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The Bearded Yell

by bendansie Feb 28, 2016
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This print is totally awesome first off, but I absolutely can not get it to print...

I'm using the Ender 3, and actually the thing that is causing me the most issues is the support structure I'm trying to provide for it. Would anyone have any advice as to what might help me out here? Ive tried 3 different resolutions, and tried slowing down the print speed, which actually made it worse.

If anyone knows how to fix the support structures from constantly failing I would greatly appreciate the input

Hi there,

What slicing software are you using? When you say resolution - do you mean of the overall print or the resolution of the support pillars? Depends a bit on what amount of options you have for generating the support in your software as for what you can try.

Your work is amazing, thank you for sharing. I'm going to print it again because I'm having some issues with the tip of the front beard :'D

Thanks, glad you like it!

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someone is selling this on ebay and don't think its you

Hello, How can I reach you for a comission? Thanks in advance. Hugo

I have the Moai resin printer- well it arrives tomorrow to be exact. Anyone have this STL with supports that works well? Still learning the move to SLA from FDM and not sure how best to orient and add supports for SLA yet. Thanks in advance. Nice model BTW.

Thanks! Waiting on a Bean3D from the kickstarter, so I'll be getting used to resin workflow soon as well. Guessing from the test print third photo down, they oriented it to the side so that the tip of the mowhawk was as vertical as possible. Beyond that your guess is as good as mine. I just know that to avoid suction, you dont actually want the base to be flat in most cases.

Print this with his face on the buildplate to get best results

I have to make this.... looks like me when I walk in and a 40 hour print has failed at hour 39. Crazy cool!

Indeed, quite the epic beard you have there sir! The two main tips for this print seem to be 1) If using Simplify3d, make sure to grab the "Solid" version of the stl you want in the list as it will slice better. 2) Make sure there is enough support generated on the front tip of the beard, as there have been a few print fails for people.

Well...looks like I'm printing a bearded yell tonight :D. I'm gonna split it down the middle (between the eyes) and print it in two pieces so I don't have to deal with supports. I'll let you know how it turns out

So, how'd it turn out?

Not bad. I used a dremel and friction welded the two halves together. You can see the weld seam still and some places I goobered up, but it was nice not to have to pull supports off.

Just started the print on my Delta, made it as large as I could (295mm tall) gonna be a 29 hour print at 0.3mm!!! Cant wait :D

G'day! Hope the print turns out, be sure to share the results!

Fantastic work thanks for sharing , just printed a 200mm at medium 0.2, took 20 hours to print.
I would like to try at high 0.1 and this time larger , any chance of having the stand and the sculpture as two separate files, plan to try brass for head and white for stand.

Thanks for sharing your finished print! I am trying to test a large multipart version of this file split into 3 pieces. Haven't uploaded because it's only fair I test the physical tolerances first on such a long print.

Unfortunately the first part (1day 15 hrs!) had a nozzle jam about 1/4 the way in.

Anyway, the versions of the file without 'solid' in the titles are made of four overlapping shells. Stand, 2x eyes and the main sculpture. Too busy to do it myself soon, but you could load those pieces in something like Blender or probably Netfabb, Meshlab etc and boolean (cut) the stand out of the main head shape and print the stand shape separately.

Going away for a bit, otherwise I'd be happy to do it myself and upload.

Your work is amazing! That is all.

Wow, nice sculpt! You are very talented. And released under Public Domain, very generous :-)

Thanks! Some models I have more of a commercial plan for, but generally speaking it's fun to share and see what the online community does with them.

Hi, I have tried to print one but there are 4 solids.. The base, the head and 2 eyes. I Fixed the file by Boolean Union and making it solid. If you want I can provide a link so you update.. Some printers might print it but mine missed the eyes because they were too small as single artifacts.

Hi, That hasn't been a problem for me in my experience with 3d printing services and FDM machines I've tried so I didn't worry about waiting for the often lengthy booleans to finish.

What detail level did you pick? A boolean on 'highest' would take a while.

I used VisCAM software, a program for fixing STLs, it does a great job and took 3 seconds for the 372k version. I can send it to you if you want to check, all parts are one shell now and no problems in the mesh :-)

Ah, I hadn't heard of or had access to VisCAM. Booleans in more art based programs can get a bit painful. I would like to have a look at the mesh thanks. Feel free to post it to me as a PM or upload as a remix. Whatever works for you.

You've got mail :-)