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Captain Phasma Wearable Helmet

by Geoffro Feb 15, 2016
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How are people gluing this??
without the registration holes its a nightmare to get straight.

For those of you who are having trouble printing parts 3 and 4 as oriented... I printed them upside down with supports. It's about 90% complete now and looks basically flawless. Printing as the designer oriented them didn't ever work for me. I wasted at least 3 hours trying and only getting ugly prints.

When you say you printed with shell of 2 and .2 or ,3. Did you mean 2mm shell or .2mm shell? And I assume the .2 or .3 was the layer height? Thanks can't wait to start printing this.

That means 2 or 3 perimeters; the printer will go around the perimeter twice or three times. The actual thickness would depend on your line width.

Question, did you put out a revised 1 piece stl for the ear section change?

I was wondering about the same thing as M59373M mentioned, the helmet is amazing but it looks a bit narrow around the neck compared to the on screen ones.

Geoffro, Everything is awesome, but why does this helmet model have such a narrow form? Can you fix it?

What have people used for lenses?

I'm wondering the same. It's the only part I have left to do but cant figure out what to use and how.

Thank you so much for doing this.
A couple of quick questions:

  1. What size head will this helmet fit?
  2. Is it 501st accurate?

Its 404 legion accurate, we don't really work with the 501 specs because they are just to anal.

You could have a perfect helmet, and the rest of the suit and they will knock you back for having a hair out of place.

Haha good comment about 501, and by the way the owners and majority of 501 are fat guys and look at their cosplays look accurate for a fat star wars movies , sorry 501 but its true

Infosmercial produced a video about how to electroplate this on YouTube. https://youtu.be/ilWst2zq-D4

WOOT WOOT! Thanks for posting this link to my vid. I hope y'all enjoy it. A lot of sweat went into it.

So how did you get the pieces to hold together? I have some fears of printing things that don't snap together, because I've never had much luck with glues and bonding agents.

Any tips?

There are a few methods..

  1. Put some ABS filament in a dremel, ie the abs is the tool head. Run it in circles around the joins inside to create a friction weld.
  2. Use 2 part Epoxy, which is strong enough to basically stick Jesus to the cross.
  3. A 3D printing pen will fuse the joints and also melt in with the existing plastic if you go close and the nozzle does a slight weld.

Comment #2 hahahahahahahaha

I haven't printed this and I want to say thanks to Geoffro for sharing your amazing skills and your generosity for sharing it freely. I have to ask, looking at the others that have printed it and their pictures of the actual helmet, by comparison it looks narrow and doesn't look to flare out from the eyes down. Going back to Geoffro's detail pics above it looks good, but that flare seems to disappear when its printed. I'm curious what others think.

How much did it cost those who printed it in materials?

can you add a one piece stl? or 2 pieces that I could print without support?

I have a printer big enough to print it in one piece

Looking to print this on my zortrax M200. How well will it fit on my build table of 200 x 200 x 185 mm [7.87 x 7.87 x 7.28 in] ?

"Pieces are cut to fit on a Replicator 2 or above print area.
No parts are over 20cm wide, no deeper than 14cm and no parts are over 14cm tall."

so you should be fine :)

Awesome. Thanks !
Would you know where I can find the full body armor for the trooper outfit. I want to print full costume.

Hello , I've not printed this ... but I can see a great great work ... wow ... just wanted to say Thanks you for your great work ...

Vraiment inspirant !

DUde you do great work I wish I could render in Blender like you do.

7 parts in and still printing in PLA at 80% scale for my daughter :)

I did flip parts 3 & 4 and printed without support (couldn't get it to stick otherwise & rafts never work on my printer) - I got drooping on the huge inside overhang but the outside is perfect...

Thanks so much for the model & even more for the fact that you sliced it up for small beds, I'm looking forward to completing it!

(80% seems to just about fit on a 180mm diameter round bed)

Any suggestions on how to get a semi-chrome finish out of an ABS print?

try electroplating it

Try acetone vaping it, then spray paint it heavily in gray, then light strokes in silver.

You would need a might big chamber for that.
If you want the most awesome chrome, look at electroplating 3D prints, looks unreal.

I work with electroplating 3d prints and it is not terribly difficult honestly. It simply takes some work and a whole lot of experimentation. This is exactly what I plan on doing with this piece. Thank you so much geoffro!

Thanks mate, please pop us some pictures when done!

I certainly will. I estimate I'll be done in about a week or so and when I'm done I'll be sure to come back with pics.

Just waiting for the cheek mesh etc to head over the regular trooper and some more filament, and I'll print me one of these bad boys!

Just read your comments about members selling for profit n ebay.Hoping you complained to ebay and have the posts removed ? eventually if you complain enough ebay will ban their selling ability.I for one will jump on your band wagon and go report their accounts (if its still up)I lve your designs (your darth vader bust i ve printed 4 times in different sizes :) I think its a real shame that some members will exploit your designs like that

Hi! Can it be printed in a 130x130x200 (build volume) printer? Thank you!

No sorry, they were designed for 220x140x140

Are you running a delta bot? if so just turn the pieces upright and print them tall instead.

So anyone doing this: what are you using for the metallic finish? I'm thinking rub-n-buff, but I hate to think how many of those tiny little half-ounce bottles it would take. :P

Also, someone was telling me the other day that PLA is too brittle for this sort of application, and I should look at making a resin cast of it for actual wearing. Has anyone had any experience along those lines? First-time costume builder, so I haven't had a lot of experience with things getting klunked around and suchlike.

I'd print in abs just for sanding preference, PLA I find doesn't sand anywhere near as easily. From what I've been told, you would not use more than 1 tube of rub and buff.

Hmmm. I already printed it in PLA though, mostly because I can PLA-weld the joints. You're right about the sanding, though. I think I may just pick up some sandable primer and give it a good dose once the welding is done. Need to prime it real good anyway. It's just the durability is my main concern.

Amazing work, thank you!

is it just the helmet or is it the whole entire thing?

"Captain Phasma Wearable Helmet"

Excellent work, thanks for doing all this so that us mortals can have awesome 3D printed stuff :D

if this is any help to stopping procopick3d selling your print

I appreciate that its split, I really do, but can you upload the unsplit version? it helps for assembling

It's uploaded.

yes please, I would like the full helmet unsplit too

looks awesome, I wish more people would split the helmets like this for us who don't have big printers#davincijr

thank you Geoffro.

Agreed! So thankful people split the parts up for smaller beds.

What software is out there to easily split STL files?

No problem, by Grayskull you have the power!

You're the real MVP Geoffro, keep up the amazing work.