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by petergross3 Mar 5, 2016
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Masterpiece, i love it.
Currently figuring out how it all goes together in digital before printing.


Name: Maximum Red
Hex: #D92121
RGB: (217, 33, 33)
CMYK: 0, 0.847, 0.847, 0.149

Name: Wine Red
Hex: #B11226
RGB: (177, 18, 38)
CMYK: 0, 0.898, 0.785, 0.305

Name: Light Gray
Hex: #D3D3D3
RGB: (211, 211, 211)
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0.172

Name: Metallic Silver
Hex: #A8A9AD
RGB: (168, 169, 173)
CMYK: 0.028, 0.023, 0, 0.321

Name: Cobalt Blue
Hex: #0047AB
RGB: (0, 71, 171)
CMYK: 1, 0.584, 0, 0.329

Name: Cyan-Blue Azure
Hex: #4682BF
RGB: (70, 130, 191)
CMYK: 0.633, 0.319, 0, 0.250

Attached image shows the optional parts included by Warboy (Alternate Masterpiece Parts) and the extend of what is required to build this beast

Absolutely excellent idea and design! Thank you greatly.

How tall does it stand? Is it the same as the original?

Its about 13 1/2 inches. I have no idea how tall the original is.

ok important question. hivemind please let me know which piece is the biggest. i want to max out my printer for this guy. and it would be nice to not have to load every. single. piece. to find out whats biggest

The legs (calf) are the biggest

How’d you paint the chrome bits?

its just chrome spray paint. You can get it at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Prime first then spray and try not to touch for a few days..it picks up finger prints really easily well beyond the supposed "time to dry"

is this original, or a reverse-engineered mp10?

Uh.. It's original in that I have never had access to or seen an MP-10 in person. It's reverse engineered in that I used pictures and videos found on the web to design and build it. What does that make it... officially?

If you only used references of the MP10, I'd say that's a reverse engineering

reverse engineering is do in the fisical object, disassembling. The work of petergross3 it is a excellent piece of 3D art

Reverse engineering is replicating something, in this case the MP10. But, petergross3 has done a great job of it, and it still took a lot of time and effort on his part.

I'm a reverse engineer :D petergross has do this great job only by photo, he was even better. Because he has not the real model :-)
In the reversing engineering process we have the real object, not only photo references. it was just to specify the difference between reverse engineering and reproduction ;-)

This model is a real masterpiece, very functional and incredibly complex and good designed. I really have to say thank you for sharing it, I cannot imagine how many hours have you spent creating it.

Thank you very much!

Congratulations !! That´s amazing !

How big is the truck in printed 100% ? Or Scale ?

This model is pure awesomeness ! But i had some problems where to place which part. I assemble all stl files in one blender file with out changing names of the files. If some one need sort of instruction You can find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2982807

Optimus Prime Masterpiece by petergross3 - instruction in blender file

You deserve an award for this!

this is insaaane, I will buy my 3d print soon and I want to prin this in 1:18 scale so I can fit Gi joe inside jejeje

well they made other robotech stuff why not the fighter ? wow that pic looks awesome. look grabcad and yeggi has some of them even the veritek jets but they arnt very good there is one that transforms aswell but also not good will send some screen shots

i dare you to make a veritek macross robotech fighter that transforms ive tried but not doing to well.

I hear that might be tough ..... copyrights....might not be able to share.

This is very well done. I was actually working on designing an optimus prime myself but, I didn't get very far when I saw your masterwork. The only thing missing is the trailer/base with Wheelie

maybe you can do the trailer and the rest :) I tho about it too myself, but found this while I was searching for references :)

I'm in the process of printing this, but I scaled it up to 120%, so I am actually printing the pins to join everything together as the pin holes are bigger, I just have to print all the pins together at a lower speed and lower temp :) I also separated some parts to print at different color and put the left and right side of the head in one piece to print, but the vents are removed to print in silver.


can some one plz make instruction on how the cab goes together im lost plz

I have never worked up the nerve to try and print this, but I just had to say how fantastic of a model it is.

Already printed this once, but now starting to rescale this upto about 30 inches tall

optimus is my favorite transformer. this is awesome.

Already printed this once but gonna do it again at 250% as want a big version

how tall/big is this in robot mode at 100% scale?

13 1/2 inches

Hey thanks for taking time to reply. And thanks for giving this to the community. You’re a genius and your skills are amazing!!

Thinking about scaling it up big so wondering what the biggest piece is? Want to see how big I can scale it up without having to cut any pieces up to fit on my Print bed.

I've been printing out the parts in my spare time for a while now, and I'm excited to be almost done! Ever consider modeling the trailer as well?

Comments deleted.

This is very cool! I'm going to make this for sure!
You like robots have you seen the VALKYRIE VF-1S Veritech Fighter from robotech over at my mini factory?
It's huge like this.
Thanks for your hard work!

I'm printing this masterpiece right now, but do you know where I could find the Valkyrie files? It seems to have been taken down. I really want to print that next.

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!! Many memories! Thanks man!

gorgeous work
are there any instructions ? does it need metal parts ?

Hey I'm busy printing your stuff supper exsited. I'm printing it on a makerbot replicater mini. One thing though I'm going to remodel your legs so that the Wells fold into the legs so they not visabal at all like the realy g1 prime. IL share the files with you wen I'm dun I'm a 3d animation and game designe lecturer at openwindow.

Many thanks bro ! <3
and congratulations !

Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhh!!!! CONGRATULATION !!!!

This has to be the most ambitious 3D printed project I've ever seen. Well done, Sir - you win.

i would love this if you had a fully assembled version that i could print :D

love it. how many hrs to print it out?

Hey, one more question (Sorry if I'm spamming): Do you think you'll ever include the gun that came with MP-10?

I was really just interested in the character and am somewhat concerned about getting too close to the original product. I don't want to get a take down notice and start a bad precedence for fan derivatives in the 3D print space.

However, I believe others can create things that will work with this model and that should be ok.

If I wanted to scale this down, what would be the smallest I could print this?

That is hard so say. The gotcha will be in the hole sizes for some of the hinges points -The cabin/front and bumper have small holes (2mm) so you can go as low as allows for these hinges to still work, unless you don't need it to transform. 1/2 the current size and greater could work out, figuring it will scale the smallest holes to 1mm, if you use small metal pins...maybe paper clip sized.

Hmm... Okay. I'll excitement a little with the files. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a printer soon instead of asking my school... I'll let you know what works when that happens.... Thanks!

Love it! Thank you for sharing. Great to see another TF G1 fan.

This is AWESOME MAN!! I 'm printing Prime right now. Please tell me how do You connect parts??

I should work on a star saber for a masterpiece Optimus.... What do you guys think? I could use LiokaiserOmega's original design for one, scale it up a bit, and make the handle so it fits his hand as well as his rifle would.

do it, then share the link. I would want to try that

Comments deleted.

Dude, I LOVE this!!!!! Like, do you think you could make a Masterpeice Shockwave (MP Quakewave is the IDW name) or a Masterpeice LaserBeak (MP Condor)? I would really love to see those guys!!!!

There was a Soundwave here that suddenly disappeared last month. I only managed to get the files MINUS the hands and print it, but the posting is gone! Darn. If whoever did it before would rename the thing and post it appropriately, and add the rocket launcher (I grafted the one from the Tardis version), then we'd be all set....

Were There Files for Laserbeak included? again, This is already amazing, and if he made a soundwave figure, i'd download that too. but even so, i've been more of a casseticons fan rather than a fan of thier leader.

No it was just a standing, somewhat articulated old fashioned (Gen 1) Soundwave. And I liked him better than the new Soundwave. I liked how he talked, I liked that he had Rumble, Ravage and Laserbeak in there. I am still kicking myself for giving away my original Hasbro figure years and years and years ago....

Ah. Well Thx... and i think u should give the new MP soundwave a little more of a chance... from the reviews i've seen, he seems okay but thats just my opinion. like i said i prefer the casseticons to their leader.

i think it's safe to say that you won the entire internet of "transformers + 3d" printing combination.
Amazing is too small of a word to describe what you did.

As i'm looking through the amazing files and the pictures, i couldn't help but notice the chest slot for the Matrix of Leadership, but i can't find the Matrix itself. Did you make one?

I'm am definitely going to have to print this.

AWESOME! I must print it absolutely!!!!

Jaw dropping stuff! This truly is a masterpiece!!!

Thank you so much, I can't imagine how strenuous it must have been to get the measurements right.


I have always wanted to have MP10 prime but I don't have the money but my school has 3D printers now I can have MP10.

I have always wanted to have MP10 prime but I don't have the money but my school has 3D printers now I can have MP10.

This is truly a Masterpiece. Very nicely done. I'm amazed to hear that it isn't a direct piece for piece copy of the Masterpiece OP.
This is a level of design skill to which I aspire. I shall be making one of these to stand alongside my Tardis Prime.

This is amazing.
Good job!

Very nice work and nice detailed story and instructions