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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Wonkey Chest of Drawers

by francfalco Jan 25, 2016
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(French translation)
thank you for this beautiful piece of furniture :)
I report you 2 errors on "Wonky_drawers_v2" it misses a face, the drawers are full.
-And on a bed 20x20 it is necessary to print at 90% otherwise it exceeds.

Thanks for comments!

I haven't had any other reports of errors but I will check all files and amend if necessary


Ah, i see.

Those faces are supposed to be there.

I have included two drawer types -
Support in place (if your slicer doesn't allow custom supports) Wonky_drawers_v2
'Open' - if you want to add your own custom supports. - Wonky_drawers_2_v2

ha ok, sorry.
  good job thank you

If you Google Judson Beaumont or Straight Line Designs you will see more of the same from this whimsical furniture maker in Vancouver, B.C., CANADA

Hello! Me bed is 20cm x 20cm x 20cm and KISSlicer show error for the size exxeced. I upload screenshot

Either rotate 50 degrees and it should fit or scale down as needed.
Your slicer should allow that - yes?

Love the model, printed full size, barely fit on the bed. The support in the top drawer breaks away super easy with just a push in and minimal cleanup, bu the rest slice connected on the sides, making removal and cleanup a pita, and resulting side edges of drawers much uglier. Any way to put a bit of space on the sides of the rest?

Let me have a look at those files.
Keep you posted

I just finished fixing the files so the the support is not connected to the side on the bottom 3 drawers. I haven't printed it yet, but it looked good in Cura. Is there a way for me to send you the file?

Hey guys!

I am printing with a New matter MOD-T.

it is relatively complicated using the Z and Y axis on this printer.

I printed the chest and it looks great!

i have no clue how to size the drawers.

here is my size for the chest itself.

does anyone have a suggestion?

X = 58.43MM

Y= 104.00MM

Z= 38.94MM

thank you

What scale did you print the chest at? Your slicer will confirm. Scale the drawers to that scale or 1% smaller to get a looser drawer slide.

is there a way to seperate the drawers? I don't want to Reprint all of them, while i only Need the top one.
Bridging the front messed it up big time.

All done.

Added drawer files 1-4 (without built support).
Wonky_drawer_1.stl is the top drawer.


Has anyone printed at like .75 size? Just a bit too big for my bed

You probably already printed, but in case it helps someone else out...

I printed @ 0.1mm height / 0.4 width
75% chest scale
74% drawer scale

It looks really good, zero friction on the drawers - they fall out if you hold it upside down. (which is how i want it)
I would guess that 75% drawers would fit like a real wooden chest, i.e. stick a little bit but still go in and out.

Yep, there have been a few reduced scale versions.
But if reducing i would suggest to print the drawers at an additional couple of % smaller than chest reduction.
The drawers might be tad tight if not.


is there a squirrel included?

Which book is this from and what are the original colors?

Its actually based on a wooden version i saw on Pinterest.

Is it best to print standing up with supports or laying down...I have an UM3

Laying down as model orientation.

No supports for the main chest.

Truly awesome! The story about your daughter loving it is pretty cool to and only adds to it's charm.

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks Franc for a great design! Printed one each for my two daughters and they obviously love them :) It also inspired me to create a bedside table in the same style! Have a look at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1987128

Many thanks,

Wonkey Bedside Table

Very sweet!
There could be a whole bedroom set based on this style?

Thanks for comments!

Indeed! Very nice furnitures :)

Best design i've printed from Thingiverse. Thank you so much. I've printed several for my grandaughters and they love them!

Hey valid8r,

Thanks for the comments and really glad the design has been well recieved!

Thanks for making!

Could you tell me what design tool you used for this? The way you rounded the edges of all of the parts was really cool.


I use C4D for all my modelling - the rounded edges are created when i extrude path shapes and add a 'bevel'.
All 3D modelling software has the ability to add bevel radii to forms.

Which modelling software do you use?

This looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland! Super cute!

Actually, a straight steal from Dr Seuss!

Thanks for comments!

Thanks, really neat model. Made it as birthday present for my daughter.

This is awesome, I don't know how I hadn't saw it until now!

Thanks for comments!

We will feature this as a Thing of the week for an upcoming 3D printing Today podcast episode.
Great stuff.

Thanks for comments!

These are really rather awesome:-)

Wonderful!! Use wonkey_drawers.stl or wonkey_drawers2.stl?

Wonkey drawers 2.stl - needs slicer supports - if you can, just put supports under the front edge of the drawer,
Wonkey drawers.stl - should print without supports but you'll need to cut away the 'lids' on the drawers

Thanks for comments!