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by chuckbobuck Feb 24, 2016
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how does it sound in comparison to a regular ukulele

Love the look.. have you thought of doing it in different sizes? interested in a Tenor size

Sorry, not at this time

Is it just me or there are only 3 holes on connection between body and fretboard? Also, there are 2 out of 8 "screw covers" missing inside the body?

There are 2 shorter screws connecting the neck and the body and 1 longer one to keep the neck straight. 4 of the eight screws holding the lower fretboard onto the body don't have the hole extenders on the inside. It makes assembly easier.

Would you be open to posting this as a uni-body instrument or maybe doing the bottom half one part? I think that Delta owners would like to try this print.

Sorry, not at this time

@chuckbobuck , Why you add different bridge heigh. In which case I should use a different one.

Thanks a lot, and great job.

Chuckobuck, great design, is the rainbow printed with a multicolored head and wipe tower or painted?

I change the filament color while the print is happening. I have a single head printer and just snip the filament and feed the next color on the fly.

Great Job...Looks awesome

hey chuckobuck im trying to print this but the files are to big can you cut the bodys in half and the neck in half for me? this would be a big help to me because its for a school project

You can download a free STL editor like Meshmixer and do the exact cuts that you need. You just import the file, then select edit, then plane cut, move/rotate the plane to the desired location, then export to a new file, flip the cut direction, then export to another new file.

Hi chuckobuck, I have done a revision of the open hole to make it bigger as I have heard that it is better with out the hole to make it louder.
I have printed the complete uke now and just need to assemble it. great work. You can have a look at my new design and used it or rework it but not sure how I can show you. I am new to this game sorry.

I think that you can click the "I Made One" button and upload a photo there. What diameter did you increase it to? Or did you close it up? I can send you a modified STL file if the changes aren't very major

I increased ID to 46 mm. I will try and send pic and stl now

Hey Chuckbobuck, what did you design this? Would you mind sharing your design files? We want to make some modifications but, that's pretty hard to do from the .STL files. Happy to share our changes!

Let me know! My email is jeremy@inksmith.ca

Sorry, but sharing the files is not something I want to do at this time. I'm am open for suggestions as far as the design goes.

Hello, sorry to ask but I'm not a musical person, just want to make one for someone that is. Wondering where I get the strings,looks like a lot of them on Amazon they seem to have different letters. Also what about the piece that has the heart shaped hole in it under the strings ?
Thanks Much !

These are the strings that I used https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003UYY05O/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . The heart insert is included with my other ukulele design on the Thingiverse and can be downloaded separately.

The strings are standard ukulele strings. You can get them on Amazon or any music store. The heart shaped insert can be downloaded as a single part from my first ukulele at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1306510

Soprano Ukulele

Thanks for the quick response ! I'm getting the tuning pegs you suggest on Amazon, so that'll work good. Does it matter what letter I get ? I see several offered. I found the insert, so Ill use that for sure too.
Thanks Again !

And also how are past the strings at the end of the handle, it must be drilled?
Yet thanks in advance

There are holes at the end of the fret board. If your print is good you should be able to feed the strings through and wrap them around themselves.

Hello I just to print this superb ukulele, it remains me has the assembled before to be able to take a nice photo, could you given more detail on the type of screw has used
Type Screw has wood or type screw metal, the Section and the length
I am Francais so i of evil with the dimensions in inches
therefore a links will be perfect for me
thanks in advance

Hello, again and thanks for your last answer. I have one more question. Could you please give me/us the link for the swrew that are needed for this ukulele. I don't know what a "1/4-20 x 1-1/2 L socket head cap screws" is... I type it on amazon and found a 36 euros screw... I don't know if it is ok or not and I dont want to make a mistake of 36 euros :)

It will be kind of you to make the complete list of screws needed.

Michel Muhar

These should work https://www.amazon.com/Socket-Locking-Thread-Partially-Threaded/dp/B00CXZ8H7S/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1496619640&sr=8-9&keywords=socket+head+cap+screws+1%2F4+20+1-1%2F2+length. Usually I go to the hardware store and buy just a couple of whatever I need. The link is for 25. You might be able to use an M6 x 40mm socket head cap screw. The head is shaped like a cylinder with a hex recess.

Hello, Nice design !!! Can it really be printed without supports ? Cura show some red surface on the top inside. Thx for your answer.

So far I have printed about 13 of them with no supports. The inside gets a little funky at the top of the print, but it doesn't affect anything. You may have different results with your printer

Any video of it being played?

Really like this. Printing now!

Comments deleted.

If you look at the end of the Top Fretboard you will see the thru holes for the strings. The strings are only looped at that end.

How do you tie the strings?
I guess I should ask if the strings come out of the hole and over the fret or do they come around the head and then over the fret?

Comments deleted.

great DESIGN. What in-fil did you use on the parts? Thx.

Thanks. The in-fil is 10%

How many shells did you use? How many outer, top, and bottom layers?

I too am curious, how many shells?

10% was enough? Hows does it hold up right now? Still playing it? Still strong? I really love this design!

It will take a few days for the plastic to relax. After a while it will hold the tuning longer and longer. I have given a dozen of them to relatives and they are all still just fine.

"for the plastic to relax" Does this mean I should wait before stringing it?

Sorry, I missed this comment. It is probably meaningless now, but no. The plastic relaxes after it is strung.