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Cascaqua | Cascading Aquaponics System

by Avooq Feb 13, 2016
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Are there any printing details like infill percentage, wall thickness etc., orientation of the shape on the platform? ... noob here.

What is the best orientation for the planters?

If you don't supplement your water with any chemicals your plants will be nutritionally deficient. There are some great resources online for how to do aquaponics properly. Many of the options are organic as well. :)

OK, I've remodelled this for a 17 litre rectangle tank, I refuse to put goldfish in as its STILL too small, what fish could be kept in a cold water small tank?
Also, how would the plants be planted? I'm no gardener but would love to put some herbs in the top but I always thought most herbs need to be planted in soil.

You may want to consider getting a Betta fish for the tank. They do well in smaller enclosures. Only down side is that 'there can be only one'.


You could do it, but there are aquatic bacteria that you wouldn't want in your food supply.

I understand you may be concerned about 'bacteria' but that is the whole point of the system, the bacteria are what convert the fish waste in to nutrients for the plants. While using untreated waste water [from humans] is dangerous, this type of system is not. Herbs will do well depending on the type, but any leafy green such as rocket or lettuce will go really well. With larger tanks tomatoes work well as well.

Goldfish need at least 20 gallons to survive.

Ok, a couple of general points, many fish - including goldfish will grow to the size of their tank. That is if you get a small goldfish and put it in a large tank it is more likely to grow to its maximum size, however if you put it in a smaller tank it will not grow as large. Also the size of the tank i.e. volume is only one factor when it comes to the number and type of fish that can be kept, the use of filtration and water flow [for oxygen] also affect the number and size of fish. A tank [say 10 gallons] with good filtration and water flow will be able to support more fish than a tank of the same size with less filtration or water flow. A link to a comprehensive website is here : http://www.firsttankguide.net/capacity.php while my experience keeping fish all through my teenage years and my ongoing engagement with aquaponic systems has contradicted a bit with some of the advice, it seems like a very comprehensive site for people starting out. When it comes to fish in aquaponic systems I would suggest starting with smaller fish such as tetras and/or guppies over large fish such as goldfish. Also bare in mind that once you set the system up it takes a couple of weeks for the good bacteria to get to become established in whatever growth medium you are using for the plants. Once they are established however the system is largely self supporting in regards to keeping the water clean and the plants healthy, you just have to introduce nutrients to the system in the form of fish food.

Hey mate, so i have a beta fish in water and the stuff used to clean water.. will this do fine ? Will i need a ph sheet/checker ? What plants work the best and look the best ? Will i ever need to change the water ? Thanks

Rule of thumb is 29 gallons of water for each goldfish. So you can keep one goldfish in 29 gallons of water. Goldfish become huge and need a lot of room to move around.