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Tracer Pistol

by kc0hwi Feb 21, 2016
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Hi, I know this is by now rather old, but I'm still highly interested in this model. I would however like to modify it slightly to accept a 18650 Li-Ion cell along with it's charging and protection ciruits. Would you mind sharing the original files? Even just the Inkscape .svg files would help me a lot.

Do you have a BOM (Bill of Materials) So that I can order that parts?

Hi, how do you attach all of the parts together? What bolt sizes do you use?

I'm looking at purchasing a 3D printer for this kind of project. What printing dimensions would I need for this piece?

really wanna make it

The light core piece that is too small needs to be scaled up 5% to align perfecly

If you're referring to the light core cap, that piece is exactly the correct size so that there's a blue ring of light around it. As I'd mentioned earlier, that piece is meant to go on top of a piece of acrylic so you get the correct lighting effect.

Hi! I printed all the pieces out and have some questions...

  1. Some of the pins doesn't really fit, I'm assuming it probably will after sanding down a little bit?
  2. Where should top_led_tab_3mm, front_tab and rear_tab go? I can't seem to figure out a spot to fit them :/
  3. The size of the lightcore_caps seems to be smaller than the reduced and rings, and the caps sink down... Am I doing something wrong? Mine doesn't seem to come out like the way you had it...
  4. And could you possibly provide some instructions on how to install the LEDs?
    Thank you in advance :D

I think I had some really minor sanding to do on the pins, my printer's tolerances on such things tends to be around 0.2 mm larger than the size I design. The top_led_tab_3mm holds two blue 3 mm led's and slides into a slot in the core_file piece. The front and rear_tab's go in the 4 slots on the grip. Those I've had issues with fitting, needing to be printed at a smaller size. I redesigned the lightcore so that I could cut out a piece of clear acrylic with a hole saw to diffuse the lighting. I'm working on another pair of guns this evening so I'll double check what size it is and maybe take some pictures. The clear acrylic goes in, the ring should fit and the cap just gets glued on the acrylic so that it looks to be floating.

Could we get any assembly instruction, or recommendations for which pieces should be printed in which color? I'm having a hard time figuring out which individual pieces go where. Thanks!

What is the final dimensions of the gun?

Can you post your Twitter or Instagram name?

how do you print core_file.stl,, front_grip.stl lightcore_reduced.stl without support @@

As with nearly any 3D printed object, you'll have to reorient or cut something for best results. Those three parts were all cut in half the long ways before I printed them. I designed the gun to have as little support as possible. I believe the only two parts that needed supports were the top white barrel and the light core rings since they were so thin.

Hi there,

If you don't mind, i would like to try and make your gun airsoft compatible.
For that, by any chance would you share the 123d files?
I'll give you credit if i finish.

I have to ask what did you need the 9volt battery for?

The lights in the core and top. However, I made it a bit too snug and went with a double CR2032 battery holder instead.

hi there i cant seem to figure out how the lightcore cap gets raised like it appears to be in your model thanks for your help this model is awesome

I designed it so that I could place a piece of acrylic plastic (blue) in that area that would come out perfectly when using a hole saw to cut it. I'll have to check what thickness I used and what size hole saw

Would still love to know this answer here. Might CAD up a simple file if I could get dimensions.

any news on this?

ahh okay cheers

Any chance of you sharing the 123dx file?

this is most impressive, great job man

The Barrel is missing...

Whoops thanks for catching that...lots of parts I had to organize. Just added it in.