis.

This is the metal bolt I used to secure it, if everything is locked down it's pretty sturdy https://postimg.org/image/9e3to6u47/

Hello there! As you might remember I printed this and was really happy with it, but when printing large prints the bottom part seems to be a little bit too low for me. Maybe something is fucked up with my printer, or maybe the bottompart is a little bit too thick. Would it be possible to upload the source files for easier modifications? I really like this camera mod, but it could use some upgrades.

Here is a link to what I'm talking about: https://youtu.be/4sBFv7h3zoM

It seem to be printing just fine, but better safe than sorry you know.

Edit: I did a remix of the model with the bottom cut. Would still love the original files, in order to add some modifications, like a hole for a nut for a sturdier bolt.


I am away at the minute, but will upload an editable file. Any preference on file type?

Whichever file type that is generally used, like SAT or IGS.

Any update on the 1/4 thread bolt?

No sorry just not had the time as started a new job. I found a GoPro bolt with a large head and a second lock nut works well, this was in a small accessories kit I had for the GoPro.

I'm looking for something like this but fits the pi camera

I don't have a Pi camera so no way to design and check the fittings, however the design has a 6mm hole that could accommodate a custom mount for your Pi cam.

Perfect thank you! I'll cad something up!

Will this work with PLA?


I made this in PLA as don't use ABS. However for the locking bolt it's probably best to use the metal one that comes with the GoPro, as you want a tight fit considering the Y-axis is potentially going to be shaken about quite a bit.

Hello Thank you for creating this awesome mount!

I am in the process of printing, what is the tolerance for the threaded parts (between the the bolt and thread)? I printed a test piece out earlier and it was smooth and tight, I really like it.

Hi thanks and glad you like it. The tolerance between the threads is 100 microns each so equates to a total of 200 microns. These will wear down through continued use and sometimes need a little honing straight after printing, but like you say should provide a nice tight fit.

Hey Antscran, Thank you for the quick reply!!

okay I see... so there is a 100 micron tolerance on the bolt itself, and then an other 100 micron on the thread (insert/hole).