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Stanley Meyer VIC Coil Bobbins

by firepinto Nov 9, 2011
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Thanks for the spools. The only thing I would remove from thingiverse is the negative posts. How does society progress if you do not try new ideas. Sad. Thanks again firepinto!

These spools were my first attempt, I have many more better versions at the RWGresearch forum in the description link. There is a better version made for dual extrusion using water dissolving PVA filament here:

RWGresearch is a better place for trying new ideas and progressing society. Thingyverse has its own problems. :)

also, I find printing on it's side is better. Only half of the support to remove.

mr farnsworth invented television because he didn't know it was common knowledge that it was impossible

talking about glass blowers with a phd in 'what some bloke told me at the pub' of course

Interestingly Farnsworth DID know it was possible because it was ALREADY being done just using a mechanical system. What Farnsworth did for the TV is make it all electronic so there was no moving parts. Earlier versions used mirrors and other moving parts. Funny thing is that there were several others doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. RCA sued him because they claimed their patents took priority over his. Farnsworth won because his high school teacher was able to produce a sketch he made of the system while a freshman in high school thus predating the other patents by a few years.

What nonsense, the "water fuel cell" idea is a complete scam. I hope this gets removed from thingiverse, at least in its current state of advertising lies. The cool looking model is cool though :)

you my friend are a idiot hydrogen is split within the cylinder to 1800x it's original size put money where your mouth is you obviously live in the ozarks how do you get internet they allow you to have coat hangers to plug in your a**

im sure it's a scam just like the airplane or the a-bomb or Tesla's "insane" ideas.

Or the 3D printer!!! Try telling somone 10 years ago that you could have a little box in your house (that you paid for) that will make you whatever you want out of plastic. You'd be a nut job!

Nothing is being advertised, nothing is for sale. If thingiverse wants to remove it, let them. Do you tip your gas station clerk? :-P

Im building a HHO generator myself.. but using flat metal plates. i ve never came across such a design. i hope you share a vid of it bubblin. caus i cant see any function drawings on your links

ah now found some.. thx for share

I hate to rain on your parade but http://aardvark.co.nz/stanley_meyer.shtmlhttp://aardvark.co.nz/stanley_...... Would be nice if were true but it is a pipedream...

It's a shame that you say this but bmw has a car so do many other companies that run on hydrogen. Do your reasearch rather then looking on disinformation pages. When water is split into hydrogen with electrolosis it expand 1800x it's size image that in a piston. You are sadly mistaken. You have to be young look up the subject more before typing. Many people are running hydrogen cells on there trucks without gas with EFIE's to trick the computer in there car due to the o2 sensors. Hydrogen heaters are sold that run on no fuel except a small amount of electrcity. The Tesla comment our world runs on tesla's inventions and you don't even know it. Niagra falls is a result of tesla and electricity unfortunately HAARP is also based on TESLA 

In THIS house, young man, we OBEY the laws of thermodynamics!

Which version of Thermodynamics do you follow? better stay up to speed,

TOM Beardon better check my friend hate you to be left behind.

Right now This tech is booming

If this tech is booming, why isn't at least one mayor car manufacturer implementing this? I bet they would sell shitloads of cars that run on water.

Chuck Norris doesn't follow the laws of thermodynamics, he made Einstein change them. :-P

Chuck Norris dosn't follow the laws of thermodynamics...

The laws of thermodynamics follows him!

That article is over 3 years old, a lot has happened since then. Please do your own research, rather than follow some one's own opinion like blind sheep. Thanks for the link, but my parade is still nice and sunny. Have a nice day. :)

Right a lot has happened but the Universe and Laws of physics didn't change.

WATER is not a viable energy storage solution. The relatively weak valence only bond (electrons attraction) is all the energy stored. You use energy to break it and then get energy back when they recombine. It's not magic, it's science.You get less energy back because some energy go to heat during
breaking, and obviously , some heat escapes when they recombine.

HHO is not a miracle and further, that's not reasearch, that's called a scam, to get people to invest money. The exact article linked shows this. Further, in the current scams-free energy such as the compressed air car-yet another fa
ilure if you do some research and math, is also a giant investment scam. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compressed_air_carhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C...

Please, sit down, think through this logically and do the math and prove to yourself why it's not viable. Don't take my word for it.

And sorry, I'm not bashing your work here on thingiverse. Thanks for posting this so others can try the experiments for themselves. I really mean that because this is why we have 3D printers, people can try things out all over the world (part of what true scientific study is) and test an idea and compare the results worlwide.


Again, I'd rather see people do research, science, and math, and prove to themselves. By posting this, you are enabling them to do just that.

I am not here to debate if water is a fuel. Proof can not be made to weather the technology works or doesn't work until the complete system is built. Stan's COMPLETE system has more components and technology than just an electrolysis cell, and does not violate any laws of physics.

I am here to provide people an open-source supply of parts to build such a system. You are right that it hasn't yet been proven, but it also has not been dis-proven. I believe the open-source community will answer that question with real proof in time.

Now does anyone have any constructive id
eas on how to make support structure easier to remove?

Fireprinto, you could split the inner core in two pieces and print seperatly, bridging should work since the inner is square.

The outer not a clue.

Just some observations from the picture of what you trying to create:

  1. The assembled version never had any windings installed, part of the tape is scratched of showing an empty groove.
  2. The D connector at the top has never been connected to, you can still see the raw pin
    s, no cable ends attached or solder residue.
  3. The inner core your making has a square center, the original is not.

You are right, it may not have been disproven specifcally. And if it ever is, mr scam artist thinks up another scam for others to disprove. as long as you are in the 'unproven' category, you can swindle^H^Hget investments from a lot of people like firepinto.