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Unregulated Dual 18650 Box Mod (Vape)

by Element18592 Feb 1, 2016
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Comments deleted.

Hey can you make the wiring imige a bit more clear i never made one of these.
Why does the positive terminals of the battery go into the 510 instead of the switch then the 510 and what is the 510 drain, where does it go?

It switches the ground not the positive. It's quite common to do so

can you make the box a bit wide for a sx 350 chip please :)?

This always breaks where the lid should slide in. Help please.

During print? Are you using PLA and do you have a parts cooling fan? Maybe try generating supports.

I have tried both petg and pla. I have not tried it with supports. How many shells are you generating? I think that might be the issue but I am about to try one with supports. I will let you know how it goes.

What is the mosfet used for?

am printing one as im typing this ;)

Awesome. Hope you share it when its done!

NICE. I run a Vape Group on facebook and I'm very very hard on my mods. This will help me be able to always have a back up back up vape mod lol.

Can you do a 2nd version of box with button on the side (at the top end) vs at an angle on the top next to the tank?

By the way...AWESOME design, very compact and quite nice looking

Here is a board I made for MOSFET unregulated box mods if interested

OSHPark's minimum board thickness is 1.6mm which if incorporated into this project would require the the model to be modified to fit the pcb properly. Even with the mosfet alone it barley fits. As for making a new design i no longer have the project files. I do have a v2 version that i made a while back of this that looks much better in my opinion. Ill try and get that uploaded soon.

cool...cool...oh by the way...OSHPark now has 1/2 height double copper (0.8mm, 2oz) boards now ;)

I'm having trouble assembling this thing. I put everything together expecting it to work, But nothing happened. So i did some testing on the mosfet, thinking it might be broken. I concluded that the mosfet is working fine. Everything else is hooked up the way your illustration is showing. Is there anything you think i might be doing wrong? I'm is soldering the correct wires to the correct pins? From my understanding, the illustration of the circuit is showing the mosfet on it's back, with the metal piece down and the black box facing up?

Do you have skype? If so contact me and send me some pictures and ill help you get it up and going.

Skype: Element18592 (Displays as The Mod Shop)

Yes, I will, thank you for your help :)

I like your mentality Element. (Chuckles at your last post). I think you're completely right. I've got a question about your design. Im guessing the Mosfet is to prevent arcing, lowering resistance and giving a more consistent current flow?

Also is it possible to run an atomizer of 3 or 4 AA batteries rather than two 18650s? Maybe connecting them so you get 3V form 2x2 AAs connected in a series? My electrical competence is completely minuscule. This might be insane.

Thanks. As for the AA batteries in theory you could however, i would imagine the wattage wouldn't be sufficient enough to provide a decent vape. As for the mosfet its 100% needed. It pretty much handles the current from the coil as to not cause the switch to fail or "weld" together.

Thanks for the quick response :D
I'll probably buy some 18650s then. I was hoping i could use AAs cuz they are cheaper to have many of. I'm looking forward to printing your design. It's gonna be really cool to walk around with that, and when people asks me where i got it ill say "i downloaded it off the internett". They're gonna be sooo confused :DDDD

Comments deleted.

You'll definitely get a lot of comments on it thats for sure. As for 18650s you can get them pretty cheap just buy a decent charger and 4 batteries and you will be good to go. Look into the Nitecore charger. Just the dual battery charger will work fine.

I already have an Nitecore Intellicharger i2 dual charger. One of the slots are broken though, so I'm opening it now to see if i can fix it. I had a digital mod earlier for with an 18650 in it. But it kept cutting out after like 8 seconds. Making it hard to enjoy a dripper. So this will be awesome. Thanks for all your help :D

Awesome! Well good luck.

Heyo, Ive received my components and has started assembling you design. What Atomizer do you recommend? The one in the images looks interesting. Which ones are your favorites?

Im ordering the components from ebay. What wattage does the resistor need to be capable of? There are different ones, 20 watt resistor, 0,25 and everything in between. Any advice ? :D

A 15k 1/4 watt will work.

Thanks :D Saving my skin with these quick responses :)

where can i find the green/yellow filament you're using?

Its Hatchbox Yellow PLA. It can be found on Amazon.

Love it thanks for the links. Btw are those links for everything on the list, if not where can I get the rest.

Everything used in this project is linked above. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Nice work. DarthHater13 needs to get over his BS. If you didn't make this better, China would have... so dude, chill out.

Please take my design down thank you, This is a copy of my Darth Vaper lite box mod

Correct, i asked for the STL file so i could print one myself. You felt the need to ignore my message so i went to work on my own version. This is all done up from scratch and a lot of work went in to it. So i have the right to post my file on thingiverse for anybody to download and print.

That just wrong you straight up copy my hard work and you said it was hard work most of the work is being creative and coming up with the idea. You dont have the skill so you have to copy someone, your a joke.

Apparently i do have the skill because if you ask me it looks much better than yours and the best part is its free. When i make something i upload it and share it, had you have shared the STL with me (which you didnt and thats completely fine and your choice) i would have printed and enjoyed it, however since i had to put the work into re-creating it, im going to share it with others to do with it as they please. You can leave now as im not going to be taking it down.

Slow down buddy, we only just met.