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The 3D Printed Marble Machine #3

by Tulio Mar 2, 2016
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I have made several of these and they work great. Thank You Tulio! I keep printing more because all that see it want one. You can also get the bearing balls at Fastenal, an industrial suppy company. I got 100 for under $15.

Would there happen to be a remix that has a catching tray or an outer lip to catch once the marble has run though? Thanks in advance.

Marble Machine #3 has an endless track, the marbles circle around all four tracks clockwise.
No need for a catching tray.

Comments deleted.

I bought these and they work great. They have enough weight where they dont fall out every single time. Printed ones were a pain to assemble.

25 3/8 Inch G25 Precision Chrome Steel Bearing Balls AISI 52100 Chromium 0.375 https://ebay.us/Lcv47j

can you send me a link for the marbles, or could you tell me where you got them from, i cant find marbles that small.

what type of plastic did you use, can you send me a link for the plastic? The color seems really nice :)

how long does it take and is it okay to print in 0.1 layer height

My Prusa MK3S at 0.15 on the Prusament PETG settings...1D and 11H

I just made 3d printable marbles that work for this, they're a little bit light though, but I don't think that'll be a problem.

3 part printable marble

I just printed it in red PLA 0.15mm as suggested. AWESOME!
Thank you very much!

NIce! Glad you enjoy my Marble Machine!

I printed this machine stock (no modification) for 3/8 inch balls (9.5mm). I also enlarged it by 33% to use 1/2 inch balls (13mm). I did a full review on my YouTube.com/SuperdanTech channel. I give some hints on how to achieve a successful print. Good luck guys!


to print it at 133% was a great idea! it took 76h on an anycubic i3 mega (pla semi transparent, 0.2mm, 35% infill, 20mm/s walls, 40mm/s infill) and now it looks fantastic and works really well.

Thank you and I am glad you were able to print it well after 76 hours!

PLA fluorescent 200° hotend 60° board 30mm/s

I'm in agreement with someone else who suggested that the title of this be edited to make it clear that this doesn't work as designed with normal marbles.

I just made 3d printable marbles that work for this, they're a little bit light though, but I don't think that'll be a problem.

3 part printable marble

Hi Tulio, I would like to present this incredible machine on my YouTube channel. Are you ok with this? I printed it and it is awesome! You can check out the work I do there; YouTube.com/SuperdanTech. Cheers.

Do you think this would work on a 11mm ball without scaling?

I am afraid 11mm will be to big. I recommend 9.5, or 9mm

I like this model! The printer runs 27 hours now and still have to print 6 hours... That's a benchmark test :-)

I’m thinking if you could get this to work with a D&D dice set, you could cleanup with gamers and at conventions!

I printed it at 60% scale and so that it took around 10 hours (I did not want to leave it overnight). I have some areas where it is less material (to the point that it seems it might crack) and it looks pretty bad. Maybe this is happening because of the scaling, I don`t know.

I'm having issues with an 85% scaled remixed spiral. At first I thought it was my printer settings, but after printing 4 different ones, I concluded there is something wrong with the file (less likely) or the way my slicer handles it (more likely).
But I think scaling it down does produce some very small structures.

I keep having a problem with some of the legs (where the track initially attaches to the base) breaking off while printing. It seems like if they were flared out just a bit to give them more attachment area to the base this would go a long way to prevent this, and would hardly be noticeable aesthetically.

Has anyone tried scaling this to work with standard marbles? We have a ton of marbles and would love for it to work with them.

The original is 140mm x 140mm x 119.1mm with a 9.5mm marble, so for a 15mm marble you'd have to scale it up by 58%. If your printer can handle 221mm x 221mm x 188mm, then I imagine it should work.

I can't print that big. I'm tempted to try it. Would take a heck of a long time, though.

i love the way in the video it works and i want it to go the same way. i'm thinking when i slice it "what should the size be for filament," i use Cura to slice, what should i do?

If trying to design my own, what is the best way to make the tracks, they are hard to sketch in inventor?

This is a lovely model! How easy do you think it'd be to split off the track and structure and print in dual colour? We have an Ultimaker S5.

what type of marbles do you use?

9.5mm Ballbearings

Comments deleted.

would 8mm ball bearings work?

I did supports... F me

Me too, didn't see anything about supports in the supporting files in the download. I got 10 hours in when I read your comment and aborted...thanks for sharing your demise...

Hahaha sorry to hear that, that what bound to happen sooner or later. ;)

very cool model! what software did you use to design it?

Thanks! I designed it inside Cinema 4D

Here's a drop-in motor drive... can run in continuous or single-marble mode.


Many Thanks for this lovely piece!

Motor Drive for Tulio Marble Machine #3
by marhar

Did you ever upload the rest of your design, like software and circuit diagram?

Brilliant job - printed this great model with PETG in white and it works flawlessly. Printed in 100% scale and have no issues with 9.5mm bearings. I recommend 3 shells, 5 top layers and 25% infill. Less produced bad top layers on the plate and the rails at least with my PETG.
Print time was 35h with these settings against calculated 32h with less shells, less top layers and less infill.

Thanks for sharing especially from my son :)

Should be called "9mm Ball-bearing machine" since standard marbles are too big.

But printed beautifully on my CR-10S with no supports.

Worked flawlessly right off the print bed!

Thank you for sharing the incredible design. I just starting to print this, using a Flashforge Finder. Print time 23 hours. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Thank you, I am glad to hear you enjoy my work!
Hope it turns out well!

Thanks again for the great work Tulio. I made a new design for the screw which worked perfectly for me, and I hope it will help others if there is any issue: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3046467

Marble Run Screw #3
by kbnet

I'm also printing on a Finder. I thought this one wouldn't fit on the bed so I printed from a remixed 85% one. I am having issues with the spiral so I'm thrilled to see you have a different one. I can't wait to get home!

Hi Tulio,

The print came out amazing and everything moves as it should. I purchased the 9mm steel balls and they do fit in the spiral. However, I've found that they just aren't being picked up properly by the spiral, it just sort of nudges them but they never slide into the spiral (I can do it if i push them a little or just shake the model slightly). Is this something you have come across? Any ideas?

For those looking for the steel balls (and based in the UK), I've ordered these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00T22HKU0

I haven't made any modifications / resize to the model, so expecting them to be fine. 21 hours to go until the main model is finished. I'll post a picture when it is done.

5 mins to go and then just need to print the 3 other parts. Everything is looking fantastic so far! My little lad is so excited, came down at 6am to check on it :D I've attached an image of the print so far.

All printed perfectly and looks fantastic, everything rotates as expected. However, i've tried 9.5mm steel balls and the screw isn't picking them up. They definitely can fit as i pushed one in and it carries fine, it just won't load by itself. I've ordered 7mm incase that is the problem but I thought people had it working fine with 9.5mm?? Please let me know.

Just finished printing this on my Ender 3. The Base took like 38 hours as per suggested settings, 0.15mm layer height, 50mm/s, 25% infill. I've tweaked my Cura setting and can probably get it in about 20 hours, 0.20mm layer height, 60mm/s, 20% infill. The rest of the parts took about 2 hours total. However it's done, it looks great and works fantastic! Got the 3/8" dia. bearings from a slingshot ammo kit from Canadian Tire (in Canada). 75 balls for $6.49!

Made one, but the screw only had a hole at one end? Tried different Cura settings but same result, in the end fixed by drilling. This is an awesome model and must have taken a long time to design. Bought 7 mm ball bearings from Amazon and works great. It did take 24 h to print but was worth it to keep my grandson entertained.

I scaled up the model in Cura (115.7895%) for 11mm pachinko balls that I already had on hand and everything worked like a champ. Thanks for making the file available!

It took me 20 hours with an Anycubic i3 Mega (0.2mm layer, 100mm/s speed). Cura said 16 hours, but there were too many retractions.

This is a phenomenal model - it looks great both still and in motion and also has clearly been designed with much thought for ease of printing.

I customized it in Tinkercad (with the recipients' names, plus a few other changes) and printed 3 of them as father's day gifts for my dad, step-dad, and father-in-law. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures to share, but I wanted to say Thank You! (I also sent a tip to show my appreciation). This is a great design, and you are awesome for sharing it with the world.


what a amazing model!!
Thank you for showing and share this amazing one.
Now I am studying INVENTOR to design and print 3D out.
I wanna know what program did you use. If you can, please share it! :-)


Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like my work.
I designed the marble machines completely in Cinema 4D.
I am also a Fusion360 user, but I find cinema 4D way a lot nicer to create organic shapes. ;)

Added a hole to the top of my ff finders spool holder to use the check switch, route filament in to the internal one from an external holder, then through the exit, why, because i didn't want to run out during this 18 hour print, but looking good.
for those wondering going through the top, around the spool peg and back out doesn't add any more friction.
im insane BTW and printing at .25 mm layers at 70 mm/s. so we shall see how it ends

I am thinking maybe design a base with stepper motor in it to turn the sprial rod instead of turning it by hand XD press of a buttom and it starts to move by itself, that would be pretty cool.
However, really nice design! thanks for sharing!

A good idea is for you to make a ball that size to fit cause some people dont have those balls.

I'm new to 3DP and this design is the 7th model I print.
looks like an awesome design!
I scaled down the model to fit the BB's 6mm balls and started printing it yesterday.
Total printing time 22.5 hours
Resolution 0.06 on Ultimaker 3
Printing speed 40mm/s as recommended in the comments.

Half way in print process and I'm getting a lot of spider webs.
Does it has anything to do with the travel speed or jerk speed settings? (which I have no idea what they are...)


finished the print and something ain't right...
I attached a photo. What did i do wrong??

The spider webs are otherwise known as oozing, whiskers. It can happen because a number of reasons.
The most important reason in the retraction distance setting. it determines how much plastic is pulled out of the nozzle. In general, the more plastic that is retracted from the nozzle, the less likely the nozzle is to ooze while moving.

A second reason is the retraction speed. Retraction speed determines how fast the filament is retracted from the nozzle. If you retract too slowly, the plastic will slowly ooze down through the nozzle and may start leaking before the extruder is done moving to its new destination. If you retract too quickly, the filament may separate from the hot plastic inside the nozzle, or the quick movement of the drive gear may even grind away pieces of your filament.

A last reason can be simple that your temperature is too high, and the material becomes too fluid.

I hope that helps.

Maybe you should try supports. What infil did you use?

Extruder temperature to high ?

So does the spiral need to be printed on end as shown on?

New to the 3D printing - have a Makerbot in my classroom now - anyone attempted to print one on this kind of printer? How tall is the largest piece? Would love to print one. Just want to check to see if anyone has had success with the Makerbot line.
Thank you -

And amazing design by the way,,,

I designed it with the idea that it should be very easy printable for everyone. Just download, print and play.
That is why no support structure is needed and the lift mechanism exist of just 4 separate parts.
It should fit on most printers, but If it does not you can scale it down a bit, and it should still work fine.

What are the dimensions? I just got my printer and it's a Lulzbot Mini which is 6"X6"X6.2" high. Wondering if it will fit.

should, it fit on my flashforge finder which is 6inches cubed, so same as yours, if u havent printed allready

Turned out great when I printed it. It is actually a little less than 6 inches tall and less than 6 inches diameter, so no issue whatsoever. Ordered the steel balls on Amazon about the same time I started printing it so they arrived about the same time all the printing was done. I set up my video camera on time lapse and videoed the who thing. The video turned out really great too. Here's a link to the video I made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc7eHIWyRnQ

A great design and a fun desktop toy! I checked out this design while I was still shopping for my printer and it is the first thing I printed after calibration pieces.

What an honor! It's great to hear you enjoy my work. Thank you for it the picture!

can I use a large nozzle like .6mm or even .8mm?what did you use?I am newer to 3dprint have a robo 1+ and cura estimates using .8mm will take 10 hrs,will it print ok?never used any nozzle except .4mm,using .4mm is 18-23 hrs.depends on layer height,thanks for anyones advise

I would try printing the main part in large nozzle, but print the others in .4, because they need to be more exact. (I haven't done it, but that makes sense to me)

normal nozzle size is 0.4mm i seldom print with different sizes. But give it a try, and share it with us! ;)

Wider nozzle size decreased the overall end quality. but you can prints faster.
For me personally 18-23 hours is a very normal print time. When I print my marble machine myself, it take 35 hours.
And i have had many print that were even longer then this. ;)

No. Its designed to be printable without supports.

Comments deleted.

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Theirs an explanation point and why did you bother adding this

what am i doing here?!

Comments deleted.

There can I order the balls ?

Just want to say what a great design and print. Well done!
I managed to print one myself ok, but it has so much "stringing" all through the tracks and in really difficult areas to reach!
Do you have any suggestions on how to tackle this as I can not get the balls to run down the tracks until I've completely cleared it!
Thanks in advance

Well, you could print another one with a slightly cooler nozzle along with faster and more retraction, and print slower. Or, if you have a heat gun, just run it over the stringy areas and it will melt the right off/.

Comments deleted.

This made a great gift for my son, he loves it! Thanks for sharing your great design!

Thank you for using my work as your gift, that is lovely to hear!
Have a great day!

Just printed this, and it came out fine! My cat loves to watch the marbles go down.

One comment/suggestion: on the track which is the shortest and goes along the outer edge, the marble has a tendency to jump the track because of the speed. I think there is space to increase the height of the wall on the outer edge to prevent this from happening. Happens to me about 20% of the time.
Good job!

Thank you for the feedback! I designed it for 9.5mm steel ball-bearings, these are quite heavy and should not escape the track.

Yes, that is what I am using - 9.5mm bearings. Thanks.

well... all it needs its an electric motor...

I designed it on purpose without electric motor, because I believe turning it yourself makes it fun!
But I agree, motors are cool as well. Check out the remixes there are quite a few ways to add a motor.

Hey, I have some questions:
how much did it take to design it? (it's a really well-done job :D)
Can u tell me the diameter of the marbles that you used because I can't find any compatible!
just for the others with Anycubick kossel linear plus filament diameter 1.75 speed 100% infill 100% it took about 19 hours

Hi meciu004, Thank you for the compliments!
It took me about 3 months, including designing, test printing, making the video, pictures etc.
You need diamater is 9.5mm ball-bearings. this is a quite common size so it should not be too hard to find. (I believe this is 3/8 inch).

Hope that answers your questions ;)

Yes, YouTube answered all my questions. I’m now having fun with it ;D

I printed this off and found that the lifter was having a lot of difficulty. It takes a lot of force to make the spiral work. I am thinking I need to smooth it out to make the spiral work.

I also found that the path, the one closest to the viewer in the picture above that doubles back to the left, has a collision. The support path bumps into the marble and I needed to file it down to make the marble pass by.

I know it's highly unlikely people will read through all the comments before printing...but it pays to print slow on residential quality 3D Printers. There's a handful of problem areas that will fail 14 hours into a 26 hour print if you don't pay great attention to your settings. Also the small support at the bottom, center of the spiral tube broke off when inserting the spiral marble riser on both of my completed prints...so that can be a problem area also. There's a mechanically improved version floating around Thingiverse that I think addresses a few of the issues you'll run into..so you might want to start with that one. I tried to beef up the areas I was having problems with but opening such a complex model for editing was a no go with all the programs I'm used to working with (Sketchup, etc) so I'll probably try the improved version next.

Knocked the full size one out in just under 8 hours.
Think it's the current record :-)
He3d k200 0.3 layer height 150mm/s print speed.

They are brilliant, current have three in decreasing size.
The one I made for bb's (2 inches high and wide) has issues with the spiral, has splits at the bottom the bb's get stuck in. At some point I'll load a smaller diameter nozzle and print it again.

The one for .38 (9.5mm) ball bearings is great and so is the one for 5mm ball bearings.

Now, I've shown it to lots of people and nobody can explain how it knows which track to pick.

If you use a single ball it will cycle through the 4 tracks in turn. It does not matter how fast or slow you turn the spiral, or if you stop turning while it goes down the track. It always, without fail runs through the tracks in sequence.
Please tell me why this happens, it's driving me mad trying to work it out !!!!!!!

haha thank you for your nice comment!
Its simple! It seems like it is 1 elevator, but there are technically 4 if you look down in the mechanism you see 4 shafts where the marbles are pushed up against. Track one end in elevator 2, track to end in elevator 3, track 3 end in elevator 4, and track 4 ends in elevator 1. etc.

It is nice to hear that you enjoy my work so much, thank you for sharing it with us! :)

Ah, that's just sneaky !

Thank you, me I'd have just said it was magic :-)

I'm curious why you would design a "Marble Machine" that is way too small for standard marbles?

Simple reason. Normal size marbles would require the tracks and the lift mechanism to be much bigger. which would mean, the whole print would become even bigger and longer then it already is, or the tracks for the marbles to roll on would had to be much shorter.

a secondary reason is that normal marbles are much lighter then ball bearings which makes them roll less well on gentle slopes.
That is why. ;)

With my Monoprice Select V2 using PLA, I'm unable to get the track to adhere to the bed. First try with default settings didn't adhere at all, the first layer warping immediately. Tried turning off cooling and heating the bed to 100, but this only held on until just after the detail of the track started to appear. Lifted, warped. Anyone else have and successfully fix this problem w/ the MP V2?

I print PLA at 30-40 F and use a glue stick on glass. I have not had any issues once I started using glass and glue.

I am sorry to hear that, that sounds very annoying. A little trick I sometimes use it to cover the bed with a simple glue stick, (can work wonders ) and keep the bed temperature at a normal temperature around 60 degrees.

I hope that can help! ;)

I just finished printing the track tonight. It took 38:25:02 on my Anet A8.... Looks awesome though. Really thoughtful design

I have an Anet A8 too. So you just printed this thing with no supports and it worked good?

Oh yeah. It was designed to not use supports. If you use supports the machine won’t work.

Thank you, nice compliments! :)

Thanks! appreciate it ;)

what did you use to design this? im getting into designing.

The track should take roughly 24 hours with Cura
layer: .2
infill: 25
speed: 40

Time is influenced a lot by your setting and printer type.
I have seen good results printed under 15 hours, for others it may take 30+ hours

How long did this take to make ?

Do you mean, to design, or to print? ;)

Wonderful model, thank you so much! Used .25 in. steel slingshot balls (from Amazon) for the balls. I printed the model somewhat small and guesstimated the size. Works perfectly (good guess, I guess)

Thank you so much. I am glad to hear your kind words. Its nice to know people enjoy my work!

My son wants me to print this for him. I noticed you used ball bearing in your demo that are smaller then a normal marble. What would i have to scale this up by for it to handle a 16.3mm glass marble?

It is a complete sod to slice. You need at least 8gbs of ram to pull it off under windows 7.
I have 4 lol
managed to finally get it sliced by setting simplify3d visualisation to Basic.
And printing at 0.24 layer height. Any lower layer heights just crashed the system. It will print at 0.3, but figgered as I was printing it very fast, i'd keep the higher resolution.
I was also shooting for the record print speed.
Ran it at 150mm/s, 2 bottom layers, 3 top and 3 perimeters. 15% infill.
Took 8 hours, 49 minutes with flashforge filament and my he3d k200 delta printer :-)
Printed great, had a very few spider strands that a couple minutes with a bendy straw sorted. All four runs work great with 9.5mm ball bearings.
Currently printing the other three parts.
printing them at 0.16 layer height and 100mm/s speed as they need to be a bit more precise to fit well together :-)
Total print time for the entire machine will be 11 hours and 40 minutes. Used just over 300gms of filament :-)
I'll post a made post when it's all together.

Anyone done it quicker ?

I also have a lot of 6.5 mm ball bearings.
I see a mini version in the near future !

Looks like i can knock a complete (all 4 parts) one out at 68% size in just under 5 hours that will work with the 6.35mm ball bearings :-)
Looks like a plan for tonight :-)

My daughter wants a LARGE version of this. I can scale it up to about 210% Does that mean it could accept up to 20 mm ball bearings? Is that a 100% print in the video with 9.5 mm bearings??

Cool! Yes that should definitely be possible!
Yes, in the video it is printed 100% with 9.5mm ballbearings.
Please sent me some pictures, if you printed it, I would love to see.

My 200% print failed. When I went to change the filament the z-axis moved. Then it knocked the print off of the glass. I will retry with a new spool and scale to 175% so I will not have to change spools. I may try at 210% if I can get a 2kg spool.

I've been trying to slice this model so that I can print it but,
-ReplicatorG keeps crashing.
-I tried cutting it in have to make it smaller but NetFab keeps crashing.
-Also tried to use MatterControll, that produced some gcode, but that gcode cashed the printer to crash.

Any tips? Do I need a super computer?

hmm that is quite weird, I have not heard this problem before. It is not the smallest model for sure, but it should not be a problem.
Did you try to slice it with Cura? I highly recommend it.
If that also does not work, I would think the problem lies in your computer, maybe you can try an other one to see if that works?

For the picture that you did on one of them, you printed a miniature (Tiny) one, was that the Ultimaker 2 that did that?!?!?

I have a lot of .38 calibre slingshot ball bearings. What percentage should I print this at ?

Ah ha - .38 cal = 9.65mm
so should work fine at normal size.

Hmm, simplify 3d 3.1.1 - will not slice it. gets as far as preparaing print preview and then just crashes the program.
Which is a bit of a bugger as I was going to go for the fastest print time record.

Never had a model crash it before.

Earliest simplify3d I have installed is 3.0 - it crashes that too.
Bugger :-(
I really wanted to see just how fast my delta could knock this out.

Obrigado Túlio, fiz e ficou muito legal, usei uma Makerbot replicator+ abraços

Do 7/16" steel ball bearings work?

does this really print without supports?

Yes! I designed it to print 100% without supports.
Actually if you print it with supports it will not work! The supports will block the track, and it is very hard to get the support out.

What print and travel speed do people tend to use for this? Right now, I'm looking at about 43 hours just for the track, and would like to safely cut some time if possible.....

hahaha simplify3d tells me 143 hours LOL

Ha ha you better start now!!!

Thank you JamesLu!


Took about 26 hours at 86% size (for 8mm slingshot ammo) on my cubicon printer. Works great after the wait :)

I'm glad this was mentioned. I'm printing at 90% size on my Qidi printer. The software said 17 hrs, the printer is saying 77 hrs. Looking forward to seeing this work. Just have to find the right size spheres now.

What does the lock cap do?

you use it to turn it with your finger..

This is a thing of beauty and skill. Nice work.

I wonder about a similar concept with one very long track... And a simple power source to cycle the balls - Rubber band perhaps? I can dream can't I!?!

Well done Tulio.
The comments paint a lovely story of it's creation.
This is very detailed and obviously took a lot of work.
I hope you are getting the credits along the way.
Head of Design

About how long does this print take?

On my XYZ da vinci Junior 1 it took around 26 hours. This is the most amazing thing I printed so far.

With me the pressure took 24h.

I made it! Looks great, works great. I printed 9.5mm balls and they like to fly off the tracks half the time, but I will try it with metal soon :)

I have exactly the same problem.
The balls fly out of the track because they are too light.
What balls do you buy - I come from Germany: 5 € cost the balls 5 € shipping!

I'm just looking into 3d printing and my little boy would live this!

my question is what sort of printer do I need I'm not wanting to spend too much and seen a few for around £130-£170

If your okay for building and are a bit of a tinkerer i would look into the Anet a8 its a very a popular printer and has lots of printable upgrades.

Any well reviewed printer would be fine. Just know that they build plate/build size (all 3 dimensions) has to be big enough for what you want to print. Know that 3D printers are fairly finicky and require tweaking to get things right. No need to be a rocket surgeon, just patient. As long as you enjoy tinkering and applying the scientific method, they're a whole lot of fun! ...and educational too. Facebook support groups for your printer type are pretty darn helpful too. I'm printing this right now using an Monoprice Select which is a knock off of the Wanhao i3 printer style. Seems to work well.

Did you guys use support when you printed this? If so, what kind and how much? Thanks!

No support is needed.
the support would actually block the tracks ;)

My favorite and most complex print so far. I love it!

Thank you very much ! :)

Anyone want to sub to my channel? when I get to 10 subs I'm making a 3d time lapse channel and can u leave a comment if u subscribed or commented on my vids and try and comment what my next channel should be called. btw my channel is 'Tracy Masefield'

Comments deleted.

do you think i can scale this down like .75 on .2mm layer

I think that is no problem, but only one way to find out ;)

seems very interesting!! thanks for your wonderful model!
i can't wait to return home and print one myself!

Thank you! Succes with printing, have fun! ;)

working on it with fingers crossed...
it will take about 50 hours on my printer.

Thank you for your brilliant idea and model. I enjoy too much.
But I had some trouble with spiral part and rotation handle. It seems that my UP!3DPlus2 is not precise as yours. So I modified these two parts. May I show them in my youtube channel? Off cause I show the credit of property.


Definitely the coolest thing I have ever printed! Incredible work, thank you! I can see several more of these coming out of my printer soon!

really needs a higher quality mesh on this, then it would be perfect.

agreed, that would be nice
I did a lot of modelling manually, drawing individual polygons for tricky areas.
I had to reduce the amount of polygons otherwise I still would't be done ;)
but see it as the the charm of a handmade 3d model ;p

depends on layer height, acceleration settings etc..... 10-20 hours?

Awesome design. Prints flawlessly.

Someone please scale it up to 30000 and use it as water slide

This needs to be done!!!!!

I would Love that! ;)

the song in the video is lit what is it called

Thank you very much, I composed it myself especially for this video ;)
So unfortunately is does not have name.
But It's really nice to hear someone likes it ;)

can i print this on .2mm layer height?

Yes definitely! no problem ;)

ok thanks and it should still work properly. I am starting a 3D printing business and i was wondering if someone asked me to print this for them and i charge them for the material is that alright?
I have bee looking into this and trying to find what the guide lines are

how long it took on 0.2mm layer height?
on my printer, 0.1mm takes about 50 hours.

look at the license.

How big would I have to scale this to use 12.5mm ball bearing as those are all I currently have. My printers can go to 300x300x400 so printer size shouldn't be an issue

Do the math: 12.5/9.5 = x/100. x = (12.5/9.5) * 100 = 131.58%

Dd the math long ago before anyone answered my question

Also is 12.5 regular sized marbles?

Did increasing the size work?

It worked for the 12.5mm ball bearings I have

hi i would like to print it too.
my steel balls have 12,5mm
so I must print in 135%?
s3d says for 135%=
38 h

for 100%=

I think I buy smaler balls ;-)

I was about 40 hours for it to print for me,

Beautiful design! I printed your design and will post photos.
I found your design on tinkercad, it seems to be copied and posted by someone else.


Hey Elvisness,
Nice! Im always Curious to see the photos ;)
Thank you very much for taking the effort to let me know, It's a bit sad how people don't respect creative commons sometimes.
Have a nice day :)

it works awsome thank you so much

@Tulio, I'm thinking to double the scale only on the XY direction (not Z) to lower the slope , so my steel balls/marbles move slower. But will the screw/lifting mechanism still be functioning with ununiforme scaling ?

Excellent design, thankyou very much for sharing this.

@Tulio, Shall people still print this , Or should they wait for version # 4 may be ;-)

It's still worth printing this one. I have been very busy with other projects, but hopefully #4 will be born soon ;)

Thanks for the awesome model it is cool, actually made 2, gave 1 away as a gift. Anybody else have problems with the occasional marble falling off the track? Anyway, doesn't distract from its awesomeness. I featured your model on my latest episode of my youtube show, check it out. https://youtu.be/oD-Pj1d1HEw

@Tulio, I have a large quantity of 13mm steel bearings (from a magnetic construction kit) that I would like to use. Should I print all the parts with the ratio 13/9.5 so that your design will work with the bearings I have?

Great design, BTW. I've always liked the ball run gadgets people make and post on Youtube, so now I can have my own. I'm planning to automate it (from the bottom - wood base). Thanks for sharing!

This thing is very cool, thanks!
Print worked first time with xyzprinting DaVinci 1.0, "good" setting with 25% infill. Took many hours though.
Tough part was finding 10mm ball bearings.
Fortunately, I found some ~9.5 mm bearings.
They work fine although the dial gets tough to turn sometimes, maybe when a ball gets stuck in there or something.
Anyway, this was great!

Printed with no trouble, used beads of propational diameter.

Anyone scaled this to work with 10mm steel balls? By what percentage? I can order 9.5mm from Amazon but already have a lot of 10mm on hand. Not sure how to mathematically determine the correct scale to apply. Planning to print on a Makerbot 5th Gen with Smart Extruder +

i use 10mm with the 100% scale. It works

i use 10mm with the 100% scale. It works

Comments deleted.

I printed this, and love it... Although on the one shoot that has no real curves marbles will occasionally pop out of the track. If/when i reprint this i will adjust this.
Would love to see the original artist retouch this area.

This time all looked OK. ........ in the beginning.....
Unfortunately after 22 hrs (still 4 hrs to go) the printer stopped. No idea why, the Software reported still printing. No warnings no flashing lights etc.

To me it looks like bugs in the firm- and software.....
So I asked XYZ printing for support, so far no answer (support looks like it is sitting in the USA and today is black friday......

The part that came out looked good. but because it is not complete it is still a waste of material.
Will try tomorrow again. Fortunately I had ordered more filament (uses 90 meter and 200 is on a spool) should come in next week.

i've had nearly the same problem, but other Printer. My Solution was to flaten the top of the 90% print with sand paper, then i've printed the last 10% with a separate file by setting the offset of the model to -90% height and glued them together with "Tamiya Cement for ABS" and it seems to be strongly glued. my kids can't break it.

How long did this take to print, and how much filament?

Mind boggling design. How much fun. Thanks.
About half way through printing the x y center shifted about 1/2 an inch and continued to print with the offset center. Beautiful design but skewed. Did my Repetier slicer hiccup at the 38 mm level?
32 hrs, 42 minutes at .25 infill, 1.5 layer height on Monoprice select PLA clear at .5 speed.

I have the same printer and the exact same happened to my print

I like the design and I am trying to print it as a Xmas present for my grandson.

In the first run I had to stop the print because of serious warping. It was lifting up the blue scotch tape from the bed. (I habe no heated bed).
Now I am in the second try using a raft and a strong "construction lamp" shining on the bed to heat it up a bit.
I will let you know the result.

Anyhow thanks for your design and sharing it.

I printed one and it came out great. Actually put a stepper motor on top and was able to automate it.

Comments deleted.

Just finished mine. It cam out perfect! Wife loves it. Thanks for sharing this. Flashforge Dreamer, .2 layer height, 25% infill, ABS

You should make marbels the right size for this because not all people have marbels the right size for this i know i dont

Try going to hardware store and buying ball bearings of the size you want.

Here's A HUGE tip!!! If you want this to work with your standard marble, then scale it by at least 117.5%
I was stupid and I printed this thing without looking at the description. He clearly states it's made for small ball bearings.

Hope this helped! :P ;)

I was even more stupid and didnt read that it didnt need supports. Im about 70% done at this point. Cant wait to remove all of that wasted material!!

Hello Tulio, it would be better to print on PLA or ABS I would like to make your creation as I see very very funny truth :)

Hey there,
That it completely up to you, I always use PLA but ABS should work as well.
You can search what the different properties are, but both will do the job just fine :)
Succes printing!

I use ABS and just learning PLA - - - ABS works just fine

I'm a total newbie in 3D printing. I'm wondering if a scaled down version can be printed, sized for BB's (candy balls, etc)? If yes, what do you suggest for percentage of shrink and or other considerations? Fantastic design! what tool did you model in?

If you're scaling down, be sure to check the sliced model before starting. If you have thin parts in the original, they may disappear if they get reduced in size smaller than the print resolution.


47% of original size should work for 4.5mm BB.

The 3D Printed Marble Machine #3

47% of original size should work for 4.5mm BB.

47% of original size should work for 4.5mm BB.

Hey thank you.
I did all the designing in Cinema 4D. And yes it is possible to scale it down! Take a look at the made models and the remixes, there are a number of smaller (and bigger) ones with some info.
Or you could calculate the amount of shrinking you need yourself. The recommended size is 9.5mm, so do the math! ;)
Succes printing!

Hey thank you.
I did all the designing in Cinema 4D. And yes it is possible to scale it down! Take a look at the made models and the remixes, there are a number of smaller (and bigger) ones with some info.
Or you could calculate the amount of shrinking you need yourself. The recommended size is 9.5mm, so do the math! ;)
Succes printing!

Hi. I printed this and found a fault at the bottom on each of the runs/slides. The ball hits a step. It is as if the central core of the main slide is raised about 5mm? It also means that the holes feeding into the screw are too small.

I think that was by design - - - helps randomize the ball movements - - -

If you consider the arched supports, the cracks occurred about a third of the way up the arch. In one case you could see the squeezed part on the arch, where the separation caused the upper part of the arch to rise while it was being printed. In other cases it seemed to break after the trach that was supported had partially printed.

Here is the good part. It all works, The cracks didn't affect the track. All the tracks work, and the mechanism, also printed in ABS but with 100% infill. The fit of the screw to the turning disk was amazing. it snapped together and held nicely.

I may "fix" the cracks with a 3d pen.

With a 0.2mm layer height, and 25% infill it took about 28 hours to print on my reprap. I will post pics.

Nice to hear it worked out fine in the end.
Im curious to see the pictures, because I never experienced cracks in the way you describe.

I just printed this, it came out awesome. It is my fourth print. It is flawless. It is Abs and it took about 16 hours. I printed all the parts together, is that wrong? It worked. I need to get a ball now. I need to trim/file the triangle at the top of the spiral. I can't fit it in the cap, but not a big deal, It works! Thanks!

Three more cracks - and the track does not seem compromised - although there has also been a power blip of a fraction of a second that didn't stop the print - and did stop my other printer which was printing the center screw for the third time.

I got the cracks also - - - it was because of a filament feed problem - - - cause the printer head to skip position just a little bit

I am printing the track on a reprap. with a 25% infill and 0.4mm nozzle, 0.2mm layer height. Material is ABS. Somewhere after the 3 cm height a couple of fractures occurred in the archways. That area of the print lifted up and compressed some of the support above that, but didn't affect the track, so I am allowing the print to continue.

I guess I should have stuck with PLA. The stresses that build up in an ABS print are just too much. I am slicing with Cura, it does not allow for a "high skirt" to stop drafts that I know of. If it finishes I will post the pics including the cracks.

Had to pause it ~50% (using octoprint) overnight, since my son sleeps in this room. I haven't paused prints yet, so let's see if 14 hours of printing will go to trash or not in the morning =)

You can afford a 3D printer but you don't have enough living space to not torture your kid's sleep? #Priorities

Anyway, it's possible that letting the filament sit in the hot end for hours will burn it in there and possibly ruin your nozzle. What ended up happening?

What an unkind and unnecessarily personal comment. Reported and blocked.

I've finished my print successfully. I've cooled down the nozzle during the night.

And about your first "question". It appears to be that I do have $500 for 3D printer and not yet $800,000 - $1,000,000 to buy an apartment. Nether do I have have ~$700 per week to rent a bigger living space. So, yeah, you might be right my #Priorities are way off ... And those $ are even not US one, but AUD which is 1.5 more expensive.
Be careful next time making such comments. It wasn't nice.

Shit, that's an expensive city you live in. A mill would get a 4 bedroom house with 4 bathrooms, 3 floors and 5 acres of land probably here... and a two car garage to put the printer. hehe. That $700 would be monthly for a mortgage on a regular house... might be a good idea to move.

I know I'm late to the party but don't listen to idiots like pmmarreck. For over 2 1/2 years I had a one bedroom apartment with a loft and my kids loved it (they were with me weekends and all summer) - I lived there so long because they didn't want to move! We did cool stuff, had fun trips, made memories. Now we're in a townhouse, one kid lives with me full time, and though everyone has a bedroom now the kitchen table has been given over to 3D printing and the family room has been rearranged to make room for the HTC Vive. We love it! The point of my boring personal story is that you keep on being the good dad you are - you and your son will have wonderful memories of this time and he'll be smarter for it too.

Glad to read you printed it successfully,
And I think you can never go wrong with buying a 3D printer. ins't it awesome It makes imaginations reality just like that. That must be the best thing ever for a kid ;)

Have a nice day, I hope you and your son enjoy my marble machine!

Tulio, thank you very much for kind words and for your design. It is very cool. Now we need to buy some proper balls and spin it, spin it! =)

Probably was a good idea to turn it off over night, I have been known to stare at my printer for hours while it runs lol.

Hey this design is one of the best 3d printables I have ever seen in my life, can you give me some tips?

Thank you for the nice compliment,
What do you want tips about?
If you have any question feel free to pm me.

printed at 85%n scaling and added image to Made (wouldn't let me upload video, only still image). Recommend doing the turn cap at 100% in-fill. I had it break twice (15% infill and 25% infill) twisting off the part that inserts into the spiral. Hardest thing was finding steel balls!

I wanted to test before purchase. Found them at a bearings outlet - the guy who worked there was quite amused when I pulled out the machine and showed him how it worked.

only I got sling shot - - ammo - - - and is 0.35 instead of 3/8 to my surprise - - works fine except sometimes on of the balls get loose and take off - - - as planning one a couple I got 125 for about $6.

and yes it gives everyone a surprise and a kind of oh wow. think I might just wonder by the local hardware store, they know me and have seen what I have printed before - - - this should cause some reaction - - - -

so many balls going in so many directions - - and coming out random - - - some I have done with 10 balls and others closer to 20 balls - - at 20 your eyes can not follow the balls - - too many whipping around so fast - - - really a great design - - - Xmas is coming and family members around the country are each getting one - - - and some friends with Grand kids - - - and for upcoming gift exchanges - - -

I had some hanging threads that stopped the balls and had to remove those - - - build problem - - changed a setting in the slicer so that it did the inside before the outside - - - this way it was not knocking the outside loose and it would hang down - - that cured that problem - - using S3D so have done 100 hours of printing Marble machines and have 100 hours more to go. and will be stocked up for the upcoming season - - - -

how big do the marbles need to be? love the print

Thank you very much :)
9.5mm (3/8inch) steel ball bearings would be optimal!

Hello Tulio

I posted the multicoloured Marble Machine a few days ago, this was printed scaled down on my Creality CR7 printer.
I have a newly purchased Creality CR8 printer which has a larger print area.
Tried 6 times to print the Marble Machine on the CR8 but it stops at random times from shortest 2 hours to longest 15 hours.
The printer successfully prints the "Maker Fair Robot" - 20 hours build time.
Is the printer faulty or something in the gcodes which is not compatible with my CR8 printer (I do not have any understanding of gcodes)

Any clues please - John

Hi Tulio!

On my YouTube channel I post a weekly video of a 3D print! I recently got a request to do one on this awesome Marble Machine. I was wondering if there was a way I could get permission from you to do it. Here is my youtube if you'd like to check out some of the prints I've done: https://www.youtube.com/user/ScienceMadeFunner

Hope to hear from you! :)

Hey 'SkyBry',
I just checked out your channel, looks fun! I subbed ;)
Thank you for asking permission. Yes, go ahead and print it, as long as you mention my name with a link in the description I'm completely fine with it :)

Succes printing!


Thanks Tulio!

I really apperciate your subscription! I will be more then happy to mention your name and put a link in the description! I love this design! It's already half way done & it looks incredable! :)

Fantastic piece of engineering. Made a multicoloured one on my Creality CR7 - scaled down to 0.814 to fit the build platform, used 8mm steal balls.
Well Done Tulio.

Has anyone printed this with a Printrbot Simple Metal? I just tried, and even though it seems to fit on the build plate in Cura, my machine can't seem to handle it (keeps hitting limit switches etc...). I have never tried to print something this big on my machine, but it's supposed to be able to do 6" x 6" x 6", so this just barely fits. Wondered if anyone else had run into the same problem.

Hi Melary
In Cura - Machine Setting, set the Width, Depth and Height about 5mm less than your printer spec to avoid hitting the limits.

What are the dimensions / size of the final printed model please? Just wondering if it'll fit on the M3D Pro when released next year. Thanks.

You can see the size if you put the model into a some slicer software.
But let me have a look for you.
The size of the track part should be around : 140mm x 140mm x 120mm
If this does not fit, you can always scale the whole thing down a bit, it will still work like normal ;)


What size marbles are used for best success??

Thank you very much :)
9.5mm (3/8inch) steel ball bearings would be optimal!

I just printed this. AWESOME. I just need marbles or steel balls to complete. I think a motor that would drive the augar would be a nice addition. Love it!!!!

actually I like the idea of manually turning it - - - more personal interaction and when I show it to people - - it gets more of a reaction when the balls start flowing out in all different directions - - - suddenly - - - - -

Thank you James, I couldn't say it better myself. I could easily have designed it with place for a little driver. But it was a specific choice to not do that. Making an effort to see the balls roll is very satisfying and fun, especially in the long run.

and I totally agree with that - - - - and is something that noticed that you said a couple of months ago - - - -
when I show it off - - I get lots of - - oh, what, wow - - - - best thing that I have made so far.

After 23.25 hours I can say with certainty This is by far the best marble track I have EVER seen the only thing that I wish was different is super minor but it is the holes, their a little small for most steel balls/marbles but that's not a problem because I'll just order some. Great work!

Thank you for the compliments!
I decided this size would be perfect for a printable object, without the whole thing getting too big / too tight.
But you could always scale it up or down a bit depending on the marbles you want ;)

Have a nice day,

I just finished printing the track, it took 35 hours. Once the other parts are printed I'll post my make.

How large is this when finished?

Base diameter is roughly about 143mm (5.63"), height is about 123mm (4.84").

This is genius!
If you continue rotating, all marbles move in all paths!
My cancer is cured now! Thanks man!

Haha thank you!
Glad I could cure cancer, I'm doing my best ;)

Beautiful :)
I hope the #4 won't need the Ultimaker Extedended ;)
What 3D software do you use to create your marble machines?

Thank's a lot for sharing !

Thank you :)
You don't need an Ultimaker extended. I work with a normal Ultimaker 2. (and you cab aways scale it down a bit)
I did everything in 'Cinema 4D'. and I used 'Cura' as slicer.

Have a great day!

wow! the design is crazy!

I do my best ;)

Awesome design. You should make one with an electric motor!

Thank you!

I myself like it better if you have to put in some effort to see the balls rolling ;)
But check out the remixed versions, there are some electric visions people made.

Have a nice day!

Your work is amazing and so much fun! :D
Thank you for posting your work here!

I just checked out your page, and it led me to your website.
You have some cool stuff yourself! I like science and mathematics al lot as well, So I can appreciate your designs ^^
Also your view on economics and mathematics interested me. your way of thinking feels relatable ;)
Very nice to read

Thank you very much for saying that ^^

Thank you! :]

Doing something a little crazy. I'm experimenting with a 150mm/s base speed on my UM2+ for this model.

.15, PLA, 220C, 15% infill, 110% extrusion

Going good so far. I'm about 1 hour into a 10.5 hour print.

I'll post results in "Made", if it actually completes. =)

oh nice, yes please let me know how that went.
I've been curious about the fast speed as well :)

Still in progress. A little sample video: https://vid.me/mG9P

I'm doing a timelapse of the print as well. I'll add to my make.

Thank you, I know that UM2 sound all too well haha, Let's hope it won't fail right before the end ;)

My congratulations! What took them so long?
Since they have this new feature i simply had to TIP you :)

Yes I just saw it myself, I did not see that one coming after all this time haha, but better now then never ;)
And thank you very much! ^^
I still really appreciate it!

Well I printed one (took 3 days to print) and went out and bought some marbles today in anticipation of it's first run... and they don't fit, not even close. They were normal 'small' sized glass marbles (~15mm) but they are WAY too big. Not sure where I will find ball bearings the right size, so for now it's just a static ornament. Nice design and I was happy it fit's my 200x200x200 print area. Tough work on my old printer but it came out OK.

Thanks for printing my model :) It says in the description you need 9.5mm (3/8inch) steel ball bearings, that is indeed quite smaller that your average marble ;)
3/8inch is a standart size ballbearing you should be able to find them in your local D.I.Y shop. I always buy them at a specialized bike shop, they often sell ballbearings as well.

An other nice option is to try printing these in the right size: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:805096
they should work fine, I have seen people use them before ;)

Hope that helps,

Marble - filament joined

this marble maze works like a pro

Nice to hear that, thank you

I played with tweaking this a bit and it was hard! I'm curious how you created it? Like what tools?

I tried printing at .25mm resolution and got stringy bits under the figure 8 loops and a few other places. It almost works for Pachinko balls, but is a little tight.

I love your creation and it's a special order for my son of 7 years ;-) . But how long to print? I started Friday morning (France) Simplify3d displayed 34h42min at startup, it's Saturday night already print 40h and it's not finished! He misses the top floor... Is a crash test for my printer ?? :-)

I am at 48 hours right now on a rep rap, and it's the second one I will have printed. It takes a while, but I keep my print speed slow and quality high.

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Has anyone printed this on a RepRap?

Comments deleted.

Just printed this thing out last week on the Taz 6. My son loves it!

Here's a time-lapse of the print:


Great! Thank you very much

it stops printing the spiral piece at about 40% of the way through?

Oh thats is weird, maybe something in your settings?

very cool music in video!

Thank You! :)

Hey cool creation! i was wondering, before i print it, how long it will take to print at original 100% scale.

Sorry for a bit of a late reaction. It depends really on the printer you use and the settings you choose. It took me about 30 hours to print, but I have seen people print it in 15 hours or less. ;)
But in general, the faster the lower the quality.

How many perimeters do you use guys or wall thickness?

This is incredible. I wish these were waterslides in real life

I wish that too, my friend ;)

This is most awesome!!!
I was a bit concerned when I saw the print time after slicing, but I went ahead and I'm sure glad I did!!

Every day now, I can't walk past it without working it for a few dozen ball drops! It's really amazing how it will dump balls on one path a bunch of times, then become random. I don't know how you did that!

Awesome machine!

Haha, It is a joy to hear that you enjoy my machine.
Great comment, Thank you

Comments deleted.

İncrebidle idea.

Great work on this design, it is pretty awesome!

I happen to have a supply of 5/16" steel bearings. So for those interested, 5/16" is 83% of 3/8". So, I am printing with scale of 85%, which will cut several hours off the print time and fit the smaller balls I already have in stock. Incidentally, 5/16" is 7.93 mm, so the 85% scale should be good for 8 mm balls as well.

Hey Tulio!
Nice model -as always- I printed it on a Form 2 in clear. it's GORGEOUS!

I love your work maybe try one without the spiral

nice marblemachine, shame about the marble size, check if you can get them before printing, .......

Thank you, it should be a standart ball-bearing size so shouldn't be hard to find. You could also scale it down a bit, so you can use a marble size you like. Check out the remixes of my marble machine.

What size marbles did you use ?? Please Respond!!!

I used 9.5mm (3/8inch) steel ball bearings
( It's in the description by the way ;)

I think this would be great for my wife's desk when she has patients in her office. The tactile, visual and auditory stimulation can have a grounding effect, which calms the mind. Thank you. Love your work.

Interesting, thats really cool to hear!
Just out of curiosity, may I ask what profession your wife has?

She's a mental health nurse doing the job of nurse unit manager

Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravissimo!

I printed the #2, about 16 hours of printing, and now i want to print also #3, estimated 29 hours of printing by Cura.

Grazie mille!
Haha tell me about it,
Printing all the prototypes took me ages ;)
And thank you very much for the kind donation, I really appreciate it!
succes with printing #3

A talent like yours should be encouraged and supported!

I printed three times the #2, one for my little son and another two as a gift for friends.

16 x 3 = 48 hours of printing!!! The extruder was crying. :-)

I'm imagining how it will be the #4...

Your marble designs are awesome! Have you thought about making them use little motors instead of cranks? Can you create modes to raise the base, change the bottom gear and add a motor mount? This would be so cool!
Another helpful suggestion is to add a coin or something to give a better idea of scale when looking at the photos!

Yes I have considered using motors, but I decided I did not want that. Because my goal was to make the design as simple as possible. And with that I mean, easy printable without supports, and ready to use after printing it. Motors would mean you have to buy a motor and install it etc. I also think a motor decreases the "play value" on the long run.
But then again, motors are awesome too ;)

And in the video you can see my hand (finger) which should be enough for scale, I figured ;)
But thanks for the tips, I appreciate it!

I agree manual is best -- - - - show to people and watch their reaction - - - eye opening - - - ah oh wow

Well done! Have you considered adding it to MyMiniFactory so make it easy to collect tips?

yes, I am definitely considering it ;)

I find this design very innovative! It is one of the several things that I see on Thingiverse that catch my attention, and make me want to print them.

Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you very much, I appreciate you saying that.
I'll try my best ;)

What is the difference between machine_tracks and track?

"Track.stl" is an updated version I uploaded yesterday. It fixed some small issues.

I wish I had waited to hear that I am 17 hours into the print lol

Haha don't worry, there are no visible changes in the model.
If you were able to get it to print, you wont notice any difference.

It printed but the second tier supports to the left side (of your signature) cracked off after I removed the print. They were hanging by a thread. I printed it in neon green ABS. I think I need to increase the extruder temp another 5°. Other than that it came out perfect.

I am using a new extruder with a different thermistor and I think it is off by quite a bit. Maybe I have the wrong one selected in firmware.....

Thanks for the cool design my daughter will love this.

Well done sir, will be printing it ASAP!

Nice to hear that, can't wait to see it

Amazing as always. Can't wait for next year's machine. :)

Absolutely incredible! Very, very nice work!

Comments deleted.

Everything looks awesome but for some reason cura wipes out the holes on the spiral so i end up with two flat ends. I had to run it through netfabb and then the part printed just fine. I'll upload a pic when I get the spiral printed :-).

Thanks, you are right, forgot to align the normals on that one ;)
I re-uploaded the spiral, so it should be good now.
Thanks for the tip!

The tracks STL might not be watertight or have some broken triangles.
When I load it into Simplify3d it gets flatten to 1/3 of the height.

Thanks for the tip,
I've uploaded a new file named "track.stl"
From what I am seeing, I am sure there are no bad polygons or edges of any kind in there.
could you let me know if it works for you?
If it doesn't, im pretty sure the problem is not in the model. ;)

Its water tight now but still has some self intersecting surfaces where you have put the "designed by Tulio text"
heres a screen grab identifying the issues in red

hmm That's weird. I have looked in Cura, Netfabb and Cinema 4D. But cant find any problems anywhere.
So Im not sure whats going on here, I'll keep an eye out if I hear more people having the same problem.
I have re-uploaded the "track.stl" file with one little adjustment, but that doest resemble the problems in your picture.

As far as i know Cura should work perfectly

your 3 D model has a load of issues. Just deal with it and dont suggest its my software . Your model has a ton of self intersecting planes. Whether your willing to admit it or not doesn't alter the facts.
En niet probeer by bij de hand te doen want dat kan ik ook. t'ja 16 jaar in Nederland gewoomde dus je kunt de probleemen oplossen of uitmaken dat het ann mij ligt. De keus is aan jou
Groetjes uit SIngapore.

Oke I've re-uploaded "track.stl" once again. Im stil learning as I go with this project. I looked at the problem again tonight, this time with Meshfabb and was able to detect the self intersecting planes like you sad. So hopefully I repaired them now ;)
Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
Met vriendelijke groetjes terug uit Nederland.

the re upload of "tracks" is a lot better and passes all the tests in 3D max "STL check"
S3D still identifies some self intersecting planes around the text cut out which is weird as i have looked at it in detail in max and cant see anything wrong.
S3D slices it fine and prints are no problem at all

What software do you use to create the models ??
Ive just finished printing the scaled version i made and despite the intersecting planes it sliced (S3D) and printed fine.
Whats weird on your model is that normally the issues arise with curved organic shapes yet yours are fine and the problems are with the text cut outs.
Hoping to print the other parts today and test the 8mm balls

Glad to hear slicing worked out this time. I used Cinema 4D to create the models. Which I am used to, and I think works great. The only downside is that its really bad at mesh-checking. So why the problem occurs mostly around the text, I can't tell.
Sounds like something I have to investigate ;)

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hi nice design
however you website says " Takes 0.95 mm (3/8” inch) steel ball bearings" i think you must mean 8mm dia steel balls ??

Hi, thanks
Euhm no, im pretty sure I mean 0.95mm dia balls ;)
(I used ball bearings, but I assume other marbles of the same size would work just fine)

and im absolutely sure you didnt :-)
I think you'd see more people making your model if it used standard 8 , 9 or 10 mm steel balls Something like http://www.banggood.com/50pcs-Wheel-Bearing-Balls-from-4568910MM-p-967092.html for example.

I just happen to have some 8mm steel balls in my work shop so ill be scaling your model to suit and ill post a remix

0.95 mm balls are tiny ;)

3/8" ≠ 0.95mm
3/8" ≈ 9.5mm ≈ 0.95 cm

wow yea, haha that's stupid, did not notice that ;)
0.95 cm was what I meant indeed.


heres the scaled version to suit 8 mm steel balls

Tulios marble machine #3 scaled to suit 8mm balls

Just learning and love the designs! If you guys could just add a dime or quarter to your photos it would be great so we could get a better idea of scale.
Thanks and great job with the parts and discussion!

I can see how that would be useful for you but we don't all live in America :-)
Yup, just checked my pockets and not a single "dime" or " quarter" in there :-)

Nice! I'll soon print this. How do you design the marble machines?

Hello Tullio,
Congratulations, nice work!
curiosity than software you used to draw this?