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Customizable U-Hook

by sergep Feb 24, 2016
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The file worked well with the "Customizer" before, but for some time there has been a problem. I do not know if this is a general problem of the "Customizer" itself, or if it is related to a change in the way it interprets SCAD files.

Anyway, to customize the model, I advise you to simply download the SCAD file and open it with OpenScad software (free and open-source).

Change the numbers for the parameters you are interested in (the values ​​are in mm), press F5 to view, F6 for rendering, then File / STL export, and you'll have your model ready to print.

I wrote a little tutorial about using SCAD files, available here:

Hi Serge, I've added a possibility to make the hook "deeper", check the green part of the hook in the picture,needed that for a hook to hold my meditation stool.

You might want to add that to the next revision of the code if you find it usefull.

Currently the "customizer" app is not working (at least for me). You can download the script and open it with OpenScad.

is anyone else getting an error in customizer when trying to customize?
We're sorry, but something went wrong.

yes, not working for me either

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you !

Comments deleted.

Thank you a lot! I am very much obliged to you!

I'm very glad you made a good use of it!
If you post your final print as a "make", it will make me very happy, I always enjoy seeing how people use this design...
Anyway, thank you very much for your nice comment!

Cool! Clever solution to fix this furniture issue ;)
Thank you very much for posting your make!

This is very useful!
It would be great if you could add just one more parameter - a spacer value for the outside of the bottom hook. This way we would be able to increase it just like we can with the top one.
Thanks a lot for your efforts.

Can't seem to open this in Customizer, just says "we're sorry, something went wrong." Have tried it in Chrome and Safari.

Hello, Thingiverse's Customizer seems to have a lot of bugs right now...
The best solution is to use the .SCAD file directly with OpenScad software (open-source and free). I wrote a little tutorial about it here:
Keep me informed!

ah gotcha, I will take a look at that! Thanks!

Salut sergep, je voudrais imprimer un crochet qui m'ont l'air top, mais dans le Customizer j'ai systématiquement une error #<Encoding::UndefinedConversionError: "\xC2" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8> lors de la génération du stl. aurais-tu une idée d'où ça peux venir?
(testé avec Firefox et Chromium sous Linux et Win10)

Merci d'avance

Salut, le customizer de thingiverse semble avoir pas mal de bugs en ce moment, quand il marche...
Le plus sûr comme solution est d'utiliser le fichier .SCAD directement dans le logiciel OpenScad (open-source et gratuit), avec lequel j'ai créé le fichier. J'ai écrit un petit tuto à ce sujet ici :
N'hésite pas à me tenir au courant!

Merci pour la réponse rapide, je viens de générer un STL avec OpenSCAD, y'a plus qu'à!

Comments deleted.

what is the average price of u hook

Comments deleted.

Is there any way to change the back thickness? I need to offset it from the mounting surface to clear some other brackets. See my upload for my purpose. Thanks!

Actually no, you can't change back thickness, because it is relative to "hook_size" (it is equal to "hook_size" divided by 4). I'll think about adding a parameter for this, but there is already quite a lot options, and I prefer to avoid having too much to keep thing user-friendly... That said, I must admit it is a relevant suggestion.

Because I can't work on this for the moment, I suggest, for your immediate purpose, to simply add a cube (with the right dimensions for the offset you need), at the back of your customized hook. This is quite simple in a software like Meshmixer, for example.

Or to really make it quick, maybe just putting a piece of wood or plastic at the back, between hook and mounting surface? (if the screws go all the way throught it and inside the mounting surface, there will be no mechanic constraint on that piece, it's just a "spacer")...

Let me know :)

I hope you can add a general thickness parameter. I printed out these hooks in PLA for my bathroom design heater, but because they are relatively thin, the hooks warped over time due to the warmth of the heater. A thicker back would solve the problem.


You can use "hook_size" to make a bigger and stiffer hook : increasing the size will increase general thickness (this design was a lot about finding good proportions for the best ratio between solidity and material quantity).

But it seems the problem here is mostly about PLA sensitivity to heat (PLA being the worst plastic when it come to this, as it start deforming when exposed to temperatures as low as 50°C / 122°F). Placing any PLA piece on a heater will never be the better option...

My advise would be to to keep the ideal size for your purpose, but to print it with a more heat-resistant plastic (ABS, or NGEN by ColorFabb, for exemple...). Or to place your PLA hooks somewhere else than right on a heater ;)

The openscad file is awesome. I used it to make a simple hook based on the bottom right example - only without the 2nd hook.

It printed perfectly both times I printed it - due it's shape being so printer friendly. I printed with 10% honeycomb infill at 0.2mm layer height.

Thank you very much, i'm glad you had a good experience using the file!

Merci,très utile pour moi qui débute en 3d ...

Merci, je suis ravi que ça te sois utile!

Why not adding the openscad file for download?

Can you also make the second screw hole optional?

What are the dimensions of the rounded top if printed without bracket?

Making the second screw optional seems something rarely useful, as the hook will have a tendency to rotate on itself if it is fastened with only one screw... For this reason I'm not very enthusiastic about it...
About your other question, the dimension of the rounded top is equal to "hook_size" divided by 4.

merci sergep, je trouve moi aussi que tu as soigné la doc, c'est simple, efficace et vraiment pratique :)

Merci beaucoup :)

SUGGESTION - would you consider adding an option adding a cup holder instead of the hook? I was looking for something that would clip on to the car's "pocket" in the door. (Never enough cup holders.)

This is an interesting suggestion, but as I see it, to make it useful and printer-friendly, it is quite some work to find the good way of designing this... I'll think about it!

Thanks for the design!
Would it be possible to make the bottom part simpler - for lightweight hooks? I was going to make some hooks for towels, and the existing design looks a bit heavy for such a purpose :)
I've taken a glance into OpenSCAD-file - there is bottom() module there, so I've applied minor tweaks here and there resulting in the remixed version - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2050182

Customizable U-Hook with improvements
by AntonK

I spent a lot of time optimizing the shape of my hook to get the best ratio between strength and amount of material used.
The shape of the "bottom" module is crucial for this purpose, and I would not change it.

From my point of view, a hook, whatever its immediate use, must be as solid as possible, to be pleasant to use. Even to hang a towel, a hook must be solid, if for example one pulls brutally on the towel and therefore the hook, it is better that it does not break under the shock.

My file being parametric, "light" brackets are quite possible using a small "hook_size". They will also have a very good strength despite their small size, which for me will never be a defect.

I hope you will be convinced of this after trying my original file.

I'm just starting to get a grasp on OpenScad and your hooks and all the comments in the .scad file are a great help. I just made one to keep my bifold shower doors in the closed position while I shower (made 100mm long (thick), spans across the opening between two doors). Thank you !

Thank you, very happy that it helped you with openscad understanding and to make the hook you needed!

Salut Sergep,

Super design ! Dans le configuration, les nombres représentant les différentes longueurs sont ils en millimètres ?

Merci d'avance

Salut Marco,
Oui, les nombres exprimés dans les paramètres correspondent à des millimètres.
Et merci, je suis ravi que tu apprécie mon design, j'espère que tu en seras content à l'usage!

Just great! Thanks!

Thanks so much for this. I made hooks to hang lightweight tarps for sunshade.

Thank you, happy it helped you to make what you needed!

Love it. Making a hook for my IKEA Malm headboard to hold my headphones. Thanks designer!

Thank you very much!

Comments deleted.

For some reason I can't seem to see the hook true/false setting when opening in thingiverse customizer.
Or is this a feature that requires the file to be edited in openscad?

Update : Customizable U Hook is now fully compatible with Thingiverse's Customizer.
Please try it again!

I updated the file to make it fully compatible with Thingiverse's Customizer.

Anyway I still incite you to use OpenScad with scad files (parametric/customizable files).
Change values in OpenScad, press F5 to preview, when you're done press F6 to render, then go to File/Export/Export as STL, then... ready to print! There is a link in "things details" to a little tutorial I wrote about this.

Furthermore, it's also a good way to understand how this kind of files are made.

By the way, thank you everybody for all the nice comments!

I have the same problem,

Update : Customizable U Hook is now fully compatible with Thingiverse's Customizer.
Please try it again!

Comments deleted.

Absolutely awesome! Thanks for this :)

This is great. Would these work with the 3M Command Strip product?

We wondered the same. I think it will do.


Great tool. Thanks.

I've designed a hook with clip to hold towels. You can add this clip feature to your work. I think that will make it more useful.

Link to my design:

Towel clip for bars
by ahyakal

amazing. splendid work!!

This is the best documented Customizer I have ever seen! A++++++++++++ :)

A very impressive job, thank you very much! Great visual guide about parameters, I'm really happy with your design!

Thingiverse says this will fix all my hooking problems... :)

As said by others...great documentation.

Thank you very much!

Easily one of the most requested and useful Things around.

Very nice comment, thank you!

I am so impressed with this documentation!!! You've made the customizing process easy. I usually have to fiddle with values until I figure out what each setting does. Good job and thanks for being thorough.

Thank you very much! I'm glad that the documentation is clear and that the use of the file had been pleasant for you...