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The "Revolver"... easy to print but challenging to solve!

by muzz64 Feb 14, 2016
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Si mi comprensión es correcta y usted rompió una de las partes roscadas que necesita para fortalecer la impresión ... aumente el número de conchas y el porcentaje de relleno

Gran diseño. mi único inconveniente es que al armarlo y apretarlo me queda un espacio como de unos 4 mm. y las piezas se mueven mucho arriba y abajo, según veo en las imágenes deber quedar ajustado al apretar el tornillo, no sé que estoy haciendo mal

Si mi comprensión es correcta y usted rompió una de las partes roscadas que necesita para fortalecer la impresión ... aumente el número de conchas y el porcentaje de relleno

Yo le corte rosca al tornillo

I have printed the two different versions of these! LOVE them. Is there a way I can do it without the raft. Getting the raft off is SOO very hard to do and I end up having parts it gets stuck on. Did you try printing without it?

Sorry for the delay replying. If you have adequate build plate adhesion without a raft it's okay not to use any. I recommend it as many people run into issue with small parts coming free during printing.

I hope this helps.

Comments deleted.

cool stuff.
had one in childhood but with different color balls inside the rotator slots.

Very cool... thanks for going to the trouble to make the video and share it!

Very nice. Thanks for the work.....everything printed without problem.

How high is the revolver ?
I want to add two more layers, so I need to learn that to print taller rod for two more spaces.


You would need to add 16.3mm... while I was checking I set up an .stl file with this added which I can send to you if you message me your email address.

I just sent you a message with my email.
Thank you.

Pleased to hear your Revolver parts are printing well. The notch is not necessary at all but can help when solving the puzzle... you may find progressively keeping layers aligned. Fixing to a point seems to help some people solve the puzzle...

Good luck!

Printing this up now. So far the sliders are fitting perfectly on the revolvers. One question.. is there a reason for the little notch on the shorter part of the retainer?

Got 2 more colors just to print this! It looks so cool!

What is the print time for each 6 color files

Every machine and slicing app will change the print time.. although its been some time since I printed one I'm fairly sure it was around 25 minutes per set of colors. This was on my Replicator 2.... my 5th Gen Replicator takes a bit longer. As already mentioned your settings / slicing app / machine will all affect the time

Looks very similar that's for sure... I've never seen that before but always suspected there may be similar things out there as this isn't rocket science to think up. The main thing is it's 3D printable for anyone now...

Can you post the measurements. I'm doing this for a school project and I can't redo it. So I would like to get it right the first time.

Thanks for your message and interest in my Revolver design. In response to your request the immediate question imms which measurements... I assume all of them. That's a lot so not easy to list in a meaningful text response. Things like this are best shown in a diagram with dimensions included.

Anyway my suggestion is to download the .stl files and open them in a 3D design application. Even basic apps have ways you can measure things... take the measurements as you need them then redraw it for your project.

Hopefully this achieves what you want...

Could you post a file for just the screw part of the retainer? That part of mine broke and I didn't want to print both sides of the retainer just for the screw part.

Sorry to hear that part broke for you. I try and keep the number of files posted to as few as possible to avoid confusion... but happy to send it to you by email. Just message me your email address. Thanks.

The sliders are supper hard to move up and down. I puted WD-40 but it's still hard to move.

The problem is that not all machines or slicing apps work the same and filament is another variable These have printed really well on my MakerBots ' and lots of other people have had great results too...

The fact is this has quite fine tolerances to work well so you need a well set up and accurate machine plus a good slicing app.. However, to overcome your current problem it sounds like the clearances are printing too small so try again with everything scaled up 3-5 % uniformly . This should increase the clearances sufficiently to make everything slide as they should.

One more thing... if you're printing with ABS you may need to scale it up a bit further as it shrinks when cooling which reduces size / clearances. It's just a matter of working with your machine to get it printed well... all the best!

Was looking forward to having one but my printer can't handle the threading. Any way to get a remix where it's just a dowel to a hole that I could super glue together? I'd really appreciate it.

Most machines should deal with the thread okay as long as you print it in the centre of your build plate and follow the instructions provided. The other issue could be your slicing application... if it can't deal with the detail of the thread it's worth investigating alternatives as you may not be getting the best out of your machine.

However, if you've tried it and it won't print the thread I can edit it as requested but won't upload it as a standard thing so message me your email address to send it to.

Hopefully you didnt do too much work yet, you made me calibrate my printer and I finally got the thread to work. Though, if you already made it, I'm still interested in getting it. My email is ralphievigg@ gmail.

And now the tolerances are way too tight. To get a slider on the internal one I had to hammer it in after filing, and I cant do that for every single one. I'm going to try printing at 90% flow rate and see what happens.

Looks awesome. Going to order a filament sample pack and get 250 grams of a ton of colors, would that be enough?

The amount of filament required for each color slider set will only use a small amount of those rolls so you would have plenty to make quite a few... the color version is best but there is also single color version with shapes to align instead of colors if that helps

I have one of these. It's made by Eni Puzzles. The only difference is that mine has 8 colors around the circle and it is 8 units high. It's very easy to solve the patterns.

Definitely printing this when I have more filament! this is such a cool design!

Nice I will give it a try, then post picture later.

Thanks Muzz !

Thanks for the positive feedback it would be great to have it featured but can't exactly self promote it to Thingiverse... however they do track activity and I assume also receive comments and feedback so hopefully it appears on their radar some time soon... thanks again

This gotta be featured, very nice design and simple to print. Gadget of 2016!

awesome, printing it right now!

How many days till this gets featured? Awesome project.

Thanks for the feedback... it is a very cool thing and it would be great if the powers that be at Thingiverse decide to feature it but unfortunately that's beyond my control.

Here's hoping...

Cool! Reminds me of the whip-it puzzles.

I just need 6 different colours now!

I could add a single color version if that's of interest. The Sliders would have shapes indented into them to differentiate them instead of the colors.... it won't look as cool but will function the same way.

The shapes idea is great, or just an indentation that can be filled in with a color or an object that won't "wear off" as fast over time. ...thinking... In fact, I think a single indentation is cooler because people can make stickers or paint or make 3D inserts to customize your gizmo ad-infinitum!!!

The best way is 6 indented different shapes as that will work for everyone without enough different filament colors or not wanting to make all the color changes. This means it will still function as intended without the need to paint or add stickers.... but people can do that if they want. This should be the best of both worlds...

I have the files ready but need to print it out and take photos etc. It will be uploaded as a new thing in a few days...

Thanks for the upload. Printing it right now! :)

Hopefully everything went well with your prints and it came out great like mine... Assuming so post an image.