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AEP7 Laser Pistol (Fallout)

by dragonator Aug 8, 2013
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Little question.
Should I use support on the frame_bottom?

I made a real future-now laser gun based upon this design.


AEP7 Laser Pistol (Fallout)
by JaniceM

Is is great model! Thank you. ;-)

I made a stencil for the caution label, came out pretty nice: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3171734

Laser Caution Stencil for AEP7 Laser Pistol

Thank you so much for sharing, I used parts of your design and integrated it with foam to make both a pistol and a rifle! My nephew loves them! (And I do too).

it is possible to get the files that I can and may change. I want to adjust the tricker and some holes for switches have made a lamp and a smoke machine

Okay, need a little advice. How is everyone attaching the mag chamber to the body, while still allowing it to move?

with a metal pin

does anybody knows how to build this thing? and what kind of laser is in there?

gr buas

Where did you find a spring for your trigger

Fantastische files! zodra ik mijn printer heb zal ik deze sowieso printen ;)

How did everyone connect the mag on the side?
did you print pins and force them in or what?

Very nice !! Thank you very munch !
Is it possible to have te STL of the yellow wire please ?

Ethernet cable works perfectly

in the notes he stated that he used an actual piece of wire.

Hi, do you know where I can download the decals for gluing onto the pistol?

awesome cool and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the game and i am using this as part of my cosplay costume for a comic fair

Anyone stateside know which screws to use with this?

Just order a metric kit from amazon. $10. will get you plenty of M3 M4 and M5 hex head or button head screws and nuts.

I'm going to use this as my gun and front page of my laser defense system company, okay?

Comments deleted.

So what kind of button/switch are folks using with the trigger? I'm trying to figure out how to trip a tactile button or a end-stop style micro-switch (the one with the little lever) but not having much luck finding something that will fit.

Hello wondering if you ever figured out how to do this. I'm about to build this print and would like to add a laser as well.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this. I'm currently working on finishing mine up. Only real issue I had was with the trigger. I had to sand it like crazy to get it to move. (I actually broke it the first time I tried to pull it out). I used a generic pen spring, it was the perfect size for the hole.

@dragonator could you possible make up a list of screws?

This is a great model. I am most of the way through printing it but I am struggling with the front brace. At this point I am using repetier Host and Slic3r but I am just about to try cura.

Basically it seem to print all of the support but when it tries to print the model on the support, it looks like it doesn't adhere well and the model printing goes to hell. Any thoughts on how to print this part?

How did you paint it?

ok so iv just finished this one off and its amazing when assembled a few tips i have for those yet to start printing i used PLA at 0.2 build hight and 15% infill i have my hot-end set to 230 and my heat-bed set to 70 i don't use adhesives on any of my prints but i do print with a 20 line brim to help large and mid sized prints adhere to the print bed

how large should my printer area be what dimensions

This is great and I am almost through with printing everything out for painting and assembly.. it is destined to be a gift.
Problems are arising for me with the front and back muzzles however; another poster also mentioned issues with support materials.
Using a (heavily modified) Robo3D and just cant ever get the setting right for proper support materials.. either not enough, which basically means it doesn't do its job and my last print.. too much support which left me essentially a solid block of a front nozzle; a .25 kilo unusable piece.
I don't care so much about materials and costs, but (as the man said) I'm not made of time.
Support materials are a pain, and I'm using Mattercontrol, which is different from this, which is different from that.
Probably the main reason why help on the topic is sparse, some can print fine without it, some printers cannot, some programs handle it better, others not at all. PLA? ABS? Dual extrudes? too many variables.

Either way Dragonator, masterful work on this and its been a pleasure so far.. :)

I can't really help on this one. I use an UP! printer. UP!'s are legendary for their support material. I never really had any problems with it. It is of little help now, but other props have been further optimized to only have a little 90 degree support.

I printed out the front muzzle of the laser gun but after a few hours it started to warp quite badly, it was also a 9 and a half hour print at 25% infill, but i found out after if i rotated the muzzle face down on the print bed it would have only taken 6 and half hours (i could have kicked myself for that one), i was thinking of using my 3doodler to fill in some of the splits that appeared. I use repetier host to control my printer and the cura slicer in it to do my prints i find that it seems to work quite well.

Is there any other fallout weapons you have done with this level of detail?? Almost finished printing this just not enough time to print the larger parts at the moment.

I'm working on the laser rifle right now. Printing is at 80%, but it won't be on thingiverse. It will be on the internet within a month.

That is cool, how do you go about taking a design like this and turn it into multi part jig saw for lack of a better word??

Hours upon hours of finicking in Solidworks. There is not super simple "press these 3 buttons and you are done" way sadly.

True it would be handy if there was but i guess half the fun is designing a larger model from smaller parts.Do you have any plans to do any other fallout weapons?? If i may ask of course.

YESS!!! Love your models Dragonator!

Printing it to have it with me when i pick up fallout 4 =D

for protection purposes

I won't post it on thingiverse anymore, but I do have some more goodies in progress in celebration of fallout 4.

Will you still be adding future items here as placeholders? So fans know when you've made new items on your main site?

No, This site is from Makerbot, and by extension Stratasys. I never likes Stratasys, and Makerbot has done a great job the past few years not being likable too. While I am not saying that I will never ever post on thingiverse again (I liked the people here) Makerbot would have to do a lot of good things before my goodwill is towards Makerbot again. The past year, they did nothing that bad, but also not really anything at all, so they are still where they were a year ago.

So in short, no, I will not post to Thingiverse. They will be on my own site Ytec3d.com for sure, and probably on Instructables.

Just to clarify, I'm not saying post the files here, just a picture and a name of any new item.

That way your followers know to go to your site.

If that were allowed, I would, but you can't post on Thingiverse without a 3D model, and those I am not putting on here (also not just one of the parts so it can stay).

Comments deleted.

Printing this as i type ;-D

Not to dump a work load on you, but you're by far one of the top designers for things like this and I for one would love a laser rifle! Any chance of that in the future?

Laser rifles suck, not to design, but to 3D print. The pistol takes over 40 hours, the rifle would be 80-100 hours to print, plus kilos of filament. The reason why I didn't do it so far is because I do not want to make prints that big, though I still would love to have a laser rifle prop.

Anyway, if I would ever make one, it wouldn't be on thingiverse, I won't post anything here any more, but all files will be shared if I do make one.

yeah certainly if you would design one id be all for it! let me know if you did ever have the desire to

Half the parts printed, hope I'm done before the holidays:D

Im not sure if im being really stupid, but i can find the file for the part that holds the AA batteries (mag)...

In the search, type in simply the word "Fallout" and you'll find it quickly.

In the search, type in simply the word "Fallout" and you'll find it quickly.

Nice touch with the Duracell's

Amazing job here !
But one question : can you make a tuto about the laser ?

looking to rough dimensions ?

I've been playing around with some skyrim/fallout models. What did you use to so nicely cut up the model (and add those nice guide notches)?

In game models generally are too low poly to use for 3D printing. I have seen models from fallout on thingiverse straight from the game that are actually useless for 3D printing. The simple answer is that I don't cut up the models from fallout, I draw them myself using reference material, then cut those models into pieces and add the notches.

That drawing and cutting is done in solidworks.

wow, really? That is a 100 times more amazing than I had thought. Well done.

Yeah i am shocked at the low quality of the models themselves. I guess usually the textures hide this. Thanks for the tips!

This laser pistol is beautiful, about how much did it cost to make it? I've been thinking of doing it using my HS 3D printer and I'd just like to know how much it would cost overall (PLA material, screws, paint, etc.) Thanks.

PLA would be around €20 (I buy for €20/kg). Screws is negligible. Paint maybe a few euro's (bucks) but If you don't have any stock you need to buy several colors and are left with some paint. Laser diode is also pretty cheap. All in all it should not break €40 if you have to buy everything for it.

Most of it is time. Printing was 30 hours. Painting and hardware was 20 more.

All right, thank you.

How do you support the parts that don't print without them?

Support material?

OK the part http://www.thingiverse.com/download:263318http://www.thingiverse.com/dow... The front pistol bracket when the Makerbot prints it has trouble doing the long piece as it is higher and more importantly longer than the block that it starts out on. The filament goes all stringy and even when I let it continue it curves upwards. I have tried this with my HS students who are trying to make this and we have no joy and they really want to get this completed. I guess at worst I could send the file to be printed to "pay to print" service. I'd rather have it they could complete it though. Any advice would be great

Ok, I think I understand your problem. The tube on the front pistol brace is too high for your printer to print stably. I know printers that support long pieces all the way up, but I can't help you with this problem. I printed this myself on an UP! plus and had not a single problem printing this part. It was perfect on the first try, no modifications to the part or added support. I printed the part as is.

Maybe someone else here knows a solution, other than print it on a different printer. Are you using ABS or PLA. The laser pistol was printed completely in PLA.

I'm using a 2X to do the print in ABS and had to add some PLA glue to the bed so it kept true.

Looks great first thing I'm printing when I get my printer

I finished printing this thing out (going with your pipboy for a fallout costume). I must say you've done an excellent job with the connectors between these pieces!

I am doing the "post production" stuff, and i had a question. What is the trigger actually suppose to bump against to trigger the sensor for the laser? I haven't seen a place for it...

An amazing model from what I've seen. If it is not too much to ask, could you post instructions for putting in a laser pointer? I've never done anything like that before.

I've started printing this out and I'm excited to start working on it. I'm about 12hour in and have had great results so far. Thanks for sharing.

This is a great model and I have started to print it. But I have noticed that you do not have the file for the part that connects the Frame bottom to the Front brace.

You were right. I somehow forgot to export it. I just uploaded it.

will it fit the energy cell by Hydra?

You're my new hero.

wonderfull job cant wait to print it