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Fidget Three

by timrbsnow Feb 24, 2016
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I can't get this to stay on the bed, the balls in the middle jump out about an hour into the print, I've tried using a raft and increasing bed temperature, but still no luck! Scaled to 1200%, printed with the flat side down, bearings protruding from the top.

Edit: After 5 failed prints, including trying a filament I know is good, I've given up!

Ditto. Same issue here. I've tried scaling it up so the spheres have more surface area on the bed, but i suspect those spheres might need supports of some kind, which will be a nightmare to fully remove if it printed successfully.

I don't know if it helps at all, but I didn't use a heated bed on my Makerbot. Make sure to print at 1/2 scale. I'm not sure I can help in any other way than that :/ sorry!

I made this on the MonoPrice Mini V1 and it printed just fine, works great. Cura 15.04.2
10X the .STL
Layer Height .1
shell .4
bottom/top .2
fill 25%
no support no platform, I think I printed it on the 'flat' side.

Thinking about printing this soon. Should I print it on its side or upright?

Turned out really well first time on the Da Vinci Mini Maker. Nice design.

The print worked awesome, and the bearing works great thanks for the files!

I'm printing on a LULZBOT MINI with MakeShaper 2.85 PLA, ORANGE and had a great deal of trouble with this one. Specifically, the ball bearings lift during print due to the small contact area.

I had to scale the file by 16x (I don't know why the file doesn't seem to like Cura. Wrong units?) I would guess that 12x would also print ok, but haven't tried it yet. (Smaller means smaller ball bearing contact area and more likely to lift during print.)

The ball bearings protrude slightly on one side, make sure the protrusions go up!

Cura Settings File attached, basically, it adds a raft and support. The supports are modified from defaults to be placed everywhere, the default is only when the angle is greater than 60 degrees. I also tweaked the first layer settings, but because of the raft this doesn't impact the model (just makes the raft easier to pull up.)

I do have a lot of people mentioning several issues in regards to utilization of the .stl files in Cura. I'm not familiar with Cura myself, so I'm not too helpful there haha. The .stl should be in inches, so it could be some sort of conversion issue on my part. Thank you for attaching your settings for users trying to print it in Cura, I had no issues on a Makerbot 5th Gen by printing with a raft and no supports. Some programs allow you to place the object below the work surface by a bit to ensure that any lifting won't happen. Thx :)

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Didn't work for me overall a waste of filament

can u please upload a file that is just the center bearing?

Search for it, I know it's out there because I printed one before.

In your design in Inventor, what ball bearings did you start with? Thanks,

I printed this at 60% size and lowest speed possible and best detail and works like a dream great work:)

Me and a friend of mine made it at school on our schools printer and it printed in about a hour . The second biggest ring Didn't spin as freely as the smallest ring , we were not sure if there is a issue with the plans or the printer (probably the printer) but have a scrap of sand paper around for good measure. We used 150 grit paper

-Thanks David and Ethan

What kind of printer did you use? An hour for this print is very fast. I assume it was a SLA style printer.

Makerbot Replicator 2

There is one up on my profile
200 micron
brim only

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A64k5R9oeu4

I cant print this Pig to save my life. After 4 Fails im done lol..

Try placing it so some of it sits just under the build plate. Also try rafts. :)

Hey there,

small question, did you turn it to it's side when printing?

I layed it flat.

Yes, but notice which side. The bearings have to be protruding upwards.

Mine got too close on the edges so it got stuck on it self preventing rotation. Do you know what could cause that?

Try a finer filament size/layer height.

How did you make this on Inventor! I have Inventor 2017 and I guess I haven't explored all the tools to make this. Good Job!

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I made this through a series of revolutions and arrays, thank you I appreciate your commendation.

Two fails so far. Most of it is great, but the balls toward the center don't start well, and end up being spaghetti. I see a number of people with successful prints, any tips?

I used a raft and had to increase the size after having the same problem

I was using a raft. Also, PLA.

I might try again at a larger size.

I was using a raft. Also, PLA.

I might try again at a larger size.

I suggest rafts, I built mine with a raft so the balls in the bearing remain in their designated location throughout printing.

I had several unsuccessful runs. For my last run and success. Printing with ABS filament. I placed the model flat on the surface with the bearings protruding up away from the print bed. My print layer was set to 0.2mm. Using cura and the expert settings I turned combing off, increased the retraction distance of the extruder (0.8mm) as it traveled across the piece. I also reduced the distance the extruder head could travel before retracting (from 1.5mm to 0.5mm.) No raft or brim.

Hope that helps - picture(s) to follow.

After 4 failed prints I read the comments.

Make sure you put the balls that stick up every so slightly up when you rotate the object.
If you put the part where the balls stick down by 1mm the print will fail. Over.. and Over... and OVER again. ;)

Ahhhh. I should have read more of the comments. Explains why the bearings are flat on one side :-)
@Timrbsnow...I try to put dimples on my few shared models to mark positioning, especially where there are structural loading concerns. Something to consider. Not complaining, nor criticism, just a thought! Very cool toy. Thanks.

Yes, I should implement that in my future complex prints. :) Always appreciate recommendations.

You the real MVP!

Thanks! I had the same problem and did not know how to fix it! Had to keep printing it all over and over again...

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ive tried printing this several times with no luck. the extruder keeps pulling out the ball bearings. Ive done it with and without rafts and supports with no luck. im on a Da Vinci 1.0 slicing with XYZware. any suggestions?

I had the same problem. after multiple failed prints with Slicr i can't find a way to have it not knock the balls off with the extruder. I am printing one last time with "avoid crossing perimeters" turned on. not optimistic but we'll see. If it works I'll come back and update.

I tried printing this several times today using different settings. I found that the one factor that proved most helpful was adding additional support material between the balls and the surrounding rings. It takes a little effort to clear it away but it took a failing print and made it work in both PLA and ABS every time.

finally got it to print successfully a few days ago.
material: PLA
infill density: low(10%)
shells: normal
speed: standard
raft: no
brim: yes brim width:10
supports: yes, low density

turning brim on seemed to be the big difference. I also made this one about 100mm diameter, but i dont know how much bearing that size had on the success of this print.

The STL worked well for me on a Makerbot Replicator 2 and Makerbot 5th Gens. I used rafts and met the scale parameters in the description; good luck! :)

The STL worked well for me on a Makerbot Replicator 2 and Makerbot 5th Gens. I used rafts and met the scale parameters in the description; good luck! :)

I've tried Rafts, I've tried supports and a raft nothing has worked the balls wont stay attached. As for the scale, when I open it, it is 5mm across. opened in 2 different slicers to confirm. so I have to scale it up 1200% to get it to something approximating the scale shown in your picture. so i cannot print it at half scale as listed in the description.

not sure what else to do at this point but try and print it vertical with tons of supports to see what happens. I've printed many other items with zero issues not sure why this is such a struggle

Same problem, super small scaled up but print issues.

I printed it vertically with supports and it did work was took a ton of work to get the supports out.

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It is certainly worth noting that this print will work best when laying flat (use rotate around X axis in your slicer).

Also, it does matter which side rests on the bed. The balls are slightly proud on one side, the proud side should be facing away from the bed, otherwise it will print resting on these balls, without support this will ruin the print!

Can't wait to print it again correctly :)

Thank you timrbsnow!

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Is it fully assembled? and one print?

All one part and printed model.

Should i print this standing up? or should i rotate it?

Print it on its side, flat. Let gravity do the structural support :)

In that case, you might want to upload a horizontally rotated STL. My printer software is interpreting the model as standing up, and doesn't let me fix it. It's possible to fix in another program, but kind of a pain. Really cool model, though!

Sorry about that, when I conceive the part from the beginning, it can sometimes be started on an uncommon axis/plane.

No worries, I notice that a lot of models are uploaded "sideways". Much obliged if you'd fix this one, though!

Well the thing is some CAD software do not use the XY plane as the top plane. Thus makes anything designed flat to be exported as standing up. But any good slicer should allow you to rotate the thing before printing right?

Well the thing is some CAD software do not use the XY plane as the top plane. Thus makes anything designed flat to be exported as standing up. But any good slicer should allow you to rotate the thing before printing right?

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Come on mate, take it easy.

LittleMrJ - Autodesk fusion 360 which is one of the most popular cad programs does exactly that. It is because the XYZ orientation that is used for CAM has a different orientation than 3d printers. Granted you can rotate the items to the correct orientation in the model space before you export the stl, or change this in prefrences. but dont be so quick to trash talk when you dont know your facts.

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