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OpenSCAD Helical Gears

by catarina Nov 24, 2009
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Anybody know what the increments are set in? MM? Feet? Etc. Is the pitch diameter in MM cuz it prints out larger. I put in 55 it comes out ~60MM. TIA, Jim

Wow, this is amazing!

I think the only improvement would be to make the gears constant mesh. It would then basically be a universal gear tool!

what are those green circles

Mosquito repellent look alikes. It won't do anything against mosquitoes but then these are not gears either.

Do your gears mesh properly? The teeth are just flat and this will cause lots of troubles, you may want to read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Involute_gearhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I...

Hi aguaviva. This is a very old script and the gears aren't involute. There are better and more recent scripts for gears on Thingiverse.

These are 3D pics, but they are NOT gear wheels. Square teeth will not even turn, they are NOT gear wheels.
How about providing a link or something that does produce a gear wheel if you know that there are now better examples which do actually produce a workable gear wheel?

Hi Aguaviva. This is a very old scrip and the gears aren't involute. There are better and more recent scripts for gears on Thingiverse.

Nice gears! I'm creating a gear set to put some miniature gutter brooms in motion, 6 of them in the row of two each. I was curious if you think that your gears would work for my project. Thanks for your help!!!

Hi, thank you for your enthusiasm :) However, my gear designs are pretty old. There are much better and more advanced openSCAD gears in Thingiverse now, and I'd strongly recommend you base your design on those instead. Best of luck for your project!

Have you had any luck on making the internal gears? I am looking for a gear with both internal and external teeth. I need a small gear to drive the outer teeth of a the main ring with an array of smaller gears rotating inside it.

Hey WardElder. Have you checked the other gear openSCAD scripts on Thingiverse? There are some pretty good ones around and they might already have what you're looking for.

Try this site for doing the calculations. Makes using your SCAD file much easier.


Ooh, that's a great resource. Thanks!

Very cool. I made some slight modifications to get rid of the "skin" on the bottom of your model. It's the simple addition of a translate([0,0,-1]) and adding 1 or more to the height to the second item in your difference() sections. 8-)

I suggest the following modifications:

module circle() {
solid(gearHeight-0.1doubleHelical, pitchDiam);
for (c=[1:circleNum]){
(360/circleNum)) translate([0,rootRad/2, -gearHeightdoubleHelical]){
doubleHelical, circleDiam/2,
oval( circleDiam,circleDiam/2,gearHeight+gearHeight*doubleHelical);

Very cool, thanks!

your gears remind me of a toy i had as a child (born in 74) called spirograph. wonderful stuff. i'd love to have it again for me and my kids.

What a great idea! I'm working on some internal gears as well. If that design works maybe it'll allow us to print a spirograph set :)

Nice script. Making one for the rack would complete the set fully :)

I don't suppose there is any chance of a scad script for internal gears is there ??

The ones so far are pretty awesome

Being able to print out the parts for harmonic and planetary gearboxes would be unreal. 8-)

Yeah, I'd like to add internal, crown, and rack. It shouldn't be too hard to modify these scripts for that. Maybe I'll have the chance to do it at a hacking marathon this week :)

That would be really, really, cool.

If you take a planetary gear arrangement and split the annular gear (internal gear) around the middle but make one half have one less tooth than the other you can make the gear box behave like a cross between a harmonic and planetary gear arrangement and get very high reduction rations out of a si
ngle stage.

Most excellent for efficiency and keeping the number of parts low.

The clever bit is making two annular gears that are one tooth different but still mesh with the planet gears.

Consider if the two annular gears had 100 and 101 teeth respectively you could get a 100:1 reduction if one
of the annular gears was held stationary. That is 100 complete revolutions of the planet assembly would give one revolution of the non stationary annular gear.

Multiply this by the reduction of sun to planet gears and you get a very compact and efficient gear box. ;)

I guess doing this with planet
and sun gears made from your helical doubles would truly be poetry in motion. 8-)

I just imagine sort of robots using it

Love them! I take it the samples you've uploaded are all compatible with one another in terms of tooth size and gap?

Thanks :) The three large gear models do match in terms of tooth size and gap, but they also have a bunch of other characteristics (height, teeth orientation, double v. single helical, etc.) that make them incompatible. My idea was that you'd just use the openSCAD file to generate exactly what you need, and these samples were picked at random. However, if you don't want to work with the scad file, just let me know the characteristics of the models you need and I'll be happy to upload them here or send them out to you.

I've been incorporating an "overlap" variable in my OpenSCAD code to get union and difference operations to cleanly merge and cut pieces. It extends the merging or cutting surface by a fixed amount at a known location.

See the openscad example I attached to my Lego Compatible Disc Buttons - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1005http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Lego Compatible Disc Buttons

Thanks! That's a great idea. I'll start using an overlap surface as well.

excellent prints! what printer did you use ?

I printed these on our MakerBot.

Nice results! Very solid faces, did you use the Diaphragm setting in Skeinforge or just lots of infill?

Well, we have a really good bot :) It has prototype makerbot microstepping drivers and Zach adjusted our skeinforge preferences so that everything runs smoothly.

I also learned from him to build large models from SDcard to avoid buffer issues. I noticed that it makes such a difference that now I build everything, even something as small as ring, from the card. Another thing I picked up from Zach is to pre-heat the extruder.

Finally, I look very, very closely at my skeinforge preview and keep making small adjustments to the model until the preview looks just right.

I guess that all these things added up result in some very nice prints :)

WOW. Words just fail here.

These are exquisite.