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Halo 4 Helmet Full Size ( Adult - 6'6" plus )

by big_red_frog Sep 1, 2013
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If you have a big head like me, size 7 5/8, 60cm, go with this right off the bat. I appreciate the designer's hard work, but his newer Size A just doesn't fit, even with the intended method of sliding it over your head without the front pieces on, doesn't fit. Either around my head or my neck. Even if this helmet comes out too big, you can always add padding. I plan on printing this size myself once I finish my Halo 3 Master Chief armor.

I was just curious what the scaling ratio was from the Full Size A version to this Is? I would like to use the Model A visor for this but I don't know how much I should scale it to? Thanks btw for the model! You have done amazing work!! God bless! :)

As per comments in Full Size A https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:158120 the A is a 15% reduction of this model.

Therefore the reverse transform is 1.1764705882 ( 117%)

I cannot confirm if the visor will simply scale up and fit, but I don't remember any modifications in the interface.

Generally I would recommend building the A unless you really had to use this size.

Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

How long did it take to print out all of the pieces?

Please look at this version instead, times etc are commented on in pictures and instructions


Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

Can i get the solid model without all of the single pieces? it is very confusing to me to work with all the pieces....

I wear a 7 1/2 size fitted hat and this fits me perfect. By the time I add padding, it will be perfect. My ears don't stick out and they slightly rub.

I have a big head (like 61cm/ 24 1/8 inch). Do you think that one is to big, even for that? Or should I try at first the A adult?

Try the size A first. The chin is removable so you can get away with a lot from a "getting it on your hear" perspective.

This oversize is an early attempt, and there are some things not "as good"

I'm 6' tall, but I have a hard time finding hats that are big enough. (huge noggin)

I'm guessing this would be a better fit than the Size A adult?

I have the same problem, try the size A first. Remember the chin comes off. Also you pad to need at the time.

Thanks BIG.... My son seems to be 6'8"-ish now! I'm thinking this "to big" could be
"just right". I, also am trying to learn (I'll learn later) the how to's of 3D.

hey i wanted to print this. however i was wonder if this would b e to big? i wear xl hats and im 6 foot tall so which one should i print?

As per description, not this one. Its deprecated.
Build the size A
This should be fine.

Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

Awesome work, how did you split this up in to manageable portions, is there a tutorial somewhere?
I have a few helmets I would love to print but I don't know how to split them

Took on this project to learn my way through Fusion 360 as a toolset, and push the printer, so all the slicing and dicing was done in the tool as part of the learning process. There is no guide out there. If you look at how I have sectioned the helmet, then it is probably a pretty good template for helmets in general, avoiding aggressive overhang, and ensuring that the parts can be assembled in a workable order.

Build one of the latest versions, and it shoudl be self explanitory...


Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

Cool thankyou. So there's a tool within fusion 360 that helps do this? I will check it out

im sure if you glued some foam squares inside it'd fit alot better

For the remodelled version which is a better size, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:158120http://www.thingiverse.com/thi..., I have various foam and helmet liners in the works...

Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

Love what you've done, really cool. Have you tried using a paintball mask mirrored visor? i'm sure an Dye i4 mask visor would be very close to what you have and you'll be able to see through it to.
Keep up the good work.

Right now I want to really get something that I can build dimensionally exact and tweak moving forward, so I am going to stick with the vac form plan, until it proves non viable.

How much would you sell one of these once you have the sizing right for an adult? I'd be very interested in buying one if you wanna set up an ebay listing for one.

That's a difficult one. I don't know how long it is going to take to make the next size version. I am doing a lot of model cleaning and improvement, so it won't be instant, then there are a lot of print hours in it.

I would advise asking the question again when I have a new version nearing completion.

I'm not going anywhere I've been looking for years to buy a helmet like this in such great detail, I'll be stalking your page to see when your finished with the updated helmet. I will ask again.

Just so you know, things havent gone quiet, just slowly grinding through all the obvious improvements from this cycle, before I take the plunge and size down.
Learning a lot on fusion 360 along the way.
I will post as a new thing under development, when I know I am on the right track this time.

Can you post a picture of the currently oversized one on a persons head? lol

oops :P just saw you did

I'm both shocked and excited to see how quickly these are coming along for you... BRAVO, sir. Where do you plan to go after this model has all the kinks worked out?

Decide if I want to learnt to paint it myself, or trust someone else to, also see how much plastic a full print consumes ( cost implication ), and if I will pop out multiples.

Needs internal padding, catches, and visor, so lots of discovery to be done.

Main gain is that I am learning the tool chain and limits ( or lack of ) what can be done.

Glad to see you utilized my magnet idea... If I may, I'd like to spitball some more just to be a little helpful. I though a little more about the visor and possibly that there could be some sort of gearing mechanism to allow the visor to slide up... Either that or allow for the visor to permanently attach to the chin piece so that it attatxhes with the already existing magnets. I also had a though about the led houaing that there could possibly be holes for them so it would look more like a head mounte flashlight.

Going to have to see what I can reasonably achieve with vac forming for the visor. Right now it is attach from behind to both chin and rest of face plate.

Nice thing about this is you can iterate design so keep evolving once a pass is finished.

For the jowl led inserts, its modula so can try most things, I have a bunch of leds to play with, but if you can gut a maglite led touch and fit that in, it would be blinding!

Still need to do another resize after all this, which is embarrassing, but will use it as an opportunity to fix a bunch of silly niggles.

Wouldn't it be better to make the helmet as thin as the round "3mm?" connectors and put them into the edge of the model rather than having them stick out into the inside of the helmet?

Looks like they would be difficult to print and require a bunch of support, where they wouldn't if they were made into the edge of the part.

Thanks for the input.

Unfortunately curve of the parts often means the pins must be offset far more than just through the shell. The original child size version is much thicker and the pins were all in the shell, but its a lot of plastic.

Dont print in the orientation of the stl, print as per pictures. Looking for minimum support.

And as commented its a work in progress, I have over thinned the corner pieces, need a little rework to prevent this, and also avoid some of the support implications now I have a sample print attempt.

Obvious solution would be to rotate the pins to the angle where placed, but then you couldn't assemble the pieces with conflicting pin angles.

Its a journey, going to have to rework as I go.

i love you so much thx for adult=)