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Battery caps for AA, AAA, 18650 and other cell types

by enif Aug 22, 2013
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Great looking file! I just got a bunch of 18650 and 18500 that this will help a lot for. I did the mistake of not reading through the instructions before printing and had to force them in which hurt the casing a bit. After a reprint in ABS or something more flexible I am sure they will be great to organize my batteries. Thanks!

Great idea, it fit my 18650 batteries perfectly. Also, it is very useful for organizing a bunch of batteries (I just got a lot of 40 18650's) in neat piles.
Thanks for the design!

Such a good idea. printed cups for AA (all designs) - works perfectly

I love this design! It came out great in PETG, and fits perfectly. Thank you!!

Nice design! THX

Use ONLY Flex Filament!!! or u damage your batterys (akkus)

Printed the 4x18650 caps with PLA. nice design but the wings cut 2 of the battery wraps.

Sorry for that, but that's why in the instruction section I recommend ABS, which is softer and has more flexibility. But even with ABS it can happen if the batteries are thicker than the standard or if the printer extrudes too much material.

Works great on Ultimaker 2+ using FlexPLA.
The version with normal PLA slightly scratches the batteries.
Thanks for the model.

I don't get it. Puke green is prob the worst color. Should be like red and blue for the different cell types. There is no holes to wire anything up. At best there's just enough room on the side to hot glue a PCB for a flashlight or what ever that is needed. There are no channels for the wires either. Also, here is a suggestion I would make these stack able weather its adding circular indentations or going toward a square design.

I think these were intended for storing the batteries; I like that the ends are sealed, so I don't have a set of 18650s accidentally shorting out in my storage.

the caps are working great for AA and AAA for me. I like that they can be used with only one cap in a pinch.

Great concept BUT these are JUNK!
They don't fit well at all and then the tabs break.
Printed for 18650's. 2x2

I made the 2x2 for 18650 out of PLA. It's a tight fit on the two different batteries I tried so far and a winglet nicked the wrapper on one of them. One suggested mod might be to add a small hole in the center of each battery cap so that voltage can be checked with a multimeter without pulling the caps off. I'll try ABS next, maybe the fit will be more flexible. I had PLA loaded in my printer and I was just too lazy to change to ABS. :-)

that is a good idea about the hole.. I was thinking the hole could make these useful (with a conducitve insert, int a power pack (in series/parallel with leads) as well as storage pack.

I printed some out in ABS, and it still nicked my batteries. Filing down the winglets a bit seems to have fixed the problem. Also, twisting while inserting or removing batteries seems to help to prevent nicks.

I also just printed the 2x2 for AA size in ABS, and it works well without filing. The winglets on the AA size are significantly thinner. Suggestion for improvement on the 18650 version is to thin the winglets a bit.

I love these caps. These are the only ones that don't slip off. Perfect to make battery packs. Have you ever made a one (single) battery cap

Thanks! :) And as for the single-cell cap, no, I haven't. The single-cell would be without winglet, so it would miss the most important part...

On my AIO Zeus: the two-AA holder is very tight, took a bite out of the battery label.

Of course I can tweak it... thanks for the scad file!

Tried the AA size but it was significantly larger than the battery. Probably just my slicer.

It might also be the batteries themselves, some are significantly smaller. In any case, it should be easy to fine tune the diameter D for the corresponding battery size in the SCAD file.