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Educational Brake Caliper

by chriswh86 Feb 23, 2016
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The Piston says "Supports from built platform only - Max overhang angle 45 degrees"

But the picture above it in the details shows supports in the middle?

I have printed it only with supports from the build platform, it was ok but due to the oriontation its a bit rough on the edges and not a complete circle, due to the layers, it would be much better printed face down with supports in the middle but I a bit unsure because of the curve on the back of it.

Good eye! My piston was slightly out of round as well. I was able to sand it to get a good fit with actually worked out better as I managed to keep the piston slightly tight in the bore so that it doesnt fall out. This may be something youll want to do as well. It wouldnt hurt to try the piston face down, the curve on the back isnt critical in the fitment of the assembly, just in the educational side

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Great part chriswh86! just wondering if you still had the CAD files for the parts or assembly

Thanks jabaree1

This is a magnificent job!

Thanks a lot RPG2017. Appreciate that!

I designed a brake pedal a few years ago. Are you thinking of doing a master cylinder for this. If you are I'll happily send you the brake pedal I did. It was done full size as I designed it to be milled for a race car. I never did use it but I did print it.

Id be interested in taking a look Redsalamander. I have thought of potentially doing a master cylinder setup as well but I am not entirely sure yet.

Im not sure jjmaker :) Whats up?

You should add a section of brake the rotor so it sits on the stand and inserts up into the caliper body to finish out the model, and fully shows off the mechanics of it.

I have taken your suggestion to heart and produced a small scale scalloped brake rotor for the Display Stand! Thanks again Koopa and great suggestion!

It looks great! Awesome model.

Thanks for the suggestion Koopa, it is a really good idea! I will investigate it when I have some free time.

Why are there two bleed screws per side? shouldn't it only need one?

In theory, yes, you'd only need one per side. While having multiple bleed screws can increase failure points/leak points, it also presents a caliper to the market that can be orientated in either 180 degree orientation (ahead or behind) and still have bleed screws on the top side of the caliper for the mechanic to use.

Awesome education model! Do you think if we added some orings and cylinder sleeves we could get it functional?

Thanks theevilorverlord! Possibly with some of the advanced 3d printing systems something functional could be done. With the typical desktop FDM printers it just wouldnt be possible. Lots of heat and forces in a caliper.

I just mean to show kids the function.They could use a syringe as the master cylinder and water as the brake fluid.

But plastic calipers might be a genius invention for my enemies car.

Ahh I have got you now. I could be possible in that aspect theevilorverlord. The cross-over port would need to be opened for its entire run and then a good seal on the piston which could take a lot of work due to 3D printing striations. Definitely do-able with some thought though.

haha I called it!! on feburary 23 congrats dude

I wasn't able to win akkid98, just a feature :)

Oh, well still well done man

Cheers! Thanks akkid98

This is beautiful! I'm glad I just ordered 2 more colors in filament!

Thanks txdo_msk I am looking forward to your print!

This design is just wonderful!
I think you still have chances to win the challenge as the winner is still unknown...
Anyway, good luck and congrats on beeing featured!!

Appreciate your feedback dabe! Really makes me feel good about making a design like this. Makerbot Blog has the results of the contest :)

Ouch! I didn´t know that... Well, better luck next time!

Thanks dabe, just got to figure what to design that is bigger and better :)

Did you win!? Your submission was definitely pretty comprehensive.

Unfortunately I was un-able to bring the Education Brake Caliper into a winning position. Better luck next time. I'll have to start on a better light weight stream lined design to see if I can get better speed and the win next time! :p

congrats on being featured!!

Thanks Antigravity Racing, I appreciate it :)

Can you make a wheel that is compatible with the brake

Hi connorbradley. A wheel would be possible but quite large. Since the brake caliper is full sized, it was run with an 10" scalloped rotor and a 13" wheel with a Toyota snout spindle. Its definitely something I have though about. Just not sure how to tackle it at this time.

Was that your thought Connor or are you thinking some sort of small sized wheel setup? Cheers

This is a Great Model!! Can't wait to print one and see how it works. Fingers crossed you win this as you really spent time to ensure that this really is Educational!!

Thanks for the compliment thgink_kcalb

Nice Job! I really like it!

Hey thanks a lot jacochavez! I appreciate that comment :)

awesome thing! love your thorough documentation.

Thanks! I hope it will find its way into the hands of some folks that would like to learn and make their own caliper :)

enjoy the printer your going to win !

Thanks for the comment akkid98 :) We shall see what happens!

Nice! Really well made model.

Thanks a lot BlaiseMiBeck. Very much appreciated!