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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

E3D V5 & V6 SINGLE & DUAL fan duct holder (Prusa I3) VER 2.0

by trustfm Feb 12, 2016
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Excellent design. Works great on my V6 clone.

Any chance you can make a version for the v6 with a place to mount the BLTouch ? :D Pretty please

Did anyone find a remedy?

I used for my Anet A8, prusa i3 clone, with a bowden set up. I made some modification to the X carriage to make this fit.

For the volcano your edit works very well.
When i tried to use your design with the normal e3d the schells were up against the center piece bolt holder and could not get high enough.

I used these when I printed them with PLA.
But people should print it with ABS. Because the cable of the hotend is warm enough to soften up the ducts and make them droop onto your prints and scrapped quite some prints of mine.

Eventhough what I will say now is not your fault but the first designer and I'll comment it there as well:
-It's annoying to screw in the ducts onto the center piece. A nuttrap design would have been better.
Instead of a tie-rip hole at the back, a more snug hole for the e3d heatsink would have been better. Could be that my heatsink is off size.
-Somehow the pieces of the duct where the bolts go into, the pieces that touch the center piece, were too wide and clashed and there was too little room for a good bolt hole. (could have been my printer but I did quite some flow tests before hand, so i doubt that was the case.)
-If too much pressure is applied the bolt holders break way too easily. There is enough room to make these wider.
-Eventhough there is enough room for a newer e3d aluminum hotend blok with an cylindrical thermister to spin around, there is too little room for the cables, which also heat up. Thus the heat of the hotend simply heat up the ducts and make the soft and potentially droop.
-Due to me screwing around with a broken bolt holder, it started to resonate terribly.

In conclusion I cannot recommend this for Anet A8 or prusa i3 clone users. But apparently a lot of people like it so it's good if it's printed in ABS or better filaments with a better calibrated printer, but the other issues still stand.

I printed it, but it didn't work for me. Airflow is really good, points nicely rigth at the nozzle, only downside is the reduced visibility. The center piece has the fan too far from the hotend to provide sufficient cooling given your x mount is large enough to create an enclosure effect on the hotend, the filament starts melting too early. Might not be the design itself, as I said, my particular setup set up along with this leaves too little room to vent the heat away from the hotend.

E3D V5 & V6 SINGLE & DUAL fan duct holder (Prusa I3) VER 3.0
by trustfm

awesome i printed me some

Comments deleted.

How is this mounted on the x axis carriage?

Comments deleted.


Will you consider making a version of the fan ducts that are a little bit taller so they can reach the nozzle on an E3D V6 Volcano? This looks perfect for me, but as-is the fan ducts blow air on the heater block, not on the nozzle.

I made this one, but it needs to be designed lower. The two layer fans are just cooling down the hotend.

They need to be a couple of mm lower, and the duct needs to point more down to make the air hit the layers more directly.

strange... do you have an e3d official version?

had to double check. I've got the E3D Lite6. Might be some small difference compare to the V6?

i think yes.
Try printing this : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1663353
only the cube core ...

E3d V6 Valcano center piece for dual duct fans

First of, I like this fan ducts very much. What I found out is, that the cooling is actually too effective for ABS prints and the layer adhesion suffers a lot from the efficiency of the cooling. I will be going back to a cooling with only one Fan but the duct has to compensate for it by going around the nozzle.
Thank you anyway for the design. If I could lower my rpm of my fans below 20% I think I would still be using this design

Sorry but when you slice with s3d fan duct right seems not repaired

Could you please make a 40 mm central fan version for at least v5?

You can modify the object using FreeCAD or use

Parametrizable any size to any size fan adapter with manifold tube angle

Hey man you linked me this 10 days ago from another design and I have a couple questions.

I use a 40mm fan to cool the E3DV6, so does this one use a 40mm as well? I also can only use the right fan because I have a micro servo on the left for auto bed leveling. So as long as I can use both 40mm fans I have now I'll print this up and check it out.


This design uses 2 40mm fans and one 30mm central fan

yeah a 30mm central fan doesn't work for me. I use 40's all around.

Thanks anyways!