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Raspberry Pi Pipboy 3000 MKIV

by adafruit Feb 4, 2016
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Could this work with the Raspberry pi 4 with a little bit of modification?

Be forewarned before you spend your print time and money on components.
There appears to be some issues with the image working on the raspberry pi suggested.
It would appear this one has slipped into abandonware category.
I will be reluctant to do anymore projects sponsored by adafruit.

I am fairly new to adafruit. I built a division shoulder scanner last year, fairly simple task.
I am totally new to raspberry pi, but I think I can handle it .
Will any mini USB wifi dongle work? The one listed is out of stock.
If not what alternatives are there?

Most USB WiFI dongs will work, raspberry pi has a list of supported devices.


If you have any technical questions, please post it on the adafruit forms so our support team can assist.


Seeing how I am totally new to rasberry pi.....
Is there a certain "distro Support"?
Will the D-LINK DWA-131 work?

Comments deleted.

Thank you so much for this project!
I've printed, primed, painted, and built everything... electronics are done and the Pi powers on and POSTs...
BUT, the Pi image(s) that are provided (on Adafruit's website) do not seem to work. Under the 'software' tab of the tutorial, there are two images provided.

One is a 'ready-to-go' image designed for the Model B+. This image will not POST on my Pi B+. (The green POST LED has no activity, like the initial boot sectors are wrong/corrupt.)
-I'm sure the Pi is working (other images work), and I'm sure it's a B+.

I've replaced the Pi B+ with a Pi 2 model B, and used the other provided image, "Jessie-based PiTFT 3.5" Resistive Image." This image works and the Pi POSTs (see attached picture), HOWEVER, the Pip-Boy software provided is incomplete. All the files needed are not provided and the Pip-Boy software itself will not run.

Can either Adafruit or another fellow Pip-Boy creator help me out with this issue? If anyone's gotten this thing to run, I'd really appreciate some help! I'm SO CLOSE with this build - just stuck on the last step.

Thanks so much!!!

The pipboy software is pretty hairy and was never quite complete. The image doesn’t work for most people (including myself) so you’ll have to manually install it along with dependencies. There’s a thread in the forums that offers some insight in how to do this. Hope this helps! https://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=120619&p=623035&hilit=pipboy#p623035

Wow, quick reply... THANKS!
I'll look into the link you provided. -I hope it helps too! (Especially since I spent so much money -at Adafruit- and time building it, ha!)
-Any other useful links you may run across would be much appreciated as well.
Thanks again for the quick reply...

Has anyone gotten this code to work with the Raspberry Pi 3 yet?

Faux rhymes with snow, not ducks

Hi there, is there anyway to get this image to work on the raspberry pi zero??

I was wondering the same thing, hey adafruit, I'm sure that others would love to be able to use a pi zero, is this going to happen?

PLEASE HELP. Ok, so i'm an engineering student and I've finally convinced my teacher to let me make this I got all the parts and i'm ready to print. The problem is when I download this in STL format I can't open it, it just doesn't show up through the program. I've been trying to find a solution for 3 weeks and nothing works. If it helps the program I'm using is Solidworks.

1.have you tried redownload it?

2.What program are you trying to use?

3.And is this program a printer software, or a slicer?

Good news the problem has been resolved! I'm not sure what he did, but one of my friends who is a lot more educated in using the program found out how to fix it. Thanks for your help anyway.

Comments deleted.

could probably be redesighned for use with a pi zero

I wish you made it look more like the one in Fallout 4. I wonder If I can combine this one with another one to make it look better. Also what LCD Screen did you use?

could i add in sensors to this, like a thermometer, barometer, distance meter, stuff like that, that would give some changing data on the screen which would be fun

will the pi 3 work with this ?

Why did you not make this more like the Pip Boy 3000 MK 4 from the game

Does this project link with the Xbox One and let you control in-game menus like the phone app does?

hi try software but the cant text bug or do have set the screen up befor i use it if so how to do it

:( Too big for my printer (davinci jr)

Any 3D modeling program should let you "cut up" the files so that you can fit them on your printer's bed. I've used 3D Builder to subdivide large parts so that they fit on my DaVinci 1.0. It's the simplest and easiest to use program I've found to do quick edits like this.

OMG YES I will be making this!!!

Comments deleted.

The video is marked private. :(

No worries, video will be published at 9AM ET - Very soon :-)