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Key Fob Containers

by muzz64 Feb 21, 2016
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Nice design and very useful. Thanks!!
I would recommend to add some chamfers where the keyring holder meets the cap to make it a bit more sturdy. I was able to break off the holder quite easily.
Other than that: very good design!

Thanks for your comment and suggestion however adding a chamfer in that area wouldn't greatly increase strength as the overriding factor is still the number of shells. The shape would vary a bit but the shells will follow that revised shape. The better way to increase strength is add more shells and/or infill. Just a suggestion...

I hope this helps

Comments deleted.

thanks for the quick reply!!
I already used 3 shells with a 0.4mm nozzle but I can try to use even more. Maybe increasing the number of top layers may also increase the stiffness.
I just expected it to be a little more sturdy and I found the connection area between cap and loop is quite tiny.

Thanks for your effort!

I'm no good at editing or designing files yet...

is there any chance you could make this all one piece?
so that it can be paused just before the top is completed, you can insert whatever you want and then resume the print so its SEALED inside
you could leave a layer with a thinner wall so that it could be snapped in half

Thanks for your message. I understand what you are wanting however that is probably easier said than done. The reason is if you create a groove to act as a weak point where it will break as/when required it may cause the print to fail. The groove would need to reduce the wall thickness to be very thin for it to be weak enough to break. That may cause print issues so it simply doesn't print correctly. The groove could easily result in almost printing a break in the print so the upper part falls off later during the print. Hopefully that explains the risk... but it could work... only one way to find out!

If you want to try this I can edit a file to achieve what you want. I would make it as strong as possible but with weak points to achieve this sort of outcome... I assume it still needs to be sealed as well as possible so cannot have any gaps to make it weak?

Message me know which one you want (as there are a number of file options) and your email address to send it to as I won't post something I'm note sure will work well for everyone.


great design, im going to print a medication one today, a tad confused in the picture you have it printed with a raft, but do not state to use a raft? do you suggest to use a raft or not? im quite new to 3D printing, thanks mate :)

Yes use a raft or brim to help ensure good build plate adhesion as the contact area is minimal.

All the best!

Hello, I've made a design based on yours. you can check it here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2396275

Keyring Cigarrete or money Container

Can you make the keychain column a bit less tall in the medication container?

I can do that and email it to you if you message me your email address. However that length was used so it would work okay on a key ring without everything binding in a bunch. Your call. .. let me know if required

I was going to use it with a few centimeters of chain so it won't be a problem if it is shorter. Delamination will certainly break it in that length with my printer.

Message me your email address and I'll send it. ...

You forgot the convenient support ring in the medication version. Now i cant take my medication and have to die :(

Nah just kidding but it would be cool if you fix it

No problem if you need it.... usually a machine that bridges well will print it okay. However, I've set up a version with designed in support but haven't test printed it. Happy to email it if you message me your email address... just confirm it prints okay and the support can be freed without too much effort.


Comments deleted.

Prefect for geocaching containers!

Any chance of a customizer that will allow me to set height and diameter? If love to make some of different sizes for spare battery containers. The 50mm fits a AAA perfectly but I'd love one sized for an 18650 AA or 14500 for my other flashlights

test it for waterproof or shower proof before use. i think It depends from quality your printer.

Great idea. I was a little frustrated that there was that piece of material preventing the dollar pill and pills from moving all the way into the cap. It restricted a lot of space so I remixed it and removed that material that was on the inside of the cap.

As shown in the images the cap design is hollow in that area If your initial print had material deposited in that area it would be caused by your slicing app not recognizing it was a hollow space or the printer not dealing with it as it needs to... excessive stringing would result in a partially filled space . Anyway, it sounds like you got a good result in the end

There is some bed adhesion material in the center of the cap. It can be popped out but you might need a screw to grab it.

That is designed in support so it should pop out easily enough. It is shown in an image and explained on the Thingiverse page... so yes pull it out.

Sorry I replied to the wrong person

Oh I see in one of the images that there is an insert added. That's what was sticking in the cap and I couldn't get out. So I just removed it and reprinted. All good!

Thanks for your reply. Now I understand what you are referring to and yes on some machines that could be a bit tight to remove. It is a small collar that was added to increase the build plate contact area but it has a gap between the collar and the cap itself so should break away cleanly and easily on accurate machines with a good slicing app. The reason being the very narrow walls do not provide a large contact patch. The collar up the middle acts like a pillar to hold it in line and limit te possibility of any sideways movement as it builds up and also should reduce the likelihood of the print being broken away when the upper sections of the cap is being printed as there is obviously some force being exerted from above... hopefully this explains the logic and it appears to have worked okay for most people. I always try and make my designs as reliable to print as possible for most users.

Should definitely save on my geocaching bison tube bill!!! Will need to pickup some O-rings or small zip-lock bags to compensate for the leaks though...

You make lots of useful, functional prints, and for that I thank you.

is it waterproof? it seems like it

Sorry no they're not waterproof but should be shower proof. The reason being there is no flexible material (think O-rings) to seal the joint. In addition, some printers will blend extruded filament better than others but many leave fine gaps that you will only see with a magnifying glass. They should keep surface water out okay but I expect will leak if immersed in water.